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Oracle vs. Peoplesoft: Linux wins, no matter what

Oracle is a vociferous Linux supporter. PeopleSoft is busily porting all of its applications to Linux. If Oracle manages to buy PeopleSoft, we'll see a growing push toward more Linux in the enterprise. And if PeopleSoft stays independent, we'll see... a growing push toward more Linux in the enterprise. If you have any doubt …
Robin Miller, 20 Jun 2003

Let's all move to India (China, Vietnam, Eastern Europe etc.)

In a teleconference held June 5, 2003, IDC analysts said they expect global outsourcing in the IT industry to increase, which will put smiles on the faces of workers in China, The Philippines, India, Vietnam, and Eastern Europe, but will continue to depress U.S. and Western European IT workers. Except the French. The …
Robin Miller, 5 Jun 2003
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Can US software developers form an ‘open source’ union?

There has never been a successful union-style organizing movement among US software developers. Ian Lurie, who runs a Seattle Web design firm, believes this is because traditional "industrial" union structures don't serve programmers' needs very well, but that a new, "open source" union structure based on pre-industrial craft …
Robin Miller, 15 May 2003
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Linux is 'big part of Opera's future'

Opera Software CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner says the ratio of Windows to Linux Opera downloads is eight to one. This either means Linux is on 12.5% of computer desktops (unlikely) or that Linux users are far more likely than Windows users to download Opera. Note that in absolute numbers Windows is still more important than Linux …
Robin Miller, 30 Apr 2003
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The state of SuSE

Interview I spent a little time on AIM with SuSE U.S. rep (and all-around nice guy) Holger Dyroff, discussing SuSE's new products, trends in Linux desktop/consumer use, and the state of Linux market penetration in general. This transcript has been edited (very lightly) only for grammar and spelling, not content. Make sure you read all the …
Robin Miller, 17 Mar 2003
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Oregon considers Open Source software legislation

A bill introduced in the Oregon State Legislature on March 5 by Rep. Phil Barnhart "requires state government to consider using open source software when acquiring new software." Sounds good -- if it passes. According to the press release we received from the bill's primary proponent, Ken Barber, "Unlike California's Digital …
Robin Miller, 7 Mar 2003
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The rise of the $99 ‘consumer’ Linux distribution

Newsforge logo $99, give or take $20, seems to be the new price point for full-featured, consumer-level Linux distributions. This is a great deal for non-technical users, since most of the new-wave consumer Linux products give users a much prettier and easier experience than traditional, all-GPL distributions tailored for a …
Robin Miller, 4 Feb 2003
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2003: the year of Asian Linux

Newsforge logo As most regular NewsForge readers know, I recently traveled to Amman, Jordan to advocate Linux and Open Source use there. This Spring I'll probably be doing the same thing in Mexico. And there are many other Open Source and Free Software advocates, most of them more effective and eloquent then I'll ever be, …
Robin Miller, 7 Jan 2003

Grid computing from Sun

newsforge logo Sun's open source Grid Engine software currently runs over 7000 grids with an average of 47 CPUs per grid, and a steadily increasing percentage of the grids it powers run Linux, according to John Tollefsrud, Sun's Grid marketing manager. This is not a Sun software product that gets as much press or visibility …
Robin Miller, 16 Dec 2002
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Linux, Open Source have ‘more security problems than Windows’

According to a report published November 12 by Aberdeen Group, "Security advisories for open source and Linux software accounted for 16 out of the 29 security advisories - about one of every two advisories - published for the first 10 months of 2002 by Cert (, Computer Emergency Response Team)." Aberdeen says …
Robin Miller, 15 Nov 2002
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Mandrake 9.0 vs. Mandrake 8.2 for new Linux users

First Look This article concentrates on describing a basic Mandrake 9.0 installation and setup from a new user's viewpoint, using nothing but default settings all the way through. I've also tossed in a few notes on how Mandrake 9.0 differs from Mandrake 8.2 and other previous Mandrake releases. The test laptop is a ThinkPad T20, a …
Robin Miller, 2 Oct 2002
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Ransom Love out as Caldera CEO

The new Caldera CEO is Darl McBride, who was a Novell exec from 1988 to 1996 and has run a succession of smaller companies since then. From the information in this press release it looks like one of McBride's primary skills is getting hold of investment capital, and Caldera can certainly use some of that. During a conference …
Robin Miller, 28 Jun 2002
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Security through obsolescence

Here's an interesting way to secure an Internet-connected computer against intruders: Make sure the operating system and software it runs are so old that current hacking tools won't work on it. This was suggested by Brian Aker, one of the programmers who works on, NewsForge, Slashdot, and other OSDN sites; he runs …
Robin Miller, 6 Jun 2002
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AOL embraces Linux and Mozilla, plans to drop MS Explorer

Sources inside AOL and Red Hat say AOL is making a major internal switch to Linux, and the long-rumored AOL default browser switch from Microsoft's Internet Explorer to Mozilla -- or at least Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine -- is well under way, but AOL will probably not offer an AOL client for Linux in the forseeable future …
Robin Miller, 11 Mar 2002
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Making Linux look harder than it is

Many 'gurus' teaching new users about Linux make it look harder than it needs to be, and apparently fail to explain that yes, you can make PowerPoint-style presentations in Linux, you can view Web Pages that use Flash animation and other "glitz" features, and that you can manage all your files though simple "point, click, drag …
Robin Miller, 7 Dec 2001
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90% Windows, 5% Mac, 5% Linux? Not true!

I took an inventory of the computers and operating systems in my household, and found that my wife and I have a total of nine copies of Windows, one copy of Mac OS 9.1 and one purchased Linux distribution. But this doesn't tell the truth about our computer use patterns any more than the recent Gartner Group survey - the one that …
Robin Miller, 13 Jun 2001
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Mandrake refocuses on Linux business

Here's a NewsForge exclusive email interview with MandrakeSoft CEO Jacques Le Marois about what has been going on in the company recently, and where Mandrake hopes to go in the future. The format is loose; Jacques wrote his own answers without help from PR people. He is speaking straight from the heart here, with the passion and …
Robin Miller, 23 May 2001
The Register breaking news and shutting down

We regret the passing of these much-loved news outlets and offer condolences to all our friends who have been writing for them. But don't despair too much. At least some of their content will continue as part of the "parent" ITWorld site. On Monday, 12 March, LinuxWorld writers received a communique from Editor-in-Chief Kathy …
Robin Miller, 14 Mar 2001
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Opera for Linux: We wish them luck but…

Review I finally got around to a full day of playing with the (proprietary) Opera Browser 5.0 Linux beta. It's the fastest browser I've ever used in any operating system, but I'm not ready to spend $39 or look at annoying ads in return for using it. And with (free, Open Source) Konqueror steadily improving, Opera may never be able to …
Robin Miller, 28 Feb 2001

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