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Jesus walks away after 7,000lb pipe van incident

Jesus has miraculously survived a great weight from the heavens that should have crushed him to death, according to Florida TV. 36-year-old Jesus Armando Escobar was driving down the American Interstate 4 motorway on Saturday when a scrap metal truck driver lost control on an overpass above the motorway. The scrap metal truck …
Gareth Corfield, 17 Jul 2017

Volvo eyes kangaroo detection tech

Swedish motor manufacturer Volvo is developing "kangaroo detection" tech aimed at reducing the number of collisions between metal and marsupial. The company reckons there are "20,000 kangaroo strikes on Australian roads each year costing over AU $75 million in insurance claims". It already has the "City Safety" system, which …
Lester Haines, 30 Oct 2015
let's mock the Greeks

Greeks best in the world – at, er, breaking their mobile phones

Insurance is dull. Mobile phone insurance is doubly so, to spice it up insurance company SquareTrade has published figures for how good people in different countries are at using their phones without falling over. It transpires that the Poles and Belgians are very good, while the Greeks and Italians are the most likely to have …
Simon Rockman, 3 Nov 2014
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Arbitrators side with Foxconn in brain-damaged worker case

Chinese layout arbitrators have ruled against the family of the Foxconn worker who was brain-damaged in a factory accident in Shenzhen. Zhang Tingzhen was injured while at work in October 2011 and had to have nearly half of his brain surgically removed. He has been in hospital in Shenzhen city ever since. Problems arose …

OAP sues Apple for $1m after walking into store's glass door

An octogenarian is to take Apple to court after a visit to one of the computer company's glass-fronted stores put her nose out of joint - literally. The 83-year-old New Yorker walked slap bang into one of stores' see-through doors and broke her nose, she claims. Now, Evelyn Paswall, 83, has asked for $75,000 (£47,000) in …
Caleb Cox, 26 Mar 2012
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Latest El Reg project: Rise of the Robot Sheep

After seven years of faithful service, my lawn-clipping droid Mowbot has had to be retired... and a replacement is hard to obtain. Rather than face an ever-growing lawn, I've decided it's time to unlock the inventing shed and seek some reader advice. Robots were supposed to be doing pretty much all our manual labour by this …
Bill Ray, 22 Dec 2011
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New account of Flight 447 disaster published

Lack of manual flying experience contributed to the crash of a fully functional commercial airliner two years ago, killing all 228 people aboard. Air France Flight 447 crashed while flying through an Atlantic storm in July 2009, the worst ever French aviation accident. The black box recorders were not recovered for almost two …
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Mobile phones - fighting cancer, causing car crashes

Boffin Watch New research has shown that people who receive text messages reminding them to use sunscreen are more likely to use sunscreen. However, worrying results from a separate study implies that this positive effect could be negated by an increased likelihood of you being hit by a car. Research from the University of California has …
Pratik Desai, 17 Nov 2009
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US sees 'hot-tub related injuries' increase triplefold

According to a recent study, those US citizens who manage to survive swine flu, terrorists, meteor strikes, guvmint agents fixin' to pry their guns from their cold dead fingers and other such perils of the modern age are still doomed. They will almost certainly be killed - or anyway badly injured - in some kind of horrific hot- …
Lewis Page, 3 Nov 2009
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Airliner black-box 'real time data streaming' tech developed

A Canadian firm has announced imminent flight tests of aviation data-streaming technology which would transmit information normally recorded in an aircraft's "black box" accident recorders "in real time". In cases such as that of the recent disappearance of Air France flight 447 above the Atlantic, there would be no need to …
Lewis Page, 12 Aug 2009
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London cab & bus trials for satnav speed-governor kit

London government plans for self-adjusting speed governing kit, capable of automatically keeping a vehicle below the local speed limit, are advancing. Trials in the capital will take place this summer. The equipment in question is known as Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA), and has been under development since at least 2007 …
Lewis Page, 11 May 2009
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Sub-prang panic: Calm down, it happens all the time

Analysis There's widespread media panic at moment over the news that French and British nuclear-missile submarines collided beneath the Atlantic earlier this month. But in fact atomic-powered and -armed submarines have been bumping into each other - and sometimes sinking - for decades with no significant effects. No, seriously. They …
Lewis Page, 17 Feb 2009
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UK cops' road accident reporting going paperless

The British police road accident reporting and mapping system is to go paperless, it has been announced. Officials believe that replacing paper forms with electronic ones on mobile terminals will allow faster and more accurate identification of trouble spots. “Britain has one of the best road safety records in the world," said …
Lewis Page, 27 Jan 2009

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