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Telstra opens up footy app

Telstra has surprised “Aussie rules” football fans by announcing that its mobile app will be available to viewers on all carriers for the 2013 season. Readers may recall a not-so-veiled threat by Australian Football League boss Andrew Demetriou, who in 2011 pitched the idea of sports codes bypassing telecommunications carriers …
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Optus CEO: Our ads pay for TV, so let TV Now live

Broadcasters should support, rather than opposing, Optus’ TV Now service, the carrier’s CEO believes, because Optus is a major TV advertiser. The company has apparently taken AFL boss Andrew Demetriou’s advice to “think very carefully" about challenging the company’s April TV Now loss in in the Federal Court, and decided it’s …
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Optus to appeal TV Now decision

Optus has decided to take the fight over its personal video recorder as a service to the High Court, after lower courts recently decreed the service breaches copyright. A media statement issued just a few moments ago quotes Optus CEO Paul O’Sullivan as saying “We believe the TV Now case is extremely important in deciding the …
Simon Sharwood, 10 May 2012
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Optus fails to silence AFL boss

After winning the first round of its TV Now court case, Optus has had a minor loss when it asked an Australian court to stop Australian Football League boss Andrew Demetriou. The original loss, in which the Federal Court decided that TV Now is legal (a decision which is predictably subject to an appeal), didn’t deter Mr …
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Thodey chimes in on TV Now decision

Telstra CEO David Thodey has told journalists and analysts that the telecommunications industry “needs clarity” following the Federal Court decision which clearly and simply said “Optus TV Now is legal”. In other words, since the clarity provided by the Federal Court is not the clarity Telstra wants – with $AU153 million …
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Australian sports get busy with copyright special pleading

Australia’s sports administrators, usually busy trying to steal each others’ audiences, have discovered the spirit of cooperation in the face of the Optus TV Now Federal Court decision. The prime minister has confirmed that the Australian Rugby League, Australian Football League, Cricket Australia, Tennis Australia, and the …
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Optus trumps Telstra in war for digital PVR freedom

Optus has vanquished Telstra and its claims on a multi million dollar rights deal for the online broadcasting of National Rugby League (NRL) and Australian Football League (AFL) footage. Telstra, the NRL and AFL have vowed that the matter is far from over and will appeal the landmark decisions. Using hackneyed sporting …
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Optus, football codes get listing date

The last big copyright-versus-the-Internet suit to be kicked off in December will be the battle between Optus and Australia’s dominant football codes, the National Rugby Leage (NRL) and Australian Football League (AFL). As The Register reported in September, Optus’ launch of a service called TV Now put the football codes in a …
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Aussie rules on cloud PVR test laws

A service launched by Optus in July is going to be the first high-profile test for the legality of cloud-style PVR services in Australia. While Optus’s TV Now service isn’t Australia’s first – for example, went live much earlier this year – the carrier has stretched the definition of time-shifting by shrinking the lag …
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AFL boss: NBN could let us bypass broadcasters

It’s probably an ambit claim, a negotiating position, but remarks about selling direct to viewers from Australian Football League boss Andrew Demetriou are, to the country’s broadcasters, a shiver looking for a spine to run up. In an interview with indy commentary site TheConversation, the Aussie Rules head-kicker says the …
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Footy coming to mobiles next year

The Australian Football League has abandoned the usual sports strategy of trying to play different broadcast bidders against each other for rights deals, and instead has dealt with a consortium that includes all three major outlet streams: free-to-air TV, pay TV, and internet streaming. The result is a A$1.25bn five-year …

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