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Samsung spins up 1TB desktop HDD

Samsung has become the latest hard disk drive maker to get a 1TB desktop product out the door, with the launch of its SpinPoint F1 series. It follows hot on the heels of Seagate, which got its own terabyte drive out last week. Samsung said the 3.5in F1 packs in three 334GB platters which spin at 7200rpm. There's 32MB of cache …
James Sherwood, 20 Jun 2007

Fujitsu roadmaps slimline laptop HDD

Fujitsu will bring to market an slimline 250GB hard drive for notebooks sometime in July, August or September, it announced today. What counts as slim? According to Fujitsu, something that's 9.5mm thick. The hard drive maker already offers 2.5in products - the standard form-factor for laptop drives - that are that thick but …
Tony Smith, 15 May 2007

Hitachi spins up fastest encrypted laptop drive

Hitachi's Global Storage team have begun spinning what they claim is the world's fastest notebook hard drive with on-board automatic data encryption technology. The Travelstar 7K200 rotates at a desktop-level 7,200rpm. Hitachi Global Storage Technologies' 7K200 2.5in HDD The 2.5in drive is available in capacities ranging …
Tony Smith, 11 May 2007

60% of laptops to have Flash storage by 2010, claims researcher

"More than half of new notebooks to use Flash drives by Q4 2009," shouts the headline on market watcher iSuppli's latest missive, before admitting soon after that, actually, it's counting not just solid-state drives but also regular HDDs with integrated Flash cache and separate caches like Intel's Turbo Memory module. Still, …
Tony Smith, 2 May 2007

Samsung spins SpinPoint 2.5in drives

Hot on the heels of Samsung's 3.5in SpinPoint hard disk drive launch last week comes a pair of new 2.5in models, one pitched at servers, the other at notebooks and consumer electronics kit like DVRs. Samsung SpinPoint 2.5in mobile HDD The 5,400rpm SpinPoint M5 line will come in 60-160GB versions, with models that extend …
Tony Smith, 11 Apr 2007

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