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Windows Phone 8 INFLATED by Microsoft ... to satisfy lonely phablets

Microsoft has revealed a third update for Windows Phone 8 that is supposed to make the mobile operating system easier to use on beefy smartphones with six-inch screens. Windows Phone 8 Update 3, which will be rolled out over the next few months, will have a larger start screen with sizable tiles suitable for five and six-inch …
Iain Thomson, 14 Oct 2013

LG readies bonkers big telly for sale

Want an 84in (2.1m), 4K x 2K TV? Fly to South Korea next month and join the back of the line. LG today said it was putting just such a 3840 × 2160 beast on sale in its native land, promising to ship the supersize screen, which integrates 2.2-channel audio - toward the end of August. LG 84in LCD UD TV Mind you, you should …
Tony Smith, 20 Jul 2012
Sony HDR-GW55VE Handycam

Sony dusts off waterproof Handycam

It's the new black: gadgets that are waterproof. The latest: Sony's HDR-GW55VE Handycam. With a sensor dense enough to shoot 20.4Mp stills, the camcorder can shoot 1080p HD video at 50f/s. The GW55VE's lens can zoom to 10x, but the gadget can zoom to 120x digitally. Sony HDR-GW55VE Handycam Framing shots is aided by a flip- …
Hard Reg, 2 Mar 2012
Sharp LC-52LE700E TV

Sharp LC-52LE700E 52in LED backlit TV

Review The LC-52LE700E is the largest set in Sharp’s current range of affordable, LED backlit TVs. Many may baulk at describing a telly that costs £1,300 as affordable, but given the vast expanse of screen real-estate on offer here and the fact that it uses direct LED backlighting, the asking price actually falls towards the more …
Sharp Aquos Quattron

Sharp Aquos LC-46LE821E 46in quad-pixel TV

Review While the rest of the TV industry goes romping off into the third dimension, Sharp has decided to do its own thing by focusing instead on the "fourth pixel". The "Quattron" technology in its new range of Aquos-brand LCD sets gives them yellow pixels in addition to the standard red, green and blue primary colours. Sharp Aquos …
Cliff Joseph, 8 May 2010
Optoma HD20

Optoma HD20 budget full HD projector

Review Billed as the first 1080p projector available for under £900, Optoma has taken a no-frills approach to cram maximum HD goodness into its HD20 home cinema projector. Compact at 324 x 234 x 97mm, it houses a full HD 1080p DLP device to satisfy film buffs and big screen HD gamers. Optoma HD20 Back to basics: Optoma's HD20 The …
Paul Monckton, 3 Dec 2009
Samsung UE40B7000

Samsung UE40B7000 40in LCD TV

Review Flatscreen TVs with LED backlighting offer more vivid colours, darker blacks and greater contrast than regular LCD screens. And there’s a slimness dividend, too, as edge-mounted LED backlights take up less space than conventional LCD bulbs. A case in point is Samsung’s UE40B7000, a 40in 1080p HDTV that’s only 30mm deep. …
David Phelan, 30 Nov 2009
Philips BDP3000

Philips BDP3000 Blu-ray disc player

Review Many people enjoying Blu-ray movies do so using a Sony PlayStation 3, while the rest of us will opt for a dedicated Blu-ray player. For the latter, Philips is touting its BDP3000 as a budget player and, while certainly not the cheapest, it does offer 1080p playback, the optimal Blu-ray format. Philips BDP3000 Philips' …
Elgato Turbo.264 HD

Elgato Turbo.264 HD hi-def H.264 encoder

Review We love Elgato's original Turbo.264 dongle for its ability to speed up the conversion of video from a variety of sources into the H.264 format favoured by the iPhone we use as a PMP. Elgato Turbo.264 HD Elgato's Turbo.264 HD: now with a red LED for visual feedback The first Turbo.264 was focused entirely on standard- …
Tony Smith, 26 Mar 2009

Sony unwraps 'world's thinnest' LCD TV

If you can’t afford Sony’s super-expensive 11in XEL-1 OLED TV, yet crave a slim telly, check out what the electronics giant has claimed is the world’s thinnest LCD TV. Sony_ZX1 Sony's ZX1: measures 9.9mm and is wireless The Bravia ZX1 measures 9.9mm at its slimmest point and combines a 1080p resolution with three screen …
James Sherwood, 28 Jan 2009

LG to show super-slim set at CES

LG is gunning to make itself one of the tech firms to watch this year, following its release of details concerning an upcoming super telly: the 55in LH9500. LG_LH9500 LG's LH9500 is just 24.8mm thick The LH9500 LCD, which has been spotted by several online sources, is a meagre 24.8mm thick, yet still boasts 1080p and a 2, …

Another Aquos TV is born

Sharp has expanded its Aquos TV range with a 46in model crammed with enough features to make the best of Heroes and co. Sharp_LCD65E_TV_02 Sharp's LC-46D65E: full 1080p HD The LC-46D65E boasts full 1080p support and although its 20,000:1 contrast ratio isn’t the highest we’ve seen before, the set should ensure a vivid on- …
James Sherwood, 28 Nov 2008

HP HDX16-1000 16in multimedia laptop

Review With laptop prices plunging, you'd expect a lot from a multimedia media machine that costs a grand, right? Well, HP has certainly jemmied a lot of tech into its new HDX, including a Blu-ray drive, a TV tuner and a 16in, 1080p full HD screen. HP HDX16-1010EA laptop HP's HDX16-1000: Big spec, big price tag The HDX16-1000 …
Simon Williams, 25 Nov 2008

Group Test: Blu-ray Disc players

Round-up Happy Christmas, the format war is over. Now that Toshiba has abandoned HD DVD, Sony’s Blu-Ray has emerged as the new standard for high-definition discs, and the millions of folk who've been watching ye olde standard-def TV programmes on their HD TVs can go out and buy themselves a Blu-ray player safe in the knowledge it's not …
Cliff Joseph, 21 Nov 2008

Western Digital debuts HD TV add-on

Western Digital has introduced a gadget that'll turn an external hard drive into an HD-capable media player. WD_TV_01 Western Digital's WD TV HD: sits between your telly and your hard drive Dubbed WD TV HD pulls content off a USB-connected hard drive such as WD's new My Passport external drive and presents it on an HDMI- …

LG conjures up 'magic' TV

If magic’s your thing then the latest addition to LG’s Scarlet TV range is sure to get your pulse racing - sort of - because it performs a magic trick each time you turn it on. LG_Scarlet_LG90 LG's Scarlet LG80: features sliding speakers The LG80’s speakers automatically slide out from either side of the screen when you …
James Sherwood, 13 Oct 2008

MSI unveils tiny eco-friendly desktop PC

Computex If MSI hasn’t blown you over with its Wind miniature notebook then the manufacturer’s got another offering up its sleeve: a dinky desktop PC claimed to be both quiet and energy efficient. MSI_Wind_PC_02 MSI's Wind PC: Atom powered Images courtesy TweakTown MSI unveiled the Wind PC at Computex in Taipei this morning, amid …

Sony touts upscale DVD player

Sony has unveiled its latest upscaling DVD player, which the electronics giant’s also touting as the perfect way to display still photos on your HD telly. Sony_upscale Sony's DVP-NS708H DVD player upscales DVD to 1080p The DVP-NS708H upscales to 1080p HD quality on any HD Ready TV, although Sony would obviously prefer it …
James Sherwood, 27 May 2008

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