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A spot of Python in your Azure automation? Step right this way, sir

Microsoft this week announced something that may have surprised a few devs who'd seen it lurking in Azure for a while – Python 2 support has finally moved out of preview for Azure runbooks. A runbook is a sequence of operations to automate a routine job. Examples would be managing resources or restarting VMs. Some can be …
Richard Speed, 19 Sep 2018
Microsoft's Surface Hub

Microsoft's collaboration software Teams works on its collaboration hardware Surface Hub

Microsoft has finally made its Teams collaborative software available for the big-bastard-screen Surface Hub. The Microsoft Teams app has been in preview for a few months, available to those brave enough to add its jumped-up whiteboard to the Windows Insider programme. Now, assuming you've kept your Surface Hub relatively up …
Richard Speed, 19 Sep 2018
Two plasticine blobs against a garden landscape

Microsoft Azure gains Availability Zones and Immutable Blobs

Microsoft has announced two more Azure availability zones and hit the red button on Immutable Storage in what must have been a breathless few days for its Azure team. Keeping the Azure lights on The West US 2 and North Europe regions have gained Azure Availability Zones as Microsoft was still reeling from the discovery that …
Richard Speed, 19 Sep 2018
Ubunutu Enhanced Session Mode under Hyper-V

Click your heels, um, mouse thrice and you've quickly got Ubuntu on Hyper-V in Win 10 Pro

Windows 10 users have yet another way to run Linux, thanks to tighter integration between Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Microsoft's Hyper-V hypervisor. While creating a virtual machine using Hyper-V in Windows 10 is not a particularly arduous activity, the Fall Creators Update brought in a gallery of virtual machines to boot up on the …
Richard Speed, 19 Sep 2018

Microsoft tries a thinking cap on its cloud – voila, Dynamics 365 gets AI!

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 got a tickling by AI on Tuesday as the software giant announced new applications aimed at sales and those at the pointy end of customer service, as well as mixed reality demoware creeping closer to reality. Hit me with your AI stick Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s cloudy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) …
Richard Speed, 18 Sep 2018
Money cloud

Kick-Kaas: NetApp gobbles cloudy Kubernetes upstart StackPointCloud

NetApp has snapped up Kubernetes botherer StackPointCloud for an undisclosed sum in a deal that heralds the creation of the inspiringly named NetApp Kubernetes. Snapping up StackPointCloud, specialists in multi-cloud Kubernetes-as-a-service (KaaS) - because, let's face it, there just aren't enough acronyms in DevOps - gives …
Richard Speed, 18 Sep 2018
A woman in a fur coat looking surprised

Early bird access to .NET Framework 4.8? Microsoft, you spoil us

Not to be outdone by its upstart open-source sibling, .NET Core, the team behind the venerable .NET Framework has put out an Early Access version of version 4.8 with toys aplenty for developers. While .NET Core often captures the limelight, and the new Microsoft would point you at it for your cross-platform or lightweight …
Richard Speed, 18 Sep 2018
Voyager probe illustration

The Reg chats with Voyager Imaging Team member Dr Garry E Hunt

Interview It has been 41 years since the Voyager spacecraft left Earth to explore the outer solar system and, eventually, interstellar space. For the sole Brit on the Voyager imaging team, that journey began even earlier, in the 1960s, at Oxford University. Dr Garry E Hunt, then 26, had been working on atmospheric research at Oxford and …
Richard Speed, 18 Sep 2018
Lightning, photo via Shutterstock

Microsoft reveals train of mistakes that killed Azure in the South Central US 'incident'

Microsoft has published the preliminary findings for what it calls “the South Central US incident”, but what many will call “the day the Azure cloud fell from the sky” and it doesn’t make for happy reading. Thunder and lightning, very very frightening As is well known now, high energy storms hit Southern Texas early in the …
Richard Speed, 17 Sep 2018
Flatpak on WSL

App-y, app-y, joy, joy: Pain-free software installer Flatpak (kinda) works on Windows Subsystem for Linux

Windows Subsystem for Linux fans, rejoice! Flatpak can now ease your dependency blues. Sort of. Lead developer Alexander Larsson has announced that software package toolkit Flatpak now works on Windows (or rather the Windows Subsystem for Linux). After a fashion. But then where would Linux users be, if it were not for the need …
Richard Speed, 17 Sep 2018
EU flag photo via Shutterstock

Microsoft: 'So, we can buy GitHub?' EU: 'We'll tell you on 19 October'

Microsoft will find out on 19 October if EU regulators wave through its $7.5bn acquisition of GitHub, according to a filing published today. The filing, which was originally made on 14 September, makes a request for approval. EU competition regulators have until a provisional deadline of 19 October to either give the buyout …
Richard Speed, 17 Sep 2018
laughing colleagues in front of laptops

First 'issue-free' build of Windows 10 October 2018 Update arrives

While a certain fruit-based company hogged much of the limelight last week by seeing just how much cash could be wrung from fanbois, Microsoft found itself in the spotlight of shame. But Edge-pleading and build-encrypting weren't the only things that happened in the world of Windows. Quick fire fast and slow ring releases tease …
Richard Speed, 17 Sep 2018
Fingers measuring a tiny distance

Boffins ask for £338m to fund quantum research. Here's £80m

The UK Treasury has decided that £80m is perfectly sufficient to support quantum research – a quarter of a billion less than what was asked for. Norman Lamb MP, chair of the House of Commons' Science and Technology Committee, bemoaned some impressive underfunding by the Treasury in a letter (PDF) sent to the Chancellor of the …
Richard Speed, 17 Sep 2018
Command line icon

Microsoft adds Windows module support to PowerShell Core while Amazon unleashes it on Lambda

Microsoft has toasted Amazon announcing Lambda support for Powershell Core 6 by, er, flinging out version 6.1 in order to tempt Windows Powershell users into the open-source world. The big news in version 6.1, as the open-source version of PowerShell approaches its second anniversary, is the ability to run built-in Windows …
Richard Speed, 14 Sep 2018
Crazy guy with power tools

Russia: The hole in the ISS Soyuz lifeboat – was it the crew wot dunnit?

The whodunnit over the hole in one of the International Space Station's Soyuz lifeboats took a lurch for the surreal this week as reports in Russian media suggested a US astronaut may have deliberately drilled it so the crew could return home. We'll just let that sink in for a moment. The report said that an American …
Richard Speed, 14 Sep 2018
TypeScript is an open source project that lets you code in a superset of JavaScript

Microsoft tickles devs with a Release Candidate for TypeScript 3.1

As Ignite gets ever closer, Microsoft has unleashed a Release Candidate of the latest version of its jumped-up JavaScript, TypeScript. While Windows Insiders get all misty eyed about the words “Release Candidate”, developers can start getting serious about version 3.1, since its release is not far away. TypeScript is an open …
Richard Speed, 14 Sep 2018
editorial only image of Whitehall. Pic Daniel Gale/Shutterstock finally adds Galileo and Copernicus to the Brexit divorce bill

Nestled among the mass publication of no-deal guidance yesterday was the UK government's vision for the future of the Brit satellite and space programmes if the country falls out of the EU with no pact in March. The guidance is, unsurprisingly, grim. Galileo Billed as the EU's answer to the USA's GPS system, and aimed at …
Richard Speed, 14 Sep 2018
Hmmm illustration via Shutterstock

UK networks have 'no plans' to bring roaming fees back after Brexit

Seaside selfies from Spain may be a thing of the past if the UK waves buh-bye to Brussels without a Brexit deal. Brits have delighted in the ability to "Roam Like at Home" thanks to a bunch of EU regulations forcing carriers to allow their customers to call, text and use data without incurring heart-stopping surcharges. Data …
Richard Speed, 13 Sep 2018

Microsoft lights a fire under .NET Core teams, just in time for Ignite

Microsoft flung out updates to more of its development tech last night. It's almost as though there's a big conference coming up. .NET Core 2.2 Preview 2 .NET Core 2.2 got a bump to preview 2, which introduced little in the way of new functionality but did switch on tiered compilation. Tiered compilation was an option in .NET …
Richard Speed, 13 Sep 2018
Open barn door

Microsoft accidentally let encrypted Windows 10 out into the world

Windows Insiders eager to get their hands on next year's Microsoft OS were reminded last night that living on the bleeding edge can have its downsides: the update consumes RAM at a prodigious rate for some before falling over. It all began so well. Build 18237 was emitted with the usual degree of fanfare. Now given a …
Richard Speed, 13 Sep 2018
NASA Opportunity Rover on Mars (pic: NASA)

Martian weather has cleared at last: Now NASA's wondering, will Opportunity knock?

As skies clear over NASA's stricken Mars Rover, the clock has begun ticking for Opportunity to call home. A Martian storm, which engulfed NASA's solar-powered trundle-bot, Opportunity, is clearing, with boffins reporting that the amount of haze in the skies above the robot has finally dropped below 1.5 tau for two consecutive …
Richard Speed, 12 Sep 2018

C++ devs take a Step Back, let the UWP guy play with Visual Studio

Microsoft has served up a second preview of the next version of its Visual Studio 2017 product with new toys for UWP and C++ devs. Version 15.9 of Visual Studio inched a little closer to release last night as Microsoft released Preview 2 to developers brave enough to take the early code out for a spin. The release also hinted …
Richard Speed, 12 Sep 2018
Your ad here, on a movie screen

Microsoft: You don't want to use Edge? Are you sure? Really sure?

Updated Microsoft really wants you to use Edge in the latest Windows Insider builds, and the software giant is not afraid to let you know it. Windows Insider Sean Hoffman took to Twitter last night to express his displeasure at a pop-up shown by Windows 10 when he attempted to install an alternative browser. When he ran the Firefox …
Richard Speed, 12 Sep 2018
Irritated man looks at office desktop screen in frustration. Photo by Shutterstock

Xero needs a hero as business accounting site takes morning off

Online accounting outfit Xero, whose website suggests "reliable data" as a reason for using its wares, took some time out today to the distress of its customers. First reports of the New Zealand-based company's global outage rolled in during early morning as users in Australia found themselves unable to connect to Xero's …
Richard Speed, 12 Sep 2018

Chromebooks gain faff-free access to Windows file shares via Samba

Google’s Chrome OS tanks crept a little further onto Microsoft’s manicured enterprise lawns with hints that Windows file-share support will arrive out-of-the-box in an upcoming version of Chrome OS. Those brave enough to be on the Canary version of Chrome 70 already have the functionality, assuming the preview software stays …
Richard Speed, 12 Sep 2018

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