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iPhone fans shun credit crunch

Diamond case that costs £7900!

By James Sherwood

Posted in Personal Tech, 7th August 2008 14:26 GMT

If you’ve got £600 spare to splash in Apple’s Application Store, then you can definitely spare another £7900 for a stylish iPhone 3G case.


Yours for just £7900

The Apple iPhone Diamond leather case is adorned with 272 diamonds, with a total mass of 6.8 carats. The stones are arranged in a crescent moon arrangement, which is fairly similar to the moon and star symbol of Islam.

Although the pouch doesn’t feature a belt clip, you will get to choose from a rainbow of leather colours, including red, “Baby Blue,” “Light Purple” and “Olive Green”.

So, if you’re filthy rich, head on over to manufacturer Noreve’s website and they’ll sort you out.