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Christmas Caption Competition: Who is this woman?

picture courtesy and (c) David Mery at Pictured here on the left is our managing editor Tony Smith, in riotous form at a Lotus Development party in Soho Spice earlier this week. But who is the mysterious woman jiving with Tony? First correct or the wittiest reply gets invited to the prestigious Register …
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Comdex 98 updated: Intel's CEO has strange streak

The CEO of Intel has revealed a strange streak in his nature, our correspondent at Comdex, Mike O'Processor, reports. Skulking around the edge of the show, Mike noticed Esther Fison, the famous journalist, participating in an incorrect hour with a not very funny American comedian called Bill Maher. Barrett made an indirect …
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Dutch company takes over US company Baan has acquired Caps Logistics, a supply chain software company. 4Front Technologies makes first Italian acquisition 4Front, the UK-based, NASDAQ-quoted mini-IT conglomerate, has moved into the Italian market with the acquisition of hardware maintenance firm Memorex Telex SpA. It is paying …
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16/09/98 Daily Digest

RM profits from National Grid for Learning RM Plc reports "significantly increased demand" for its RM Window Box products including RM SchoolShare, following the introduction of the Government's plan to build a National Grid for Learning. RM, is the UK's dominant technology supplier in the UK schools sector. And it is set to …
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14/09/98 Daily Digest

Tesco flogs Apples of the computer variety Tesco is adding a new variety of apple to its shelves when it begins a one month pilot scheme to market the new iMac. The computer will be available at the two largest stores, one in Stirling, Scotland, and the other in Cardiff, Wales. Jon Molyneux, managing director for Apple UK, said …
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Still my beating heart

We've only bunged this one in here cos the last thing on our mind is to panic people who have had PaceMakers fitted. Are they year 2000 compliant? The people who make them haven't come clean about the installed base nor whether they rely on some kind of CPU -- although they almost certainly use a timing chip. And on the same …
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10/09/98 Daily Digest

Computer Reseller News comes to UK Computer Reseller News is launching a UK edition on 18 November, pitching into battle in the weekly market with PC Dealer and Microscope. CRN UK recruits include editor Ambrose McNevin, managing editor James Harding and consultant editor Eira Hayward, all of whom have served time one time or …
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09/09/98 Daily Digest

RBR sale “on the verge” RBR Networks founders Rory Sweet and Ben White are on the verge of “another mega-deal which could net them nearly £15 million each”, according to the News of the World. Channel speculation has centred around the imminent acquisition of RBR by Datatec, the South African-owned networking equipment reseller …
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Richard Lindley steps down at ISA chief executive Richard Lindley is to step down as chief executive at ISA International following discussions with board. The official position was that the increasing demands of the group called for a CEO with broader experience. Alan Dean, non-executive chairman, said: "The Board will be …
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04/09/98 Daily Digest

Ingram Micro pumps up ecommerce with Ingram Micro's plans to compete with Web-based direct PC sellers moved a stage further yesterday as the company licensed's on-line system configuration technology for its forthcoming ecommerce site. As reported in The Register in July, Ingram Micro is developing an …
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Server problems this morning

Some of the stories on the site were truncated or in the worst cases missing, due to circumstances beyond the control of the staffers here. Apologies all around. We think we're back to our usual,abnormal service. Tell us if we're wrong. ®
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03/09/98 Daily Digest

SU turns to channel for growth opportunities Systems Union is looking to the indirect channel to deliver growth. The accountancy software vendor has expanded its international indirect sales team in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa, to prepare for the expansion of the market. Hugh Scantlebury, indirect sales manager at …
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02/09/98 Daily Digest

Computerland UK forecasts sustained growth Computerland UK is confident of sustained services business growth, chairman and MD Graham Gilbert said. In a statement made at the AGM, he revealed that trading is ahead of the comparable perid on the last financial year. The integration of recent acquisitions KDL and Netman ,which …
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Mindrollers ‘r’ us

His Billness breezed into London Town today to address resellers, The Register learns. The occasion was called Community Outreach. Pardon us, but in this country that's usually applied to social services and such a scheme involves making sure tramps and vagabonds get fed and clothed.... Newsfeed Silicon is getting ever so …
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01/09/98 Daily Digest

Douglas-Mann apppointed Lynx chairman Lynx Group plc has named Stewart Douglas-Mann to succeed Roger Pinnington as non-executive chairman. Chief executive Richard Last thanked Pinnington on behalf of the board for his "contribution to building the Group over the past seven years, during which time the market capitalisation has …

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