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Google Nexus 4 flips finger at Sandy, appears on YouTube

Google was to have launched the LG-made Nexus 4 smartphone today, but with Hurricane Sandy shutting down the advertising giant’s planned New York announcement, it has been left to Sweden’s Three network - it has been claimed - to reveal the handset in all its glory. Of course, the specs are already out, thanks to the UK’s very …
Hard Reg, 29 Oct 2012
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Apple-branded unicorn spotted at 3

It's breeding season for white iPhone 4s, with the fabled unicorn of the smartphone world suddenly proliferating across UK providers. The latest spotting of the mythical phone by came at Three UK's site. The operator is offering both 16GB and 32GB versions across its plans. The phone itself starts at a lightly …
Joe Fay, 19 Apr 2011
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Windows Phone 7 up for grabs from 'excited' 3

Want a Windows Phone 7? OK, how about if it was free? Thought you might change your mind. Well, network 3 is offering one to the first lucky punter it draws out of its virtual hat. It's not limiting the prize draw to its customers, but anyone currently with O2, Orange, T-Mobile or Vodafone is likely to receive suggestions that …
Tony Smith, 23 Sep 2010
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Blighty's carriers to field Windows Phone 7

All of Britain's mobile phone networks will offer Windows Phone 7 handsets "later this year", Microsoft has revealed. Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U will get to sell them, but that's no surprise, perhaps. The most recent round of rumours narrow that window to sometime next month, but that's not a detail Microsoft confirmed …
Tony Smith, 22 Sep 2010
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3 offers best iPhone deal

So now we know - there is to be no price war over the iPhone 4. But operator 3, which became the latest UK network to unveil its pricing, has opted for much more generous bundles than the competition – and a significantly lower upfront Apple tax. The drawbacks? Well, 3 won't bundle public Wi-Fi hotspot access in its deals, …
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Jun 2010
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Mobile Broadband

Group Test Mobile broadband is a grand concept. The idea of being able to grab your notebook and modem, hop in the car and surf the web while sitting amid the Wordsworthian splendour of Ullswater, or on the 10:15 from Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston, is beguiling. Mobile Broadband - Vodafone Of course, you may get a rude …
Alun Taylor, 11 May 2010
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Mobile Broadband Best Buys

Group Test So how did each of the major mobile broadband providers perform? The charts below show you the average upload and download speeds I measured at each location. To recap, I used, turned off the computer's firewall and performed three tests in succession, averaging the result. Test Results Test Site A Mobile …
Alun Taylor, 11 May 2010
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Sky punts 'truly unlimited' 20Mb/s broadband

Sky is set to become the first broadband provider to offer free internet access for all customers at speeds of up to 20Mb/s, the satellite TV broadcaster claimed today. There's a catch: to qualify for the free package, called Sky Everyday Lite, users must be Sky TV subscribers and signed up to the firm's Sky Talk phone service …
Tony Smith, 23 Apr 2010
Huawei E5

Huawei E5 Wi-Fi/3G modem

Review Huawei's E5 is one of a growing line of compact, standalone HSDPA 3G modems that double-up as impromptu Wi-Fi hotspots. You may have heard of it as 3's MiFi. Rather than hook the E5 up to a single device - your laptop, typically - the built-in access point means you can share its 3G link among all your gadgets: phones, tablets …
Tony Smith, 4 Feb 2010
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3 flings bribey fivers for new subscribers

3 has started paying customers who sign up friends and family a whole pukka fiver for every subscriber recruited. Said subscribers will have to put their (free) SIM into a 3G phone, and top up with some credit too. Once they've done so they get another couple of quid in credit, and the person who supplied them with the SIM …
Bill Ray, 28 Sep 2009
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3 goes after Apple's App Store

The race for control of the palm continues, with 3 launching a branded version of Handango's inHand on-device shop as Samsung announces its version will be up and running in a fortnight. Samsung will be launching its on-device mobile-application store on in the 14th September, at least in the UK, France and Italy, with the …
Bill Ray, 1 Sep 2009
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Ofcom to start new number mobility consultation

Following years of legal filibustering from the incumbent networks, the UK communications regulator, Ofcom, has published new consultations on both the technical management and customer experience involved in moving a mobile-phone number. Right now it's supposed to take two days to port a number between mobile network …
Bill Ray, 4 Aug 2009
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Last chance to vote to cut phone termination rates

Updated The Terminate The Rate campaign launched by BT and 3 is approaching 70,000 signatures, on the last day for those who want to put their name to the campaign to reduce the amount their operator charges for incoming mobile calls. The 70,000 members of the public that have signed the petition have been joined by various charities …
Bill Ray, 29 Jul 2009
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Vodafone said to be mulling T-Mobile UK bid

Vodafone is mulling a multibillion-pound swoop for T-Mobile UK, according to a report. T-Mobile UK's German owner Deutsche Telekom has appointed JPMorgan to advise on how to offload the business, The Financial Times reports. Talk of a Teutonic retreat from the British mobile market intensified last month when T-Mobile UK's …
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3 lures data dabblers

The internet isn't going to go mobile while prepay users outnumber postpay by three or four to one, and adding data means a long call to an Indian call centre. So in a small but significant move, UK network 3 today said it's essentially opting its prepay users into a data plan, giving them a free data bundle to use. If you don …

Facebook phone goes on sale

Social networking fanatics can now get their online fix when they're out and about, because 3 today began selling the INQ1 Facebook phone. INQ1_open 3's INQ1: for Facebook Although the INQ1 was announced quite a while back, 3 – the phone’s exclusive UK carrier – has kept mum until now about exactly when punters will be …
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3 officially joins Nokia’s music bundle

Mobile operator 3 confirmed that it’s the first UK network to offer Nokia’s Comes With Music bundle directly to punters. Carphone Warehouse claims the right to be the UK’s exclusive retail partner for the deal – but 3 has a chain of around 150 stores. How do they stack up? Carphone offers the Nokia 5310 Music Edition for £25 a …
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Oct 2008
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Three joins Nokia's music club

Mobile operator 3 will become the first UK network to endorse Nokia's troubled music program "Comes With Music", industry sources confirmed today. Reports surfaced yesterday that 3 will offer the bundle with a N95-8GB model phone. Nokia launched the innovative program this month without the endorsement of the five major mobile …
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Oct 2008

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