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Captain Cyborg: Computers are alive, like bats or cows

Consummate attention-seeker Kevin Warwick has admitted to snooping on the public in a previous life. Warwick made the creepy confession on Radio 4, recalling an earlier job as a GPO engineer: "I remember taking ten different calls and plugging them all together; one call would continue, the other nine would listen in. Then I'd …
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Jun 2011
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Captain Cyborg sidekick implants virus-infected chip

A second transhumanist RFID-chipping nut has emerged from the academic community at the University of Reading. Professor Kevin Warwick became famous years ago after claiming he was on the way towards becoming a cyborg after he implanted a simple RFID chip in his arm, which allowed sensors to register his presence and perform …
John Leyden, 26 May 2010
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Captain Cyborg to chew the fat with Ultra Hal

Reading Uni's cybernetic media strumpet Kev "Captain Cyborg" Warwick is poised to put six computer programmes to ultimate test - that devised by Alan Turing in which the machine must engage in convincingly human banter, thereby heralding "the most significant breakthrough in artificial intelligence since the IBM supercomputer …
Lester Haines, 6 Oct 2008

Captain Cyborg creates human bat with Reg baseball cap

It's come to our attention that the media's favourite cybernetically-enhanced human - Kev "Captain Cyborg" Warwick of Reading Uni - earlier this week demonstrated an echolocation hat for blind people on the Beeb's The One Show. Nothing remarkable about that, you might think, but check out just whose hat had the honour of …
Lester Haines, 16 May 2008
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DARPA to create brain-chipped cyborg moths

Famed US military mad-scientist bureau DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is engaged in an effort to grow/build cyborg moths for use as spies. No, really. The program is called Hybrid Insect Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, or HI-MEMS. In it, the arguably over-caffeined DARPA boffins aim to construct a …
Lewis Page, 31 May 2007
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Captain Cyborg pushes kid chipping via Maddy abduction case

It is with heavy heart and grim sense of inevitability that The Register and its long-time readers note the attachment of the Captain Cyborg agenda to the McCann abduction investigation. Under the headline "Would an implanted chip help to keep my child safe?", The Times reports that laughable Reading University Professor Kevin …
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Captain Cyborg invades Second Life

Kevin Warwick - aka Captain Cyborg - will this afternoon be entertaining the crowds on Second Life's Uvvy Island with a chat on the benefits of linking your brain to "that of an intelligent machine network" entitled "Upgrading Humans: Why not?" The appearance has been organised by the "Second Life Chapter of the World …
Lester Haines, 23 Apr 2007
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Bionic-boosted eyes go hi-def

AAAS A new version of an electronic implant which restores visual capabilities in blind people holds untold promise, those gathered at a meeting in San Francisco heard today, as the technology behind the device is taken to the next level. Back in 2005, the news that a man who had been blind for 50 years had regained some sight with …

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