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Oracle Hospitality apps rolled out the Big Red carpet to crims

Hundreds of products, more than 250 vulnerabilities … yes, it's Oracle's quarterly critical patch update day! Oracle opens its bulletin with news that it "... continues to periodically receive reports of attempts to maliciously exploit vulnerabilities for which Oracle has already released fixes." "In some instances, it has …

What do YOU look for in a tech CEO: Smart, sales savvy, his own hair?

Channel player would like to meet tech CEO with solid sales background, understanding of the IT distribution channel, and no commitment issues. Relaxed attitude to rebates an advantage. Smokers, short-arses and visionaries need not apply. Is that too much to ask? Many industry veterans might tell you it is. Most channel …
Steve Bell, 18 Feb 2013
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Online Christmas orders from retailers go titsup

Looks like Christmas won't be delivered for hundreds of families this weekend who've shopped online at Sainsbury's and Fortnum & Mason, thanks to IT problems. Fortnum & Mason has blamed "severe" IT problems for its failure to deliver its famous luxury hampers in time for the big day. The high-end retailer is now no longer …
Gavin Clarke, 23 Dec 2011

Making sense of

The marketing pitch at the recent Dreamforce Europe was wearying at times but it is not complete nonsense. Chief executive Marc Benioff spent the first hour of his keynote reiterating what he has said 1,000 times before about "no software". The "no software" slogan is deceptive, since is a software …
Tim Anderson, 15 May 2008

Full Oracle Fusion due 2009, beta 2008

Exclusive Oracle will hit its goal of delivering Fusion applications next year in name only, with applications ready for testing but the full suite not due until 2009. Fusion applications will be available during 2008 as an "early adopter beta suite" and the "full suite won't be until 2009", according the Oracle Applications Users Group …
Gavin Clarke, 11 Dec 2007

Microsoft details Dynamics Live CRM

Analysis Two companies are driving coverage of on demand business applications this year. Unfortunately for, it isn't one of them. Microsoft and SAP, with their planned Dynamics Live CRM and A1S respectively, are getting attention because they represent a move by the software old guard into a market popularized by …
Gavin Clarke, 13 Jul 2007

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