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3M Privacy Filters

You can hack a PC just by looking at it, say 3M and HP

Top security minds at HP have discovered that if you look at a PC, you can read what's on its screen. And if you're not the intended reader of that screen, it constitutes “visual hacking”, a terrifying menace that Must Be Stopped. The good news is it Can Be Stopped With This One Amazing Sheet Of Plastic, aka a 3M “Privacy …
Simon Sharwood, 15 Oct 2015
Amazon data center

Your servers are underwater? Chill OUT, baby – liquid's cool

Every time we Tweet, procrastinate by watching an online video of a puppy with hiccups, or query a cloud, we spin up a chain reaction of hardware and electrons in some data centre somewhere. This generates heat that must be dissipated. Moore’s Law – the observation that recently celebrated a 50-year milestone and which …
Dave Wilby, 4 Jun 2015
SGI supercomputer with liquid cooling

Eco-friendly fluid keeps SGI supercomputer cool and moist

Intel and SGI have built a new supercomputer using an advanced coolant from 3M flowing directly over the hardware to slash the running costs of such systems, and possibly to boost performance. SGI supercomputer with liquid cooling Don't try this with water The SGI ICE X system uses Intel Xeon E5-2600 processors for grunt, …
Iain Thomson, 9 Apr 2014
3M Lightfalls LED lighting

Lighting bods blind designophiles with LED-powered lounge lamps

100% Design At the 100% Design show in London's Earls Court this week, the great and the good from architecture and interior design spent their time gazing into lights. Not just any lights, either: LED lights covered in a thin film based on butterfly wings. LEDs can produce very intense point source illumination, which is great for …
Bob Dormon, 21 Sep 2013
3M CP45 Camcorder Projector

3M CP45 pocket camcorder and projector combo

Review The 3M CP45 is a combination HD camcorder, 5Mp camera and LED-lit LCOS projector. Not much bigger than a couple of copulating iPhones, it can film and throw an image up to 65in onto a convenient wall. 3M CP45 Camcorder Projector Shoot and show: 3M's CP45 camcorder projector 3M seems to be touting it at families who can’t …
Steve May, 21 Dec 2011

IBM, 3M glue chips into silicon skyscrapers

IBM and adhesive maker 3M are teaming up to cook up the packaging goo that will be needed to stack up chips into 3D arrays. There is a growing consensus in the computer industry that more compact and three dimensional packaging of chips is necessary to keep increasing the performance and reducing the power draw of everything …
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Government shells out £2m for ID card compo

The government has released details of how it is paying suppliers £2.253m to compensate them for the cancellation of contracts connected to the scrapped plans for identity card. IDcards In a letter to Labour MP Meg Hillier, immigration minister Damian Green said that the government had paid £2.002m to Thales, £183,000 to 3M …
3M's 3D film

3M shows 9in naked-eye 3D display

Three-dimensional displays that don't rely on polarised or active-shutter glasses could be coming to handheld devices soon ther than you think. 3M's Japanese subsidiary this week showed off 9in and 2.8in LCD panels that generate a 3D image viewable with the naked eye, Japanese newssite Tech-On reports. The secret lies in a …
Tony Smith, 3 Nov 2009
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Revolting French workers bite 3M's balles

French 3M workers, who on Tuesday barricaded their boss in an office in protest at jobs cuts, have released their prisoner following successful negotiations to secure more cash for redundancy packages. 3M decided to shed 110 jobs at the pharmaceutical products plant at Pithiviers, near Orleans, due to falling demand. The plan …
Lester Haines, 26 Mar 2009
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French 3M workers barricade boss in office

Workers at a French 3M plant barricaded their boss in an office yesterday, in a protest over plans to lay off 110 employees, Reuters reports. The group's industrial director, Luc Rousselet, was confined to quarters by a strategically-placed wardrobe in the factory at Pithiviers, near Orleans. Staff are demanding "more money …
Lester Haines, 25 Mar 2009

3M shines light on next-gen micro-projector tech

CES on Video   Click here to view a more bandwidth-frienly version of the video Can't see the videos? Download Flash Player from More CES Video Reports... D-Link demos double-up display for netbooks, laptops Nokia N97 touchscreen webphone demo'd Netgear pitches 'dog's bollocks' digital HD media streamer Samsung boffins …

3M MPro110 handheld projector

Review In the spotlight at the Consumer Electronics Show this year was 3M's Mobile Projection Engine, a tiny projector - the vision is that we’ll all have one embedded in our mobile phones etc. Such products have yet to see the light of day, but the next best thing has: the 3M MPro110 portable projector. About the size of a …
Bob Dormon, 3 Nov 2008

3M unrolls power-saving laptop screen sheet

Want to cut the power consumption of your laptop's display? Post-it purveyor 3M has a sheet of film which, it claims, will do just that. The Vikuiti Brightness Enhancement Film - Reflective Polarizer (BEF-RP) allows a laptop's backlight brightness to be reduced without sacrificing the light coming out of the screen. The film …
Tony Smith, 29 Oct 2008
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UK puts £55m into disabled parking reform

The government is spending £55m on reforming the system of blue badges which allow disabled people to park for free on the street and for up to three hours on double yellow lines. It is putting up the application fee for badges and creating a nationwide database to reduce fraudulent use of them. There were 2.3m badges in …
John Oates, 20 Oct 2008
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Home Office preps fudgetastic ISP data rules

A Home Office official has baffled ISPs by telling them new laws will on paper require them all to retain data, but in practice some probably won't be forced to because it could cost the government too much money. The confusing policy was detailed at the Government and Industry Forum on Technology and Law Enforcement in London …
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BSA flashes gums at 'online software scams'

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) claimed late last week to have issued nearly 50,000 takedown notices about BitTorrent files in the first half of this year. The group, in its latest effort to crack down on what it describes as “online software scams”, claimed (pdf) that BSA members lost an estimated $525m in sales as a …
Kelly Fiveash, 6 Oct 2008

Pint-sized 3M projector makes UK debut

3M's tiny handheld projector has been presented to the Brits. 3M MPro 110 micro projector 3M's MPro 110: mobile-phone sized The MPro 110 measures a mere 115 x 50 x 22mm and weighs just 152g. It has a built-in battery that's good for 60 minutes' illumination, 3M claimed. The projector has a native resolution of 640 x 480 …
Tony Smith, 1 Oct 2008

3M sticks it to super-sized projectors

Is that a projector in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me? Oh, it is a projector, 3M’s micro sized MPro 110, to be precise. MPRO_110 3M's MPro 110 projector Image courtesy of Popsci The unit’s size dictates its sub full-HD quality, as it’s only able to display images and video at a resolution of up to 640 x …
James Sherwood, 15 Sep 2008

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