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The internet – not as great as we all thought it was going to be, eh?

Society is slowing souring on the internet, according to the latest research by Pew. While a majority of us still think that the global communications network has, on balance, been a positive thing, that number has slipped significantly in the past four years. Back in 2014, when Pew last asked roughly 2,000 adults across the …
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Sep 2018
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Non-profits push back against Big Cable's bumpkin broadband blueprint for America

A group of 17 consumer and civil rights groups have launched a new coalition aimed at countering efforts by Big Cable to siphon off funds for rural broadband into their already deep pockets. Broadband Connects America is aimed squarely at policymakers that have grown increasingly conscious of the digital divide that exists in …
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Sep 2018

Broadcasters, advocacy groups and nonprofits weigh in on Microsoft's magical broadband

Analysis On Tuesday, Microsoft announced it will pay third-party ISPs in the US to offer wireless broadband on unused TV spectrum, or "white space." As The Register's Kieren McCarthy argued, the financial logic behind this choice is questionable at best – and Microsoft hopes to take a share of revenue spoils. Advocacy groups and …
Andrew Silver, 13 Jul 2017
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Anti-privacy unkillable super-cookies spreading around the world – study

At least nine telcos around the world are using so-called super-cookies to secretly monitor citizens' online behavior, according to a new study. A super-cookie is a token unique to each subscriber that is injected into every HTTP request made through a telco's cellphone networks. They can't be stripped by the user: every time …
Iain Thomson, 17 Aug 2015
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Parallels pledges roll-back fix after silent 'trojan' freebie install triggers punter outrage

Parallels has promised to change the registration process of its virtualisation software for Macs after users complained that the technology introduced a "trojan-like" update functionality, intended to push a six month freebie trial of its new Access product. The release of Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac, the latest version of …
John Leyden, 11 Sep 2013
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Big labels try for ISP blocking on 3 more 'pirate' sites

Blighty's internet providers have been asked to voluntarily block another three sites accused of piracy by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). The BPI, which represents major UK record companies, has asked the ISPs to stop people accessing Fenopy, Kickass Torrents and H33T. “Like The Pirate Bay, these websites are …
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Most EU states sign away internet rights, ratify ACTA treaty

Representatives of 21 of the EU’s member states, including the UK, have signed off on the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) – the European version of the US SOPA and PIPA rolled into one and cranked up to 11. Only Cyprus, Germany, Estonia, Slovakia, and the Netherlands have held off on signing the treaty …
Iain Thomson, 27 Jan 2012
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Online government services would exclude many Welsh

One in three people in Wales could get left behind as public services move online, according to a new report. Almost a third of the Welsh don't have an internet connection at home, the Bevan Foundation found (43-page/344KB PDF) - excluding them from online services. "The UK government says public services should be "digital …
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Microsoft confirms departure of ID, access boss

Exclusive Microsoft's general manager for its troubled identity and access unit has left the company, The Register has learned. We've been badgering the software vendor since Kim Cameron quit his post at Redmond in May to find out what changes were afoot within the group. Microsoft has stuck to declining to tell us anything about the …
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Jun 2011
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ERP sans frontières

Workshop There was a time when the terms ‘ERP’ and ‘back office systems’ were almost synonymous, reflecting that the original incarnations of ERP offerings were very much concerned with processes running within the physical walls of the organisation. Over the years, though, functionality has expanded and integration capability evolved …
Dale Vile, 6 Apr 2010

US atom boffins: Our cloud makes sky easier to see

US federal boffins, in charge of archiving colossal streams of data from automated sky-scanning telescopes around the world, are pleased to announce their new "Project Deep Sky" astro data cloud portal thing. A Deep Sky combo image of various normally hard-to-see stars in the Coma cluster, made using 500+ pictures Ah - that' …
Lewis Page, 1 Apr 2009
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No mile-high pr0n for Delta passengers

The skies are looking bleaker for those who like to enliven dull plane trips with a bit of internet porn - Delta Airlines has announced it intends to filter "inappropriate" websites on its planned airborne Wi-Fi service. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Delta had said it "planned to rely on flight attendants to …
Lester Haines, 7 Oct 2008

Palm OS II-based smartphones now due H2 2009

Palm's next-gen operating system will be finished by the end of the year, the company promised late last week. The company said the Linux-based system software known as Palm OS II and 'Nova' is "on track" for completion by the end of calendar 2008. Handsets based on the OS will following the first half of 2009, it said. Palm …
Tony Smith, 22 Sep 2008
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No pr0n surfing for Qantas A380 passengers

There's some disappointing news today for passengers who were hoping to indulge in a bit of light smut surfing aboard Qantas A380s when the superjumbos enter service with the Oz airline next month - the company has pulled the plug on live net access and will instead offer merely "cached internet content" and access to web-based …
Lester Haines, 17 Sep 2008
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Third time unlucky for Elon Musk's Falcon rocket

SpaceX, the commercial space launch company run by PayPal multimillionaire and tech visionary Elon Musk, has suffered another technical hitch. The third test flight of the Falcon 1 rocket has been unsuccessful, after the upper stage failed to separate properly from the lower. "It was obviously a big disappointment not to reach …
Lewis Page, 4 Aug 2008

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