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Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: If you can stomach the nagware and price, it may be Droid of the Year

Review When, four years ago, I predicted Huawei was coming to eat Apple and Samsung's lunch, derision swiftly followed. Either it couldn't, or it would take a very long time. For years, Japanese and Korean cars were nasty little tin cans, jokes on wheels, remember?
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Nov 2018

OK Google, why was your web traffic hijacked and routed through China, Russia today?

Updated People's connections in the US to Google – including its cloud, YouTube, and other websites – were suddenly rerouted through Russia and into China in a textbook Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) hijack.
Shaun Nichols, 13 Nov 2018

Want to hack a hole-in-the-wall cash machine for free dosh? It's as easy as Windows XP

ATM machines are vulnerable to an array of basic attack techniques that would allow hackers to lift thousands in cash.
Shaun Nichols, 14 Nov 2018

John McAfee is 'liable' for 2012 death of Belize neighbour, rules court

Infosec personality John McAfee has been found legally "liable" via a default judgment for the death of his neighbour, who was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head in his Belize home in 2012.
Gareth Corfield, 15 Nov 2018

If at first or second you don't succeed, you may be Microsoft: Hold off installing re-released Windows Oct Update

The 1809 build of Windows 10 and Windows Server is fast becoming infamous. Microsoft pulled it shortly after release when it started deleting people's files, and stumbling in other ways. Redmond reissued the software on Tuesday, and today it's clear you shouldn't rush into deploying it, if installing it at all, in its present state.
Iain Thomson, 16 Nov 2018
Raspberry Pi Model 3A+

A new Raspberry Pi takes a bow with all of the speed but less of the RAM

Like the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ but feel that the RAM is just a bit too big, the price too high or the ports too numerous? Fear not, for the spiritual successor to the original Model A+ is here.
Richard Speed, 15 Nov 2018
Thumbs up for Spectre-Meltdown protection

Another Meltdown, Spectre security scare: Data-leaking holes riddle Intel, AMD, Arm chips

Computer security researchers have uncovered yet another set of transient execution attacks on modern CPUs that allow a local attacker to gain access to privileged data, fulfilling predictions made when the Spectre and Meltdown flaws were reported at the beginning of the year.
Thomas Claburn, 14 Nov 2018
USB in a leather case

Between you, me and that dodgy-looking USB: A little bit of paranoia never hurt anyone

Arriving at a recent conference organised by one of the government's many regulatory bodies, I received my obligatory lanyard – and something else, credit-card-shaped, emblazoned with the branding for event. "What's this?" I asked.
Mark Pesce, 13 Nov 2018

Scare Force: Pakistan military hit by Operation Shaheen malware

The Pakistan Air Force is the apparent target of a complex new state-sponsored attack campaign.
Shaun Nichols, 12 Nov 2018
Chrome icon on sandy beach

Just a little heads up: Google is still trying to convince everyone that web apps don't suck

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, Google's Chrome team might be a candidate for involuntary commitment.
Thomas Claburn, 13 Nov 2018
Screenshot of an ad loading in Windows 10

Microsoft slips ads into Windows 10 Mail client – then U-turns so hard, it warps fabric of reality

Microsoft was, and maybe still is, considering injecting targeted adverts into the Windows 10 Mail app.
Chris Williams, 17 Nov 2018
Plug, image via Shutterstock

Sudden Windows 10 licence downgrades to forced Xcode upgrades: The week at Microsoft

Roundup Aside from the hoo-ha around Windows 10 licences suddenly being downgraded amid an Insider build update, last week brought Row-Level Security to Azure warehouses, Alexa's tanks rolled onto Cortana's lawn and Microsoft prepared to drop support for old versions of Xcode.
Richard Speed, 12 Nov 2018
A man shrugs at a laptop with a background of question marks

Junior dev decides to clear space for brewing boss, doesn't know what 'LDF' is, sooo...

Who, Me? The days are drawing in and the mornings are getting darker – so why not take a dose of Who, Me? to help lighten up your day.
Rebecca Hill, 12 Nov 2018
Tesla bring driven hands free

Oi, Elon: You Musk sort out your Autopilot! Tesla loyalists tell of code crashes, near-misses

Updated Tesla CEO Elon Musk asked the Tesla owners among his millions of Twitter followers last week what aspect of their electric cars they'd most like to see improved or fixed.
Thomas Claburn, 14 Nov 2018
iPhone XS

iPhone XS: Just another £300 for a better cam- Wait, come back!

Real world review While the XR may be the best value notched iPhone that Apple is making today, some of its compromises may be too much for the target market of customers hanging on to their dated but perfectly functional hardware.
Richard Speed, 15 Nov 2018
Shutterstock image of a turkey

It's November 2018, and Microsoft's super-secure Edge browser can be pwned eight different ways by a web page

Microsoft and Adobe have delivered the November edition of Patch Tuesday with another sizable bundle of security fixes to install as soon as you're able to.
Shaun Nichols, 14 Nov 2018

Russia: We did not hack the US Democrats. But if we did, we're immune from prosecution... lmao

The Russian government has denied having anything to do with hacking the US Democratic party in 2016, although in a court filing this week stressed that even if it did break into the DNC's servers, it is immune from prosecution.
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Nov 2018
File photo of Police in Seattle, Washington

Scumbag who phoned in a Call of Duty 'swatting' that ended in death pleads guilty to dozens of criminal charges

One of three people charged over the December 2017 “swatting” death of 28-year-old Andrew Finch in the US has pleaded guilty.
OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T: Tasteful, powerful – and much cheaper than a flagship

Review What if Huawei used OnePlus's Oxygen UI, I found myself musing recently. Wouldn't it be the perfect package? Huawei's amazing RF performance, and bleeding-edge tech, with a UI that didn't actually suck?
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Nov 2018

Microsoft menaced with GDPR mega-fines in Europe for 'large scale and covert' gathering of people's info via Office

Microsoft broke Euro privacy rules by carrying out the "large scale and covert" gathering of private data through its Office apps.
Kieren McCarthy, 16 Nov 2018

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