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Medion marches out heavyweight entertainment laptop

Supermarket-PC vendor Medion has blasted the wraps off the Akoya P8610 desktop replacement notebook, which features a Blu-ray drive and surround sound technology. The laptop's primarily aimed at punters looking for advanced multimedia features but still want the performance of a fully equipped PC. The P8610 features a whopping …
Scott Snowden, 5 Dec 2008

Brand new Star Trek prequel pics and trailer

The eagerly anticipated new Star Trek film is set to enthrall some and enrage others with a young, spunky cast, vicious fights and sex scenes. A new trailer and new pics from the forthcoming film were released online earlier this week, further fuelling the excitement of Trekkies around the world ahead of the film's release on …
Scott Snowden, 21 Nov 2008
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Tron sequel already in production

Tron - quite possibly the best example of a movie that could benefit from a legitimate sequel - is finally getting one. And who knew? A few dedicated - and better informed - film buffs maybe. But for the rest of us sci-fi supporters, certainly on this side of the Pond, it remained a secret. It is being directed by Joseph …
Scott Snowden, 18 Nov 2008

TomTom ships Go x40 satnav series

The TomTom Go x40 Live range consisting of the Go 540, 740 and the flagship 940 - first seen at IFA in August - has been officially launched in the UK. All three models have a 4.3in, 480 x 272 pixel display, but while the 540 and 740 only have 1GB and 2GB, respectively, of on-board storage, the 940 has a meatier 4GB memory. …
Scott Snowden, 29 Oct 2008

Bioshock sequel teaser trailer now showing

A trailer for BioShock 2 has been discovered added on at the end of BioShock on the PS3, which began shipping across the Pond a week or so ago. Bioshock for the PS3 was recently awarded 97% by PSM3 magazine, higher than GTA IV, which was given 96%. Now circulating all over the web, the trailer video for the sequel to what …
Scott Snowden, 25 Oct 2008

Logic3 lets loose line up of iPod accessories

Apple iPod accessory maker Logic3 launched a number of new devices yesterday at the Digital Winter event in central London. Logic3 Valve80 amp and speakers Logic3 Valve80 amp and speakers First is the Valve80 peaker set built around a vacuum tube amplifier and with piano black Kevlar speakers. Delivering 80W RMS of …
Scott Snowden, 16 Oct 2008

Official: gadgets not responsible for Qantas jet plunge

Initial investigations into the Qantas Airbus A330 mishap have concluded that it was due to incorrect information fed into the flight control system and not interference from passengers' gagdets. A report by ABC news states that the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said incorrect information from a faulty air data …
Scott Snowden, 15 Oct 2008

Laptops to blame for Qantas jet plunge?

Passengers are being questioned over whether they were using electronic equipment just before their Qantas A330-300 plunged out-of-control over Western Australia. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has said an "irregularity" in one of the aircraft's computers may have caused the dramatic altitude change that threw …
Scott Snowden, 10 Oct 2008

Navman locates addition to S-series satnav line

Satnav manufacturer Navman has today unveiled a stylish, super-slim addition to its S range of GPS-enabled gadgets. Measuring only 13.5mm thick and weighing 150g, with a 4.3in flat widescreen display, the new product is the thinnest satnav on the market, Navman claimed. The brushed aluminium casing certainly makes it one of …
Scott Snowden, 9 Oct 2008
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China to combine four ships to form space station

The Director of Jiuquan Launch Center claims that China is set to build a space station by snapping together four spaceships (Shenzhou 7, 8, 9, and 10), to be launched sequentially, according to a report by Hong Kong newspaper the Ming Pao Daily News. Though other reports indicate that taikonauts aboard Shenzhou 7 will return …
Scott Snowden, 18 Sep 2008
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Scientists study near-death sensations

Researchers on the AWARE (AWAreness during REsuscitation) near-death experiences study want to include more UK centres in the project, in addition to boosting the number of European and US bases. The University of Southampton has already been conducting research into this phenomenon for over 18 months at selected hospitals …
Scott Snowden, 16 Sep 2008

Resistance 2 to hit USA on 4 November

Flagship sequel Resistance 2 will be released on the other side of the Pond on 4 November, Sony has confirmed, along with the simultaneous launch of a special edition version. The sequel to the PS3 title will clash head-on with Microsoft's surprisingly successful shooter, Gears of War 2, which goes on sale three days later on …
Scott Snowden, 7 Sep 2008
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China plans spacewalk by end of the month

A Chinese state media agency has reported today that the country will launch a three-man spaceflight this month and all systems are already in final preparation. In October 2003, China became only the third country to put a man in space with its own rocket, after the former Soviet Union and the USA. It sent two more astronauts …
Scott Snowden, 7 Sep 2008

Samsung parades Omnia 3G smartphone

Last night, at a lavish event in London, Samsung proudly paraded its brand new 3G Windows Mobile 6.1-based touchscreen handset, the SGH-i900 -aka Omnia. The Omnia was first seen back in April at a European trade fair, but it hasn't been known exactly when Samsung would make its frontal assault on the iPhone available in the UK …
Scott Snowden, 5 Sep 2008

Philips pitches black with monster contrast LED backlight

IFA In move to take on the likes of the Pioneer Kuro and Panasonic's Viera, Philips has announced the 42PFL9803 TV with black-enhancing LED backlight technology. The 42in display features what Philips calls "2D dimming control" covering 128 individual areas, enabling the LCD TV to compete with the best plasmas TV sets, the company …
Scott Snowden, 28 Aug 2008

Philips unveils 38mm-thick HD TV

IFA Measuring a super-slim 38mm at its thinnest point, the Essence HD LCD TV boasts a refresh rate of just 2ms and a full 1080p resolution. It also offers three HDMI ports, a DLNA network streaming link, a, removable 2x 15W sound bar and sleek-looking remote control. Philips Essence 42" LCD HD TV Philips' Essence: free of cable …
Scott Snowden, 28 Aug 2008

British boffins perfect process to make any item '100% waterproof'

UK company Plasma Product Innovations (P2i) today demonstrated a chemical process it claims can render any material 100 per cent waterproof. Grappling at an ungodly hour this morning with words like 'hydrophobic', 'nanotechnology' and 'submicroscopic-surface-enhancement', a small number of half-asleep hacks were shown how a …
Scott Snowden, 27 Aug 2008
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Aussie has answer to save Earth from asteroid attack

An PhD student with the University of Queensland's School of Engineering has won top prize in an international competition for her plan to wrap a giant asteroid with reflective sheeting to prevent a collision with the Earth. The asteroid, Apophis, is estimated to be perhaps 270 metres across and it will pass close to Earth in …
Scott Snowden, 24 Aug 2008
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Space shuttle replacement delayed until 2014

NASA has put back the planned launch of its Orion spacecraft for a year, meaning the first test launch won't be until 2014 at the earliest. The agency's publicly-announced deadline set by Congress to conduct a first test launch of a manned Orion capsule was 2015. Internally, though, it was hoped to fast-track this to 2013 …
Scott Snowden, 12 Aug 2008
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Secret of invisibility unravelled by US researchers

Scientists at the University of California in Berkeley have engineered a material that can bend visible light around objects. This development could soon result in technology that can render tanks, ships and troops invisible to the eye. Results of the US military-funded research are expected to appear in the scientific …
Scott Snowden, 10 Aug 2008
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Branson unveils Virgin Galactic mothership

As expected, British billionaire Sir Richard Branson and American aerospace engineer Burt Rutan unveiled the WhiteKnightTwo mothership yesterday that will be used for his project to launch tourists into space. The mothership itself is not designed to leave the atmosphere, but will air launch the yet-to-be-finished SpaceShipTwo …
Scott Snowden, 29 Jul 2008

It's official: Samsung shows off i8510 8mp cameraphone

Rumours that the South Korean company was going to join the 8mp cameraphone crowd have been circulating for a while, now Samsung has confirmed it's launching the i8510 in the UK in August. Much like the iPhone, the i8510 comes in 8GB and 16GB variants, with 3G and HSDPA as well as Wi-Fi. It also features GPS and a camera …
Scott Snowden, 24 Jul 2008

Creative continues ZEN range with Mozaic media player

Creative today announced the launch of the ZEN Mozaic portable media player for music, photos and video, featuring a 1.8in LCD colour screen, FM radio, voice recorder and built-in speaker. Available silver, pink and black, four different memory sizes will be on sale, 2GB at £50, 4GB at £60, 8GB at £80 - all of which will be on …
Scott Snowden, 24 Jul 2008

Bagel brownin' Cylon toaster now frakkin' available

Sitting somewhere in between Red Dwarf's Talkie Toaster and the 7ft tall Cylon Centurion we covered a few weeks back, comes the Comic-Con limited edition Battlestar Galactica Cylon Toaster. Oh yes. Frakkin' Cylon toaster "By your comm-" crunch, crunch, crunch According to NBC Universal Store, these are one-of-a-kind made …
Scott Snowden, 15 Jul 2008

Logitech Pure Fi Anywhere iPod speakers

Review An almost infinite number of iPod speaker sets are now available, but one manufacturer that's kept up a consistent quality with its music-player peripherals is Logitech. Measuring 335 x 90 x 40mm, and weighing 726g, these are not the most portable of portable speakers. They're too big to fall under the go-anywhere travel- …
Scott Snowden, 3 Jul 2008

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