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How fast is a piece of string? Boffin shoots ADSL signal down twine

An experiment by staff at UK ISP Andrews & Arnold has redefined the meaning of a fibre connection by showing that a piece of wet string can handle ADSL. Our anonymous hero* got the idea for the experiment from a joke that ADSL signal could operate over wet string. Although telephone signals have been successfully passed …
Richard Priday, 13 Dec 2017
Telstra copper in broken pit

Telstra restarting long-stalled ADSL investment

Telstra CEO Andy Penn, while promising to spend AU$250 million improving the Telstra network, has, without much fuss, re-started investment in ADSL infrastructure. That announcement is in the context of a National Broadband Network that's supposed to make ADSL obsolete. In this blog post, Penn says the mobile network's $50 …
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iiNet struggles through five-day outage to get thousands back online

Engineers at ISP iiNet are still battling to restore connectivity to subscribers left for days without internet access in Western Australia. The telco – gobbled up by TPG this year for AU$1.56bn – reckons the trouble started on December 27, but some folks say they dropped offline on Christmas Day. According to the ISP's …
Chris Williams, 30 Dec 2015
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Key ADSL contributor Joseph W Lechleider dies at 82

The man who put the “asymmetric” in front of DSL has died aged 82. As an engineer at Bellcore – Bell Communications Research, later Telecordia Technologies – Joseph Lechleider worked in a research team trying to solve the problems of digital telecommunications. In those days, analogue transmissions were limited by line …
Alcatel Speedtouch USB ADSL modem

Future imperfect: A UK broadband retrospective

Feature It's astonishing how fast the world changes. It's not so long ago that my internet connection at home was a 64k KiloStream, with an ISDN line that was used for backup, or channel bonding if I wanted to download something at a whopping 128kbps. It was fearsomely expensive, but since I was writing about the net a lot back then, it …
Nigel Whitfield, 17 Jan 2015

Broadcom pitches chips at OEMs

Broadcom has become the latest vendor to stake out its ground in the market, as the ITU's standardisation bods stretch their hands slowly towards the rubber stamp. At the Broadband World trade show in Amsterdam, the chip outfit's been showing off silicon for and G.vector kit designers at both provider head-end …
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Mobile downloads limp, fixed surges: ABS

Australians might be buying as many 4G devices as they can get their hands on, but the uptake isn't being reflected in their download habits. The volume of data downloaded by Australians over mobile connections slid slightly between December 2012 and June 2013, while fixed line downloads continue to surge, according to the …
BT splitter node

ITU readies gigabit standard for copper's last wild ride

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has taken the first steps towards standardising, the next major DSL-based standard which vendors hope will provide a “fibre-like” experience without having to drag the glass all the way into homes. While it's touted by vendors as a gigabit-over-copper technology, the …
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Has the ACCC tripped up in its ADSL declaration?

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) declarations are always news, and with good reason: The ACCC's regulated prices set the floor underneath a host of retail services – mobile, broadband, telephony, business data and so on. New declarations are always accompanied by lobbying, both in media outlets and in the …
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Greedy Sky admits: We crippled broadband with TOO MANY users

Sky has confessed it has overloaded its broadband service by putting far too many Brits onto its network. The media giant told The Register that it has run out of capacity in certain corners of the UK, which has knackered its users' internet connectivity at peak times. Subscribers to Sky Broadband Unlimited in Doncaster, North …
Anna Leach, 22 Jan 2013
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ISP Zen's slower customers choke over breakfast

Customers on Zen Internet's slowest package lost connectivity this morning, for an hour or two, but a rebooted router should now bring things back to normal. Anyone on Zen's "up to 8Mb" tariff will have struggled to surf the web between 7.45AM and 9AM BST, at which point Zen got a temporary fix in place bringing connectivity …
Bill Ray, 31 May 2012
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America abandoning DSL in favour of faster cable

ADSL connections to US homes are on the slide as companies and consumers turn to cable and fibre for faster connectivity. End of 2011 results show Verizon lost almost half a million DSL customers during last year, while AT&T managed to lose more than six hundred thousand in the last quarter alone - but those customers aren't …
Bill Ray, 27 Jan 2012
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Virgin Media broadband goes titsup for 3 hours

Virgin Media was hit by a major broadband service blackout early last night that affected an unspecified number of the telco's five million customers. The company confirmed that the downtime started on Tuesday evening. "If you experienced a loss of internet connection between 5pm and 8pm on Tues 17th January, we experienced a …
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Jan 2012
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ACCC flags shift in regulation

The ACCC has re-opened the long-standing debate about wholesale ADSL regulation, issuing a discussion paper as the precursor to an inquiry as to whether the sector needs greater regulation. While Australia’s infrastructure-based ADSL competitors – those who have installed their own DSLAM networks – have their access to Telstra …
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UK broadband speeds crippled during 'rush hour'

Broadband download speeds in the UK dramatically fall at peak times, according to new research by online comparison site uSwitch. The outfit said that between 7pm and 9pm, download speeds drop off by an average of 35 per cent when most people are accessing the internet from home. It based the company's findings on more than …
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Nov 2011
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Orange juggles broadband price plans

Orange has tweaked its set of broadband packages, claiming the move makes it the cheapest ISP in the UK. Maybe, but only if you're also an Orange mobile phone customer, which qualifies you for a £5 discount. That takes the price of the three packages to £5, £10 and £12.75, respectively. All of them incorporate "unlimited" …
Hard Reg, 5 Sep 2011
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Half of Virgin Media broadband ads are wrong, says ASA

Virgin Media has been taken to task by ad regulators over 10 separate adverts. The complaints centred on three separate national press adverts, a leaflet, a TV ad and a radio advert. BT complained that the first newspaper advert said that Virgin's fibre optic broadband is twice as fast as that of BT. BT bitched that this …
Team Register, 14 Jul 2011

Ofcom maps state of UK broadband

And the award for the UK's fastest average broadband speed goes to... Edinburgh, named today as the nation's best location for broadband performance by Ofcom. That said, its average speed as measured by the comms watchdog, 10.1Mb/s, isn't expecially impressive. Edinburgh is followed by Bristol (9.9Mb/s), Blackpool (9.5Mb/s), …
Tony Smith, 6 Jul 2011

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