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Samsung Series 3 300E5A 15in notebook

Ten 15in notebooks for under 400 quid

Product Round-up As much as Intel would like us all to rush out and buy an expensive new Ultrabook, the fact remains that the top-selling laptops for most manufacturers are still low-cost 15.6in models. Laptops for £400 or less have back-to-school appeal written all over them, but the mix of components varies enormously to appeal to different …
Cliff Joseph, 1 Sep 2012
Android logo

Coders run Android 3.0 on Honeycomb-less tablets

Owners of Toshiba's Folio 100, a tablet that shipped with Android 2.2, can now upgrade to Honeycomb - unofficially, at least. The Folio 100 is unlikely ever to gain such an upgrade formally - its spec isn't up to snuff, as far as Google is concerned. But enterprising coders have succeeded in porting over Android 3.0 to the …
Tony Smith, 23 May 2011
The Register breaking news

Nvidia: 'old' tablet development kit won't get Android 3.0

Anyone who owns an Nvidia-based media tablet and is hoping to run Android 3.0 Honeycomb on it at some point in the future may yet be disappointed, it seems. Nvidia has revealed it will "only support the Ventana platform for android releases going forward", said Andrew Edelsten of Nvidia's Tegra Developer Relations team. Past …
Tony Smith, 12 Apr 2011
Advent MT22

Advent MT22 21.5in touchscreen all-in-one desktop

Review Although best known for its low cost PCs and laptops, Advent does occasionally produce slightly more interesting models. Its new MT22 all-in-one PC is a case in point, and follows on from previous attempts such as the AIO-100 and AIO-156. Advent MT22 Advent’s MT22: finger friendly all-in-one Based around a 21.5in …
Will Stapley, 20 Jul 2010
Advent Altro

Advent to launch MacBook Air-alike next week

Dixons' own PC brand, Advent, is having a go at taking on Apple MacBook Air. While the skinny Altro won't beat the Air on thinness, it does have it licked on price. Advent Altro Advent's Altro: Air-alike The metal-cased Altro will retail for £600 - rather less than the £1149 Apple want for the entry-level Air. That's said …
Tony Smith, 17 Aug 2009
Advent AIO-100

Advent AIO-100

Review At first glance, you could be forgiven for mistaking the Advent AIO-100 for just a normal 18.4in monitor with what looks like a very sturdy base. However, inside that oversized foot sits a full working PC. Advent AIO-100 Advent's AIO-100: netbook internals The AIO-100 uses components you're more likely to see living inside …
Will Head, 8 Apr 2009

LG X110 netbook

Review The X110 may mark LG's first foray into the netbook market, but it's really an LG-branded version of the well-established MSI Wind, this time with an HSDPA 3G modem added. And it's that add-on that really makes this netbook stand out, since it means you can slip in a SIM card and access the internet from virtually anywhere. LG …
Dave Oliver, 23 Jan 2009

Netbooks and Mini-Laptops

Buyer's Guide Since Asus launched the Eee PC 701 in October 2007, many notebook makers have hopped on the Small, Cheap Computer bandwagon, a fair few of them pushing the limits of the format's size and price in the process. The arrival of Intel's Atom N270 processor in June this year kickstarted this profusion of SCCs, and it remains the …
Tony Smith, 12 Sep 2008

Advent 4211 mini notebook

Review OK, so the Advent 4211 is MSI's Wind, sold under a different name, in this case DSG's in-house PC brand. But it's worth a look because of a couple of differences, most importantly the price. As the original notion of the Small, Cheap Computer, as embodied in the Asus Eee PC 701, has grown to take in bigger screens, better …
Tony Smith, 25 Aug 2008

PC World cuts £250 off the price of Apple's MacBook Air

Want a MacBook Air for £949? Pop over to PC World's website and order the skinny Apple and an HSDPA wireless broadband package from carrier 3 and the retailer will knock £250 off the price of the Air. Catches? Well, to get £250 off, you have to pay 3 £35 a month for the next 18 months - a total of £630. There's also a data- …
Tony Smith, 7 Feb 2008

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