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Warning: two way

Time to balance WS-* and REST

The WS-* stack was conceived and driven forward by IBM and Microsoft, with other vendors cooperating on specifications where they had relevant expertise (Verisign on Security, BEA Systems on transactions and so on). The design philosophy was for a relatively simple and efficient basic mode of operation, with optional features …
Tom Welsh, 25 Feb 2008
Warning: train

All aboard the WS-* standards express

Myths and legends It seems there is a disquieting trend in IT: concepts are getting steadily vaguer, and claims harder to verify. Take web services, for instance. The very name is disingenuous. They are services of a kind, but they don't have much to do with the web. Their key protocol is SOAP, which stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. …
Tom Welsh, 20 Feb 2008
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Future hype: the myths of technology change

Book review Do you believe that the rate of technological growth is accelerating exponentially and that the human race is approaching a singularity that will transform it fundamentally? This idea, championed by techno utopian writers like Vernor Vinge (The Coming Technological Singularity), James Gleick (Faster), and Ray Kurzweil (The …
Tom Welsh, 7 Jun 2006
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Buggy spreadsheets: Russian roulette for the corporation

How many scenarios can you imagine where a momentary loss of concentration could cost over $1bn? Perhaps a nuclear power station meltdown...or if a currency trader hit a few wrong keys? Well, another possibility is a simple spreadsheet error. In October 2003, soon after announcing third quarter earnings, Fannie Mae had to …
Tom Welsh, 3 May 2006

Cisco’s AON: Jeeves in a router or a box of evils?

At first glance, Cisco’s AON (Application Oriented Networking) looks like a brilliant idea. Essentially, it proposes to suck all manner of security, administrative, and even business policy functions into its routers and switches. That looks as if it should benefit everyone – especially existing and prospective Cisco customers …
Tom Welsh, 3 Dec 2005

The J2EE v .NET ‘split’ is nothing to do with Web services

The biggest single problem with Web services has been confusion and misunderstanding. So I was unhappy to read your recent article Industry split over web services platform. While containing lots of good information, it seemed to be based on a fundamentally mistaken view of what Web services is all about. The headline neatly …
Tom Welsh, 12 Feb 2003

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