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The new eighth-generation iMac family

New iMac in shop windows FRIDAY but you'll wait to take one home

Apple insists its svelte new iMacs will hit UK shelves on Friday, but the company isn't forthcoming on how it'll push the computers into Blighty's distribution channel. Suppliers last week told The Channel they do not expect the super-slim all-in-one Mac OS X machines to arrive in volume until January. But Apple today …
Paul Kunert, 27 Nov 2012
Apple iMac

Fanboi site squeaks on crocked iMacs

A grassroots fanboi site has sprung up to document what would appear to be widespread hardware problems with Apple's latest iMac desktops. In recent weeks, iMac buyers have complained of cracked screens, flickering displays, and even machines that turned up dead on arrival. Scott Pronych - a web designer based in Bedford, Nova …
Cade Metz, 7 Dec 2009

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