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IBM claims AIX 5L is proof of Monterey concept

Inspirational name for next Unix flavour

By Lucy Sherriff

Posted in Software, 8th August 2000 16:12 GMT

AIX 5L, the latest version of the AIX operating system from IBM, will see the light of day this autumn, the company says.

IBM is touting the system as proof of the success of Project Monterey, since it is a tangible result of the collaborative work. Contributions to the Project include IBM's DYNX/ptx multipath I/O and NUMA, and from SCO UnixWare and UNIX System V standard technologies.

Bull is still contributing in areas such as scalability and workload management.

IBM says AIX 5L has been designed to run cross platform applications with Linux with what the company describes as only minor code adjustments. It will also support IBM's Power and Intel's forthcoming IA-64 processor based platforms. ®