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Zigbee is buzzing, says Bob Metcalfe

Bob Metcalfe, the inventor of Ethernet, breezed into Barcelona last week, to deliver the keynote at NetEvents, a speed dating conference for networking vendors and computer journalists. Metcalfe was the founder of 3Com; these days he is general partner a Polaris Venture Partners and a big fan of Zigbee, or 802.15.4, the …
Robert Jaques, 17 Oct 2004

Sysadmins suffering VoIP headaches

Sysadmins will suffer from increasingly painful network management headaches as they struggle to cope with voice over IP (VoIP) roll-outs. They will have to deal with time-critical voice traffic clashing with data for limited bandwidth across converged infrastructures. After years of empty vendor hype, the voice-data …
Robert Jaques, 3 Mar 2004
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IR591: the number of the beast

Controversial tax increases, nicknamed IR591, currently being drafted by chancellor Gordon Brown will leave IT contractors and owners of small firms who take income as dividends facing "huge" tax increases in this year's Budget. The tax proposals are buried in paragraph 5.91 of the government's December 2003 Pre-Budget Report …
Robert Jaques, 27 Feb 2004
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UK blows £1.5bn on useless software

British small and medium-sized companies are wasting £1.5bn a year on badly-designed business software that does not meet their commercial needs. According to a poll of 400 UK SMEs conducted by software developer Benchmark Software, the problem is due to a chasm opening up between what companies need from technology and what …
Robert Jaques, 24 Feb 2004

Service provider kit sales to hold steady in '04

Sales of high-end networking equipment to service providers jumped in the second half of the year, delivering some respite after a dismal 18 months for makers of switches and routers. Sector sales were $1.4bn in the last quarter of 2003, up 13 per cent year-on-year and the second consecutive quarter to produce 13 per cent …
Robert Jaques, 24 Feb 2004
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Chancellor under fire for IR591 tax terror

MPs and pressure groups have roundly condemned the Chancellor for his refusal to consult with UK firms over plans to introduce a controversial and potentially punitive tax regime for owner managers of small-incorporated businesses in his impending 2003 Pre-Budget Report. The tax, dubbed IR591 by the Professional Contractors …
Robert Jaques, 20 Feb 2004
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British Chambers of Commerce urges gov to cut red tape

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) today promised to kick off a campaign of lobbying which it hopes will force Whitehall to cut the Government red tape tangle that is increasingly ensnaring Britain's small businesses. The BCC initiative forms the main plank of a three-year collaboration with Microsoft and also aims to boost …
Robert Jaques, 10 Feb 2004
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Linksys touts for Euro resellers

Linksys has kicked off a campaign to expand its share of the lucrative European small business networking market with a channel putsch and the launch of a low end VPN router offering. The Cisco subsidiary's VAR accreditation, snappily-dubbed the Linksys Partner Connection Program, aims to sign up resellers by offering "special …
Robert Jaques, 9 Feb 2004
The Register breaking news faces Treasury tax terror

Thousands of family businesses will face "severe financial hardship" if the Chancellor adopts controversial proposals to amend existing small business tax regulations. According to the Professional Contractors Group (PCG) and opposition MPs, the measures outlined in paragraph 5.91 of the Pre-Budget Report - now widely-dubbed as …
Robert Jaques, 6 Feb 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

IP VPN migration ‘inevitable’

The rise and rise of IP Virtual Private Network services is set to continue apace, with the technology clocking up a whopping 20 per cent compound annual growth rate over the next four years. According to the latest research from to In-Stat/MDR, IP VPNs will hoover up additional market share as corporates jump ship from more …
Robert Jaques, 5 Feb 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

Wheels fall off CRM bandwagon in UK

British firms are losing valuable business because of their "sloppy" approach to tracking leads and inability to win new clients, research released today has claimed. One in four of the marketing and business development managers surveyed for the BT-commissioned customer relationship study admitted to recording crucial …
Robert Jaques, 4 Feb 2004

Foundry beefs up high-end Gig switches

Foundry Networks has strenghtened its enterprise and carrier offerings with the release of enhanced fibre and Gigabit over copper modules for BigIron MG8 and NetIron 40G terabit switches. The product additions include a 40-port 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) over Copper module with RJ45 interfaces and a 2-port 10 …
Robert Jaques, 4 Feb 2004
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Small firms fighting Microsoft addiction

A fast-growing number of small and medium-sized firms are deeply concerned about being hooked on Microsoft technology and depending too heavily on the software giant's products and services. That's according to new research from the Yankee Group which finds that more than 40 per cent of companies with between two and 499 …
Robert Jaques, 1 Feb 2004
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UK IT jobs market picks up

The IT recruitment market showed spotty signs of growth between October and December last year, with the number of advertised permanent and contract techie jobs showing modest increases. The latest statistics from CWJobs' Quarterly IT Skills Index found that permanent IT vacancies rose by an average of 4 per cent between …
Robert Jaques, 27 Jan 2004
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Small firms to cash in on software bargain bonanza

Smart small and medium-sized businesses can nab themselves some serious software bargains this year if they negotiate hard with vendors currently bending over backwards to break into the SME market. Research unveiled today by META Group advises small firms that the time is ripe to nail vendors of enterprise resource planning ( …
Robert Jaques, 23 Jan 2004
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Christmas bonanza drying up for UK web retailers

Although UK Web retailers enjoying record breaking sales over Christmas and in the January sales, many are losing out on potentially millions of pounds of further business because of failure to turn the festive shoppers into regular customers. Failure to buikld relationships with these new customers will be the big "missed …
Robert Jaques, 22 Jan 2004
The Register breaking news ain't got the knowledge

Intellect, the UK hi-tech trade association ,today gave the Government a slap on the wrist for failing to develop a coherent strategy supporting its stated objective of turning Britain into a knowledge-driven economy. The Government must develop a policy framework across Whitehall departments that is driven by No.10 and …
Robert Jaques, 21 Jan 2004

UK outsourcing flees abroad

Despite suffering a recent backlash from several high profile contract failures, outsourcing is firmly back in fashion with global businesses dramatically increasing IT and business process outsourcing (BPO) during 2003. According to research published today by Datamonitor, the total value of major global IT services …
Robert Jaques, 21 Jan 2004

In praise of outsourcing

Outsourcing will become ubiquitous within five years and has the potential to increase UK gross domestic product by a cool £16bn and close the country's productivity gap by 10 per cent. This upbeat assessment was voiced in a study published today by LogicaCMG which focuses on the macroeconomic impact of outsourcing in the UK. …
Robert Jaques, 19 Jan 2004

Brussels gets up to speed with IPv6

The European Commission is getting member states up to speed with the next-generation IPv6 Internet protocol by deploying the technology across its e-Infrastructure global research and education networks. Erkki Liikanen, the Commissioner in charge of IT policy, last week sang the praises of the protocol. In a speech in Brussels …
Robert Jaques, 19 Jan 2004
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FAST threatens jail for ‘misusing software’

The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST)is threating a harsh regime of punishments including jail for UK companies which it catches using unlicensed software. The new zero tolerance approach will see the federation participate in evidence-gathering and police raids on suspects' premises. The directors of any firm found " …
Robert Jaques, 17 Jan 2004
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UK e-tailers 'lose £300m' in Xmas sales

Top UK e-tailers are estimated to have lost more than £300 million over the busy Christmas shopping period because of flaky website performance. According to research which tracked 35 top retail sites over December, around ten per cent of the sites experienced "severe problems" with their performance and download times. Given …
Robert Jaques, 15 Jan 2004
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OFT intros simpler terms for Home Computing Initiative

The Office of Fair Trading has cut at least some of the red tape tangling up employers trying to implement schemes which allow staff to work from home using company PCs. OFT yesterday unveiled a consumer credit licence that will, for the first time, cover employers' Home Computing Initiative (HCI) schemes and allow firms to …
Robert Jaques, 15 Jan 2004

The end of the PC desktop is nigh

Within two years the majority of enterprises will have ditched desktop PCs in favour of laptops, tablets or thin clients. According to META Group, by 2006, only 45 per cent of corporate users will rely on a traditional desktop as their primary information device, while 40 per cent will mainly use a notebook or tablet PC. The …
Robert Jaques, 15 Jan 2004
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US players to shake up Europe's pricey WiFi scene

A fierce battle is looming to win the hearts, minds and wallets of the burgeoning army of European corporate WiFi road warriors. Although wireless roaming is still in its infancy, existing high service tariffs are likely to fall as competition heats up from North American market entrants, the latest report from London-based …
Robert Jaques, 14 Jan 2004

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