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Team Three Pair - Fin

Imagine Cup We've been in India for the past week taking part in the Imagine Cup 2006 finals. Unfortunately we were knocked out and didn’t make it through to the top three. After a few hours of depression we came to terms and set about enjoying the events that had been organised for us. We had great fun on a trip to an ancient temple to …
Team Three Pair, 15 Aug 2006
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Team Three Pair go code complete

Imagine Cup We're down in Reading at the moment, flying out to India tomorrow morning for the Imagine Cup World Finals. We've been working hard and finally went as code complete as we are going to get before we head out. All the features we want to show off are fully functional and we've just this minute finished presenting a 20 minute …
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Pulling things together as India draws near

Imagine Cup Time is ticking, and we're flat out working on getting the digital recovery environment finished. It seems that despite some pretty damn good project planning, for students anyway, we're only a week or so away from deadline and we're still doing some of the development. Ahh well, we're making good progress, the system looks …
Team Three Pair, 28 Jul 2006
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Anyone for Cider?

Imagine Cup We recently spent a week at the Microsoft Technology Centre in Reading. We had a great time, including an all-night code/debug-athon and copious amounts of Coca Cola. There were experts on hand and we had the opportunity to seek advice and some invaluable guidance from them. Martin Grayson one of the user interface/user …
Team Three Pair, 18 Jul 2006
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Get your very own Channel9 Guy

Imagine Cup While we were in the sunny US we headed over to see those fine chaps at Channel9, for an interview about the Imagine Cup. Unlike the Bill Gates demo, we did no prep for this, we didn't even know what to expect. So we went up to Charles's office, the guy who does Channel9's Going Deep Show; among others. He grabbed a camera, …
Team Three Pair, 17 Jul 2006
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An audience with Bill Gates

Imagine Cup blog We've been quiet recently... Perhaps a-little too quiet... Not without good reason though, for this week we jetted off to Sunny Seattle. And yes it really is sunny! Why? To give a presentation to Bill Gates, someone important enough to convince us to make sure our demo worked without a flaw. As fun as playing demo roulette is, …
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Back to Front

Imagine Cup blog The majority of the work we've done in the past revolves purely around the back end of a system. Lately however there's been a shift from Back to Front-end design. Using Expressions and Windows Presentation Foundation we've been trying, "trying" being the operative word, to get the Digital Recovery Environment to look "Nice." It …
Team Three Pair, 19 Jun 2006
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Picture this

Imagine Cup We've gone and done it. We're on Flickr: there's not many pictures there at the moment but we'll be uploading some more. So if you want to see us working away and doing other random stuff then check us out here. ®
Team Three Pair, 13 Jun 2006
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Imagine Cup One of the things we've been playing around with lately is the animations used in Windows Presentation Foundation. We wanted a simple way to reverse an animation which we'd dynamically manipulate to contain new content for the Digital Recovery Environment. We're using Expressions and we noticed an option to reverse key frames …
Team Three Pair, 13 Jun 2006
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Thirty seven build runs later...

Imagine Cup It occurred to us that we should put more technology related stuff in our Reg Developer blogs, after all that's what really interests us and probably what interests you too. We guess it makes sense to firstly talk about how we go about developing our application. At the moment we have 35,045 lines of code, although it's true …
Team Three Pair, 23 May 2006
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The UK's Imagine Cup team on film

Imagine Cup Yesterday we had a visit from our main man at Microsoft, the guy himself, Mark Johnston! Mark spent the day with us going over our entry and discussing how we were managing our daily development plan. We talked about our presentation and what we need to put into it. He also kindly reminded us of the hundreds upon thousands of …
Team Three Pair, 19 May 2006
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Training with Team Three Pair

Many people think that presentation skills come naturally. For some lucky people this is true, but for the rest of us mere mortals presenting is a daunting minefield of rights and wrongs. To help us out with our lack of natural talent, the guys down at Microsoft UK organised for us to take part in a two day speaker training …
Team Three Pair, 11 May 2006
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Team Three Pair, the return

Finished, all finished! Unfortunately, we're not talking about the Digital Recovery Environment (DRE). On Tuesday 2 May we finished the last of our exams, and to celebrate we went on a trip to Thames Valley Park (TVP), Reading; home of Microsoft UK. We'd been invited down to spend some time with the academic team doing some …
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Help wanted, apply within

Imagine Cup Just a quick follow up to yesterday's entry, we mentioned ward sister Mel and her insights into friends, family and patients. We think it would be interesting to open the floor to you guys. Imagine you were taken away from your life, placed into an Intensive Care Unit and you had no recollection of the past month. As you …
Team Three Pair, 13 Apr 2006
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A walk on the Dark side

Imagine Cup Here at Hull we've been working away on our Imagine Cup entry, a system that can provide a personal history for patients in Intensive Care Units (ICUs). All relevant information – be it from doctors, friends or family members – can be accumulated against a timeline and accessed by the patient when they are sufficiently conscious …
Team Three Pair, 12 Apr 2006
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Introducing the UK Imagine Cup Team

Welcome to the first blog entry from team ‘Three Pair’. Team who? To introduce ourselves, we are a team of three students who all attend The University of Hull on various computer-related courses: James Lissiak, Tom Randell and Andy Sterland. On 10 March, after a day of presentations and camera interviews, it was announced that …
Team Three Pair, 21 Mar 2006

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