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Twilight Zone, 'Time Enough At Last'

Facebook invents new unit of time to measure modern attention spans: 1/705,600,000 of a sec

Video effects designers who work with C++ code have a new unit of time to work with called a "flick." Short for "frame-tick" if you're willing to overlook the absence of the letter "l" from either word, a flick lasts 1/705,600,000 of a second. It's a bit longer than a nanosecond, which clocks in at one billionth (1/1,000,000, …
Thomas Claburn, 23 Jan 2018
Yahoo! branded bus

How many Routemaster bus seats would it take to fill Wembley Stadium?

A strong contender has emerged for an addition to The Register Standards Soviet's list of officially approved weights and measures: the Routemaster Fleet. In a tweet yesterday, a secondhand printer cartridge company said: "There were a combined total of 184,064 seats within the Original Routemaster Fleet. That's enough seats …
Gareth Corfield, 18 Jan 2018

One thought equivalent to less than a single proton in mass

Reg Standards Bureau A headline in the venerable New Scientist magazine "Protons are lighter than thought" has prompted El Reg's Standards Bureau to consider the notion of thought as a small unit of mass. It was believed that the proton was about 0.877 femtometres, less than a trillionth of a millimetre. But now scientists have found the subatomic …
Kat Hall, 4 Jul 2017
Money down the back of the sofa Pic: Shutterstock

The 'DUP' joins El Reg’s illustrious online standards converter

Reg Standards Bureau In light of yesterday’s mega-bucks deal between the Tories and the Democratic Unionist Party, El Reg has added another unit of measurement to our Standards Bureau. Much to the disdain of the other devolved nations, the bribe agreement will see one BEEELLION pounds sent to Northern Ireland to be used for things like broadband, …
Rebecca Hill, 27 Jun 2017

China launches aircraft carrier the length of 2.1 brontosaurs

China has launched its own aircraft carrier – the first ship of its type to be built from scratch in the rising Asian superpower's yards. The yet-to-be-named warship was launched at a ceremony held in the northeastern port of Dalian, according to local media via the BBC. Al Jazeera reported that the 50,000 tonne carrier (she …
Gareth Corfield, 27 Apr 2017

This ferry is said to weigh 250 cows. We say that is actually 20,600 Lindisfarne Gospels

A new chain ferry has been built for the Isle of Wight – and the council reckon it weighs the same as 250 cows. The comparison was made in a council statement to the Isle of Wight County Press, which wrote all about the Welsh-built “floating bridge” in slightly more detail than anyone except council press officers would really …

A non-Standards Soviet approved measure of weight? Sod off, BBC!

An eagle-eyed Reg reader has spotted a dastardly BBC attempt to muscle in on the Reg Standards Soviet’s turf – by devising a new and highly unauthorised measure of weight. In an otherwise unremarkable story from last week about construction of the Queensferry Crossing bridge between Edinburgh and Fife being completed, the Beeb …
A Badger

New measurement alerts! Badgers, great white sharks and the Lindisfarne Gospel

Reg Standards Bureau Our thanks today are due to Michelle O'Sullivan, late of this parish, who snapped a wonderful poster boasting to residents of the LINQ Hotel in Las Vegas of its recycling prowess. Image courtesy of Michelle O'Sullivan Guests are informed that" "Every year, The LINQ Hotel recycles the equivalent weight of 600 great white …
A handful of euro 1 cent coins

Mr Angry pays taxman with five wheelbarrows worth of loose change

Reg Standards Bureau There are supposedly two certainties in life – death and taxes – and while we've never seen death by wheelbarrow, Nick Stafford from Cedar Buff, Virginia, has sorted us out on the latter. Stafford had got into a dispute with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and, seemingly displeased by how difficult it was to contact the …
rhino warning pic. Pic via media centre at Yarra Trams

Aussie trams equivalent to 30 skateboarding rhinos

Reg Standards Bureau Ever wondered what the equivalent weight of a tram was in skateboarding rhinoceri? The answer is apparently 30, as any Aussie will tell you. rhino warning pic. Pic via media centre at Yarra Trams Pic via media centre at Yarra Trams The Beware The Rhino campaign (pictured) was created by Melbourne tram company to prevent …
Kat Hall, 25 Oct 2016
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - JULY 04, 2014: Pogba of France and Hoewedes of Germany during the World Cup Quarter-finals game between France and Germany in the Estadio Maracana. NO USE IN BRAZIL.

New measurement alert. The Pogba: 1,200Pg = NHS annual budget

Reg Standards Bureau Reporting on NHS expenditure today, the BBC's health correspondent Nick Triggle coined The Register's newest unit of measurement: The Pogba (Pg). The NHS is the second biggest area of public spending behind welfare. Last year, the Treasury handed over £118bn to the Department of Health in England - that is enough to buy more …

300 million pelicans? Pah. What 6 billion plastic bags really weigh

The splash story on one Sunday newspaper breezily informed us Brits used six billion fewer plastic bags this year than last, and that these weighed the same as “three million pelicans” – a grave naughtiness committed before El Reg's Standards Soviet. Last Saturday's edition of the Daily Mail featured the screaming splash …
FAST's last panel is lowered into place

Last panel in place, China ready to boot up giant telescope

China's bolted down the last mirror of its Five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST), put away the hex key, and is about to start trial observations with the instrument. Xinhua has announced the last of its 4,450 panels was hoisted into place over the weekend, meaning it's time for the Chinese astroboffins to …

Dropping 1,000 cats from 32km: How practical is that?

Our report yesterday into NASA's high-altitude, heavy-lift super pressure balloon (SPB) mission - lofted by a stadium-sized sandwich bag and weighing in at 1,000 cats - prompted the traditional provocative reader input. First up, since the SPB's orb is crafted from 22 acres of polyethylene film, swelling to a whopping 516,499 …
Lester Haines, 8 Apr 2016

NASA's mighty SLS to burn 1.215 Olympic-sized pools

Last week, NASA successfully test fired the first RS-25 flight engine which will one day help the Space Launch System (SLS) slip the surly bonds of Earth. Artist's impression of the SLS launch. PIC: NASA Throw in a couple of solid rocket boosters and we're away. Artist's impression of an SLS launch. Pic: NASA The SLS core …
Lester Haines, 14 Mar 2016
The Pasadena Rose Bowl

California methane well leak filled a Rose Bowl a day

We're delighted to report that has adopted the "Rose Bowl" standard for quantifying improbably large amounts of gas. In this report on the Aliso Canyon gas well blow-out which spewed vast quantities of methane into the Californian atmosphere, before finally being capped on 11 February, the website explains that at the …
Lester Haines, 26 Feb 2016

Q: How many guns to arm nine coachloads of terrorists?

The BBC has made an audacious if flawed bid to establish the "coachload of terrorists" as a standard for quantifying arms caches. Back in 2014, Suffolk police found an impressive 177 rifles, 136 handguns, 88 shotguns and 38 machine guns, plus 200,000 rounds of ammunition at the home of James Arnold. So impressive was the …
Lester Haines, 19 Feb 2016
New Horizons

New Horizons: Pluto? Been there, done that – now for something 6.4 billion km away

The Pluto-gawping New Horizons space probe is back in action and heading for a new target far out on the edges of the Solar System. New Horizons path To infinity and beyond! On Thursday the spacecraft's hydrazine-fueled thrusters were fired for 16 minutes at 1050 PT (1850 UTC) in the first of four maneuvers that will aim …
Iain Thomson, 23 Oct 2015

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