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CMP Said to Lay Off Nearly 200

Media Survey CMP Media is in the process of chopping nearly 200 jobs in a cost-cutting measure made necessary by an historic free-fall in the tech economy, insiders have told SWMS. Although corporate staff was affected, the layoffs were weighted toward CMP's Specialized Technologies Group (STG) and Business Technology Group ( …
Sam Whitmore, 8 Oct 2001
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The Demise of the Industry Standard

Media Survey Few of us can recite the key details of the Industry Standard's 2001 redesign. Even fewer of us remember the 56-page launch issue published 40 months ago. We will remember the Industry Standard newsweekly as a victim of politics and greed, and nothing less than the Bible of an economy to be forever changed by the …
Sam Whitmore, 21 Aug 2001
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Webcasting: The Two-Headed Beast

Media Survey Should webcasting primarily be an extension of a publisher's editorial operations, or an extension of its marketing operations designed to please advertisers with targeted B-to-B messages? In's case it's both, which is why CEO Bill Reinstein and his team have embraced the biggest challenge of their …
Sam Whitmore, 28 Mar 2001
The Register breaking news Makes a Go of Tech Webcasting

Media Survey These days it takes a courageous company to invest millions in a project that it knows won't make money until mid-2002, if then. Though its official name is International Data Group, IDG is acting more like a Gen X start-up these days - at least in the Southborough, Mass. headquarters of Under the …
Sam Whitmore, 14 Mar 2001
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Media Survey Newly arrived from the Financial Times, Paul Maidment has started his new jobs at Forbes: editor-in-chief of and executive editor of Forbes magazine. Maidment spent some phone time with us recently. Here's how it went. SWMS You observed Forbes from afar for years. What has surprised you now that you're …
Sam Whitmore, 12 Feb 2001

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