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Mobile app devs have, oh, about 9 hours left to decide whether to stay on Google's ad platform

Android app developers have hours left to decide whether to change their business models or leave Google's ad ecosystem because of its stubborn stance on the EU's new Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations, due to come into effect tomorrow. Devs tell us uncertainty over whether they comply with GDPR is forcing …
Andrew Orlowski, 24 May 2018
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PayPal glitch stalling Admob payments to developers

Updated Google has admitted it's having problems paying developers using its AdMob mobile app advertising platform, owing to problems with PayPal. El Reg's inbox has been filling up with messages from developers having problems with getting payments sorted this week, and there have been claims that the Chocolate Factory is censoring …
Iain Thomson, 23 Mar 2013
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Google adds 'nuclear' AdWords to 'explosive' AdMob

Ad giant Google has opened up its AdWords system to mobile devices by slotting the network into its AdMob mobile app advertising platform. This means that the company's 1-million-strong ad partners can now run campaigns on 350 million smartphones and fondleslabs running hundreds of thousands of apps within its mobile network …
Kelly Fiveash, 8 Jun 2012
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Google faces another privacy probe

South Korean investigators raided Google's Seoul offices this morning as part of a probe into the search and advertising giant's privacy policies. Police were looking for evidence of illegal data collection by AdMob – Google's mobile advertising service. A South Korean police official told the BBC: "We suspect AdMob collected …
John Oates, 3 May 2011
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AdMob main man walks away from Google

The founder of Google-owned AdMob has quit the company citing “personal reasons”. Omar Hamoui walked from Mountain View on Friday, nearly a year after Google announced plans to buy AdMob for $750m. It finally took over the outfit in May when the US Federal Trade Commission dropped its probe of the acquisition of the mobile ad …
Kelly Fiveash, 1 Nov 2010
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iPhones dialling up premium-rate bills again

AdMob has been placing premium-rate numbers into iPhone applications again, this time in an application targeted at kids, who are even more likely than adults to hit the link without noticing. The application concerned is "Talking Tom Cat". The free app records the user's voice, and plays it back with comedy animations to the …
Bill Ray, 23 Jul 2010
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Apple bans competing ads from the iPhone

Apple has tweaked its developer terms and conditions to explicitly lock out in-application advertising services that might compete with its own iAd service. The new terms, picked up by All Things Digital, spell out the rules. Applications may not collect statistical information for advertising, or any other reason, without …
Bill Ray, 9 Jun 2010
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US drops Google mobile ad probe

The US Federal Trade Commission has dropped its probe into Google's acquisition of mobile advertising network AdMob. And despite the bad blood boiling between Mountain View and Cupertino these days, proper etiquette suggests that Google CEO Eric Schmidt should pen a kind thank-you note to Apple CEO Steve Jobs. "The Commission …
Rik Myslewski, 21 May 2010
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Apple's mobile ad pacts pegged at $1m (or more)

If you want to participate in Apple's new mobile iAd program, you'll need to pony up some serious coin. According to a The Wall Street Journal report citing information from ad executives. A "person familiar with the matter" tells the paper that a first-round buy-in fee could be as high as $10m for the few select ad mongers …
Rik Myslewski, 29 Apr 2010
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Apple bails out Google

Google's CEO has been lauding iAd, saying that Apple's foray into mobile advertising demonstrates a competitive market in which Google should be allowed to acquire AdMob. Google has been trying to buy AdMob since November, having snatched the company from Apple, but is facing resistance from the Federal Trade Commission who …
Bill Ray, 12 Apr 2010
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FTC rallies lawyers over Google mobile ad pact

The Federal Trade Commission has put together a team of lawyers for a possible antitrust challenge to Google's proposed $750m takeover of mobile advertising outfit AdMob, according to a report citing people familiar with the matter. The Wall Street Journal reports that the FTC has also passed its concerns over the deal to …
Cade Metz, 7 Apr 2010
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Feds likely to oppose Google mobile ad deal, says report

The US Federal Trade Commission is likely to oppose Google's acquisition of mobile ad outfit AdMob after requesting sworn declarations from Google competitors and advertisers, according to a report citing people with knowledge of the matter. Bloomberg reports that at least two companies have been asked to sign statements that …
Cade Metz, 11 Mar 2010
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iPhone OS update sticks customers with premium call bills

A combination of failures has resulted in some iPhone users incurring premium-rate call charges, for calls they didn't know they were making. Punters who downloaded the free, advertising supported Bubblewrap game from Orsome NZ have spotted the application calling premium-rate numbers, and incurring premium-rate charges, …
Bill Ray, 27 Jan 2010
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Brits left cold by mobile internet

Less than a quarter of Britons use their phones to access the internet, a study has found. Almost 40 per cent of smartphone owners - the very folk you'd expect would want to surf the web on the move - have never done so, or gave it a go once, but won't do so again. So much or all the hype surrounding internet-enabled …
Tony Smith, 23 Jan 2010
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Apple and Microsoft plot iPhone Google slap

Onetime mortal enemies Apple and Microsoft are in talks over the possibility of Redmond's Bing replacing Google as the default search engine on the iPhone, according to a report citing two people familiar with the matter. Anonymous sources speaking with Business Week say the two tech giants - so long at odds in the operating …
Cade Metz, 20 Jan 2010
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US regulators deepen Google mobile ad probe

The US Federal Trade Commission has expanded its antitrust review into Google's proposed $750m acquisition of the mobile advertising outfit known as AdMob. Google announced the news this afternoon with a blog post. "This week, we received what's called a 'second request,' which means that the FTC is asking for more information …
Cade Metz, 23 Dec 2009
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Google swallows AdMob for $750m

Google is backing a dump truck of acquisition money on AdMob, a company that specializes on serving display ads on the iPhone and other mobile devices. AdMob will receive a cool $750 million to become a part of the Mountain View Chocolate Factory's massive online advertising empire. Google says while its focus to date has …
Austin Modine, 9 Nov 2009
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iPhone and iPod Touch dominate handheld web traffic race

The iPhone and iPod Touch each generate more web traffic than any other handheld device. That's according to new figures by the advertising firm Admob, which measures online traffic based on ad requests. Its January metrics place Apple's iPhone and its derivative non-Phone device in the first and second spots for internet …
Austin Modine, 16 Feb 2009

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