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Intel fires up 45nm laptop chip assault

One if by land, 16 if by CES

By Ashlee Vance

Posted in The Channel, 8th January 2008 03:49 GMT

Intel has kicked an already down AMD by celebrating the arrival of 16 new chips across its laptop, PC and server lines.

The fresh chip dump marks the arrival of Intel's first laptop chips manufactured with a 45nm process that allows for faster, more energy efficient products. Intel CEO Paul Otellini emphasized the mobile strike at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where chip-filled gadgets are all the rage. Along with the laptop parts, Intel pushed out a number of new 45nm desktop and server processors that complement parts released in November.

On the laptop front, we find the following chips all with a 800MHz front side bus:

With the desktop chips, customers will see the following with a 1333MHz front side bus:

And closing things out on the server side, we find four chips with a 1333MHz front side bus:

Intel loves to perform these types of shock and awe processor displays and loves the grand showings even more when AMD is facing tough times. The folks at AMD - struggling to find four-core parts - no doubt appreciate Intel's enthusiasm. ®