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Desaia BeatBox Bluetooth speaker

Desaia Beat Box Bluetooth speaker

Geek Treat of the Week This is your chance to get your own back on those annoying teenagers who huddle at the back of the bus and play music through the god-awful tinny speakers on their mobile phones. Desaia BeatBox Bluetooth speaker Desaia’s Beat Box is a 75mm cube with speaker grilles on either side and it connects to any device which can pump …
Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver

Belkin intros iPhone-to-hi-fi Bluetooth link

Belkin has introduced a handy gadget for owners of iPhones or iPod Touches - and probably any other device that supports Bluetooth's A2DP spec - to stream music to a nearby hi-fi. Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver Belkin's Bluetooth Music Receiver: does just that Prosaically dubbed the Bluetooth Music Receiver, the small …
Tony Smith, 17 Dec 2009

Voiis Bluetooth music streamer

Review We've seen Bluetooth audio accessories that will stream the output from your telly or hi-fi to a pair of wireless headphones, and we've tried devices that will pick up streamed stereo and feed through to a pair of ordinary cabled cans. But we haven't seen many gadgets that do both. The Voiis Wireless Music Gateway, from …
Tony Smith, 7 Dec 2009

Sony Ericsson hits road with Bluetooth jukebox

Sony Ericsson has promised that its new Bluetooth stereo streaming unit will turn your car into a wireless jukebox. SE_AB900_01 Sony Ericsson's AB900 streams mobile music to your car stereo The AB900 measures 120 x 69 x 16mm and straps onto your car’s sun visor, allowing you to stream tracks to it from your mobile phone. …
James Sherwood, 11 Feb 2009

Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 Bluetooth stereo headphones

Review Sony Ericsson has a lot riding on these tiny wireless headphones. Barely bigger than wired earbuds, they're a flagship product for a company known for its quality peripherals, and SE wants these boys to cement its reputation. Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 Sony Ericsson's HBH-IS800: tiny 'phones As Bluetooth stereo 'phones really …
Bill Ray, 7 Nov 2008

Sony Ericsson parades wireless audio dome

Stereo systems are fine if you’re a sound-quality perfectionist. But if ease of use, connectivity and style are your primary concerns then Sony Ericsson’s latest wireless speaker will catch your eye. SE_MBS900_02 Sony Ericsson's MBS-900 wireless speaker The 2.1-channel MBS-900 can connect to your mobile phone over …

Ten of the Best... Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Round-up The first Bluetooth headsets were simple mono devices, however as handsets developed into advanced accessories that can play music and video, so headsets have started to develop too. The first step was to add stereo capabilities using a technology known as A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). And, of course, the …
Cliff Joseph, 18 Aug 2008

World's smallest iPod music beamer debuts

Ditching cabled headphones for a pair of wireless cans is a must, but not if you need a chunky transmitter. Brando has launched what it claims to be the world’s smallest Bluetooth A2DP transmitter. The INFINXX AP23 is compatible with the iPhone and all dockable iPods, including the Touch. Plug the transmitter into your gadget' …
James Sherwood, 16 Jul 2008

Retailer pitches tiny A2DP earphones

Over-ear cans are great if only the best noise-cancelling audio quality will do. But if portability and compactness are your key requirements, then the tiny JayBird Bluetooth Stereo Earphones could be the alternative answer. JayBird_03 JayBird's JB-200: tiny Online retailer Advanced MP3 Players claims the in-ear JB-200 …
James Sherwood, 30 Jun 2008

China to get Windows Mobile 6 'iPhone'

Want an iPhone that runs Windows Mobile 6? China's the place to go. There you can pick up the T32, a handset that's almost identical to Apple's handset, with a few (minor?) differences. First, it's quite a bit fatter - it's 15.5mm thick - and the screen's not up to iPhone spec, either. It's a 3.2in, 240 x 320 job to the iPhone …
Tony Smith, 4 Feb 2008

Asian vendors tout tiny Bluetooth adaptor at Eee PC

Here's a handy add-on for all you Eee PC owners who'd like your micro laptop to be able to handle Bluetooth connections: a penny-sized USB adaptor with wireless stereo and Extended Data Rate (EDR) support. E-Blue Nova tiny Bluetooth 2.0+EDR adaptor E-Blue Nova: tiny The tiny unit - it's called the E-Blue Nova - is barely …
Tony Smith, 21 Jan 2008

Sony Ericsson touts talker trio

CES Sony Ericsson has gone on the handset offensive and launched two music-orientated handsets, alongside an extra clamshell just for luck. SE_760 W760 when open The W760 slider and W350 both fall under its Walkman brand and include many of the established musical features from its existing handsets, such as TrackID and Mega …
James Sherwood, 12 Jan 2008

T-Mobile slides Shadow IM phone out of the shadows

T-Mobile US has launched Shadow, a khaki-coloured sliderphone the carrier claimed was the... er... 'official phone of fun'. T-Mobile Shadow T-Mobile Shadow T-Mobile's Shadow: front and back Designed and made by Taiwan's HTC, the Shadow sports a 2.6in, 240 x 320, 65,536-colour screen. It's limited to quad-band GSM/GPRS/ …
Tony Smith, 29 Oct 2007

Samsung shows Symbian satnav smartphones

Samsung has expanded its smartphone range with two new models, the SGH-i550 and SGH-i560, both unveiled at this week’s Symbian show in London. Samsung_i550 Samsung's i550: the serious one? Naturally, the company’s decision to unwrap both 3.6Mbps HSDPA devices at the event means each run the Symbian OS – version 9.2, to be …
James Sherwood, 17 Oct 2007

Nokia releases 8GB N95 smartphone

The 8GB version of Nokia's N95 3G phone - sorry, "multimedia computer" - has begun making its way out of the Finnish phone giant's factories and onto store shelves, the company claimed today. Nokia N95 8GB Nokia's N95 8GB: back in black The new model represents not only the addition of four more gigabytes of storage to …
Tony Smith, 15 Oct 2007

Moon-like Bluetooth speaker is out of this world

Crater-face is usually a term reserved for pre-pubescent teens and South American generalissimos. But Sony Ericson’s MBS-100 Bluetooth speaker also looks set for some name-calling if its lunar-like design's anything to go by. mbs100_front Sony Ericsson's MBS-100: good mooning We’ve no idea what inspired the moon-like …
James Sherwood, 12 Oct 2007

Moto punts Pebl-like music phone

Motorola has launched the Pebl-inspired U9 music phone that was forecast way back in July. The compact curvacious sliderphone sports a bright 1.5in OLED external display to give it that MP3 player feel. Motorola U9 Motorola U9 Motorola's U9: open and shut As a phone, the U9 is a quad-band GSM/GPRS/Edge devices. Opening …
Tony Smith, 12 Oct 2007

Gadget leads faithful to prayer, music fans to good tunes

Manufacturer Mavizen has created a pendant-style Bluetooth music pick-up with a very unique selling point: it also includes a Muslim prayer alert. Mavizen_BluQ Mavizen's BluQ: able to keep you entertained and tell you when it's time for prayers The BluQ hasn't yet gone into production, but Mavizen told Register Hardware …
James Sherwood, 28 Sep 2007

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