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Pico GSM cells, what's the fuss all about?

Analysis What if you built a network, and nobody came? In May this year, the frequencies 1781.7-1785MHz paired with 1876.7-1880MHz (known as the GSM Guard bands) were made available to 12 licensees under the Wireless Telegraphy Act (WTA). They are known as the Guard bands as they separate parts of GSM spectrum from DECT spectrum. In …
Steve Kennedy, 24 Nov 2006
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Ofcom flicks switch on iPod FM

Ofcom today announced that "micro power" FM transmitters such a the Griffin Technologies iTrip or Belkin TuneCast can legally be used from 8 December. Ofcom changed the regulations in line with the European Commission Decision (2006/771/EC) establishing a framework for the harmonisation of radio spectrum for use by short-range …
Steve Kennedy, 23 Nov 2006
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Vodafone fesses to premium rate SMS overcharging

Vodafone has been charging its pay as you go customers an extra 12p for texting premium rate numbers. Customers are usually charged 12p for the delivery of the message, and then the premium rate charge. However, it seems the mobile operator has been tagging on an extra 12p. The overbilling came to light when a customer …
Steve Kennedy, 20 Nov 2006
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Carphone Warehouse rescued with AOL buy

Analysis Mobile phone operator Carphone Warehouse (CPW) has now moved into fixed line telecoms and broadband. Originally, the company's phone offerings were based on a system known as IDA (Indirect Access) whereby customers dialled a prefix and then the number they actually wanted. All the real work was done by another provider and …
Steve Kennedy, 15 Nov 2006

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