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Sony PlayStation 3

Five things Sony needs to do save the PS3

Things are looking tough for Sony: redundancies, missed shipment targets and poor financial results. So what's a giant mega-corporation to do? Take advice from bloggers, of course... 1. Cut the price - now And not just a measly amount either. We'd like to see £125 at least off the UK price. Ideally even more. That would give …
Tech Digest, 8 Jun 2007
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iPhone demand in the UK is 'soft', survey finds

The UK's largest iPhone survey undertaken by iPhone blog has found that while interest in Apple's upcoming mobile is very high, even Apple die-hards won't invest in the handset unless it is competitively priced and available on their network. While 72 per cent of the 487 respondents (74 per cent of which already own …
Tech Digest, 16 May 2007

Which games console is most web 2.0-friendly?

Both Wii and PS3 have web browsers, but it's fair to say that web surfing is a secondary feature for both. It's all about the games really, with a side-order of Blu-Ray goodness in PS3's case. However, Web 2.0 will be a factor in both - for example, Sony's upcoming Home virtual world, and Nintendo's connected News Channel and …
Tech Digest, 19 Apr 2007

Why the PS3 might share the same fate as the PSP

Opinion Especially with the recent indicators that the Wii is outselling the PS3, I'm beginning to think I'm seeing the PSP vs the DS again, but writ large. On the one hand you've got the Wii, a game console with a unique control system. Its graphically superior Sony competitor, the PS3, is more expensive, pumps out better graphics …
Tech Digest, 13 Apr 2007

The Twitterati - ten Twitter spin offs and mash ups

1. Twitterrific Mac OS X application that's sleek and minimal and lets you check on friends' posts ("tweets") and post your own, without cluttering your desktop. 2. Twitterlicious Basically, Twitterrific but for Windows, offering the same blend of easy reading/updating for PC users. 3. Twittervision/Twittersearch Two …
Tech Digest, 4 Apr 2007
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Ten jobs that robots are eyeing up

Honda's Asimo robot is living the high life right now. Not only is he wowing the crowds at consumer technology shows, he's also the star of several Honda TV adverts. But what if it all goes wrong? What if Honda dumps Asimo the way Sony ditched its QRIO humanoid robot when it decided to shift its R&D budget elsewhere? …
Tech Digest, 29 Mar 2007

Ten things Sony execs may regret saying about the PS3

Sony's management aren't generally known for their passive attitudes and humble outlook. We've got a small sample of their finest public moments below. Quotes collated by PS3 blog Sony's Jack Tretton 10 "The first five million are going to buy it [the PS3], whatever it is, even [if] it didn't have games." Sony …
Tech Digest, 28 Mar 2007

Ten battles the PS3 must fight to win the next-gen console war

So, it's Friday and eager gamers are already out and about trying to pick up a PlayStation 3 - particularly after last night's one-shop only midnight launch. Here in Europe, at least, Friday is the proper starting gun for the next-generation console war, since PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 will all be available to buy. Can Sony hang …
Tech Digest, 23 Mar 2007
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The top 25 UK web 2.0 start ups

Tech Digest Web 2.0 isn't just about startups in California hoping to get bought by Google - even if it can sometimes seem that way. There's loads of sparky Web 2.0 startups here in the UK, even if they don't fall into a lazily-definable scene, trend, or movement. With no agenda other than they're interesting, here's 25 UK-based startups …
Tech Digest, 16 Mar 2007

Ten reasons why you should buy a PlayStation 3

Tech Digest Is that the wind of changed opinions blowing? Since last week's Games Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, the buzz about Sony's PlayStation 3 has taken a turn for the better. The keynote presentation from Sony's Phil Harrison had a lot to do with it: he announced two separate PS3 virtual worlds - Home and …
Tech Digest, 13 Mar 2007

CES' top ten weirdest gadgets

CES 2007 This year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has been quiet, very quiet. However the absence of mega announcements from Microsoft, Sony et al has left space open for some of the smaller, quirkier manufacturers to grab their share of their limelight. Here then, much more fun than an LG Blu-ray/HD DVD player, are …
Tech Digest, 9 Jan 2007

The Top 20 Weirdest gadgets of 2006

It's been one of those years when technology came on in leaps and bounds. Around the world, thousands of pointy-headed scientists and product designers beavered away in high-security laboratories, investing time, money and effort to create... more silly USB gadgets. Yes, 2006 has been the year when gadgets got a bit …
Tech Digest, 20 Dec 2006
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'Bloggers do not have original thought between them'

Tech Digest Oh how I love the Daily Mail. What a splendid newspaper. No, really. Its online offering is now very good to the point where a US-exiled liberal friend of mine confessed to me the other day that after the Gruniard, it is his first online stop for UK news. If the Fleet St gossip is right too, the Mail's site is really starting …
Tech Digest, 5 Oct 2006
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Dr Who Tardis on eBay

Tech Digest From the makers of Tech Digest, Shiny Shiny, eBay blog Bayraider and the cool new blog for blokes Brandish. Dr Who Tardis on eBay Now here's a replica item I could happily mortgage my granny for. It's a replica police box made by a professional carpenter (i.e. it stands up straight and doesn't have nails poking out of the …
Tech Digest, 4 Oct 2006
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10 Ways to make yourself a YouTube Star

Top 10s brought to you by Britain's leading gadgets blog Tech Digest and gadget review blog TechReviews I'll spare you the blurb about YouTube being a revolution in online media, a truly democratised broadcasting platform, and the pinnacle of user-generated content. You know this, and if you didn't, 768 high-brow articles in …
Tech Digest, 11 Aug 2006
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Top 10 technoculture books for the beach

Tech Digest From the UK's leading gadgets blog Tech Digest Okay, maybe not the beach - if you're spending a couple of weeks sunning yourself abroad you might want a break from technology, even in paper form. But if you're on the lookout for some more weighty reading matter on where all this technology is leading (or just want to make your …
Tech Digest, 8 Aug 2006
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Ten gadgets to get you sacked

Tech Digest It's hot, your boss is evil, you never got that promised pay-rise. It's hot, your colleagues hate you, and you're fed up with sardine-like commuting. Oh, and did I mention it's really hot? What better time then to jack in your job to spend more time with your sofa, beer-fridge and television? But if you're going to go, do it …
Tech Digest, 26 Jul 2006
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Five bags CSI for video on demand

Geek TV Jane Hoskyn, TV Scoop While Channel 4 is busy sending American TV execs Ferrero Rocher and M&S gift vouchers* in a bid to let them include Lost and Desperate Housewives in their telly-stroke-web simulcast, Five has nipped in to snatch video on demand (VOD) rights to CSI. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI Miami and CSI New …
Tech Digest, 21 Jul 2006
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The Alienware Aurora ALX has arrived on Earth

Review In a month when laptops outsold desktops for the first time, it's a brave move to launch a desktop that weighs more than your fridge. The Alienware Aurora ALX is a no-compromises gaming PC which turns up in a box the size of a Marshall 4x12 with a box of accessories the size of a Marshall amp. Just in case I'm not being clear …
Tech Digest, 5 Jul 2006
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Top tat - the five worst World Cup gadgets

Tech Digest The World Cup - a great time for football, an even better time for flag sellers and for manufacturers of gadgets. Englandusb_1 Yes, for the last couple of months, manufacturers big and small have been scouring the warehouse, looking for products they couldn't sell at Christmas, before repackaging them at a premium price, …
Tech Digest, 12 Jun 2006
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Be Unlimited 24Meg broadband review

Tech Digest Viva Veteran TechDigest readers may recall this news item about Be’s Unlimited 24mbps broadband – then as now the fastest available in the UK -  back in August of last year. Like a good little guinea pig I signed up in early Spetember as a regular subscriber – no special favours here (yet!) – and waited for activation. And …
Tech Digest, 1 Jun 2006
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Review: Ion USB Turntable

Tech Digest Review from Tech Digest. Also check out our World Cup blog Who Ate All The Bratwurst? Goodpic The digital music revolution seems to have affected all age groups - with your nan being as likely to listen to her iPod while she's gardening as your annoying nephew is to be rocking his Walkman 'phone at the back of the bus. A …
Tech Digest, 24 May 2006
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Sky vs Telewest HD showdown

Tech Digest Yesterday I took delivery of my Sky HD box and naturally spent the rest of the day watching Star Wars Revenge of the Sith (it is better in HD honest) and animals mauling each other on the National Geographic HD channel. I am also lucky enough to have a Telewest TVDrive (its HD hard disk video recorder) in the home, so here are …
Tech Digest, 23 May 2006
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Five ways to watch the World Cup on the move

Tech Digest The clock is ticking - not long until the big World Cup kick off. There's just one problem. To fit in over 60 matches in a one month period means a number of daytime kick offs, when most of us are stuck at work. You've got two options; use your entire holiday allocation from 9 June, or find a way of catching the action at work …
Tech Digest, 15 May 2006
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Sky teams up with MediaFlo for mobile TV trial

Tech Digest Just when you thought you knew all about mobile TV, along comes yet another platform. After DVB-H and DMB comes MediaFLO, an innovation from Qualcomm, the US company best known for making chips for 3G handsets. Yesterday it confirmed a deal with BSkyB to trial the system in the UK in the summer. We caught up with MediaFLO …
Tech Digest, 10 May 2006

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