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Batman. Credit: DC Comics.

Rimini Street slapped with ban in Oracle copyright dispute

Oracle has won a permanent injunction against Rimini Street, banning it from controversial support practices that have been ruled a violation of copyright laws. The injunction (PDF), issued yesterday, means that the Nevada-based support biz can’t reproduce, prepare derivative works from, or distribute any of Oracle’s software …
Rebecca Hill, 16 Aug 2018
A digitized fingerprint

London fuzz to get 600 more mobile fingerprint scanners

London police are scaling up their use of mobile fingerprint scanners, with 600 shiny new devices due to be doled out by early 2019. The Metropolitan Police said the new devices – the software for which was developed in-house – would save about £200,000 in support costs each year, allowing many more cops to use them. Fewer …
Rebecca Hill, 15 Aug 2018
Distributed ledger tech - conceptual illustration

Boffins: Confusing distributed ledger tech definitions create 'unrealistic expectations' about what it can do

Poorly defined and inconsistent terminology for distributed ledger technology systems has led to misconceptions and unrealistic expectations, academics have said. In a published report, the University of Cambridge Judge Business School researchers propose a new formal definition – and say that using it would render a number of …
Rebecca Hill, 14 Aug 2018
NHS hosptial photo, by Marbury via Shutterstock

Database ballsup: NHS under pressure over fresh patient record error

The government is facing another NHS IT scandal, as it scrambles to confirm whether discrepancies between two databases have affected patient care. NHS England confirmed The Register that it was working to establish the impact of thousands of mismatches, which saw patient records present on one database and absent from another …
Rebecca Hill, 13 Aug 2018

UK's data watchdog picks privacy man from IBM arm as new tech policy exec

The UK’s data protection watchdog has chosen the managing director of an IBM-owned risk management biz, Promontory, to lead its technology policy and innovation team. QUIZZICAL LOOK What's an RDBMS? Don't ask the UK's data protection watchdog READ MORE Simon McDougall, a former Deloitte man, has been the global lead for …
Rebecca Hill, 13 Aug 2018
Man holds hand over mouth as he looks at monitor in a worried manner

Prank 'Give me a raise!' email nearly lands sysadmin with dismissal

Who, Me? Welcome again to Who, Me?, where we invite Reg readers to begin the week crossing their fingers it will be better than those of our featured techies. This week, meet "Damian", whose tale is a warning not to get too cocky when demonstrating a security glitch. Damian's tale is of a time when he was working as an admin …
Rebecca Hill, 13 Aug 2018

Oracle-botherer Rimini Street throws off credit shackles, plans 'aggressive' sales drive

Software support biz Rimini Street said it planned an "aggressive" investment in sales and marketing as it posted a 20 per cent boost in both revenues and client numbers. The thorn in Oracle’s side has previously complained that covenants in a refinancing deal had put a caps on its sales spending. But the firm's latest …
Rebecca Hill, 10 Aug 2018

NHS Digital to fling half a billion quid at new GP procurement framework

The NHS is planning an £450m overhaul of its outdated contractural framework used to supply IT systems and services to GP practices with a new, modular IT framework. NHS Digital has launched a prior information notice (PDF) to launch market engagement activities for a GP IT Framework. This will provide a contract mechanism for …
Rebecca Hill, 10 Aug 2018
HMRC photo via Shutterstock

UK taxman told: IR35 still isn't working in the public sector, and you want to take it private?

The UK's taxman, HMRC, is under pressure to rethink "short-sighted" plans to extend IR35 tax reforms to the private sector and scrap its "unfit" assessment tool as a consultation on the matter closes today. The government is tightening up tax rules on off-payroll working to squeeze contractors for a bit more cash. Broadly, it …
Rebecca Hill, 10 Aug 2018
smoky backdrop emergency corridor

Phased out: IT architect plugs hole in clean-freak admin's wiring design

On-Call Welcome again to On-Call, El Reg's weekly column that offers readers the chance to vent about their co-workers' ineptitude. This week, meet "Oscar", who tells us about the time he had to clean up after an overly tidy sysadmin. At the time, he was working as a consultant and IT architect for a government customer that was …
Rebecca Hill, 10 Aug 2018
Young girl feeling bored in passenger seat of car

Hortonworks revenues up 40%: Mum, are we nearly profitable yet?

Hortonworks, once criticised for burning through cash, has reported a fair second 2018 quarter, with revenues up 40 per cent and net losses down 27 per cent. The results indicate the OG Hadoop-flinger is on the way to make good on promises of profitability. For the three months ended 30 June, revenues were up 39.6 per cent on …
Rebecca Hill, 8 Aug 2018
Two businessmen facing each other shouting into loudhailers

Salesforce takes leaf out of Oracle's book to forge little co-CEO bromance

Salesforce chief operating officer Keith Block is to become co-CEO with Mark Benioff, in a move echoing their former employer Oracle's setup. Benioff founded the CRM giant in 1999, having spent the previous 13 years under Larry Ellison's wing at Big Red, and has been sole CEO since then. However, last night the firm revealed …
Rebecca Hill, 8 Aug 2018
Kid raising hand in school to tech industry: Hands up who can help cut teachers' admin

The British government has admitted teachers need help tackling lesson workloads and admin burdens – but wants tech firms to fix the problem. In a speech to the World Education Forum, education secretary Damian Hinds called on the industry to revolutionise UK schooling. His department is looking to startups and Silicon Valley …
Rebecca Hill, 8 Aug 2018

Oracle's JEDI mine trick: IT giant sticks a bomb under Pentagon's $10bn single-vendor cloud plan

Oracle has filed an official complaint with US government over plans to award the Pentagon’s lucrative cloud contract to a single vendor. The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract, which has a massive scope, covering different levels of secrecy and classification across all branches of the military, will run …
Rebecca Hill, 7 Aug 2018
TOKYO, JAPAN. 2018 July 24th. Under Construction Building of New Olympic Arena, at 2020 Tokyo. Pic: Shutterstock/sl yellow

Facial recognition tech to be used on Olympians and staff at Tokyo 2020

Automated facial recognition systems from Japanese biz NEC will be used on staffers and athletes at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The technology – which is not without its detractors in the UK – was demonstrated at a media event in the city today. It will require athletes, staff, volunteers and the press to submit their …
Rebecca Hill, 7 Aug 2018
I quit

UK govt's top tech heavyweight Maxwell quits for Amazon job

Exclusive The UK government’s top tech adviser Liam Maxwell is to swap public life for the private sector, with a global role at tax-efficient cloud titan Amazon Web Services, The Register can reveal. Maxwell – who currently holds the title of national tech advisor to the government, and before that was the first CTO for Government …
NBN fixed wireless tower near Ballarat

Rights groups challenge UK cops over refusal to hand over info on IMSI catchers

British cops' efforts to keep schtum about their use of IMSI grabbers to snoop on people's mobile phones is to be challenged in court. Five UK police forces are known to have purchased the equipment – which mimics mobile phone towers to connect with devices – but groups seeking further details have hit a brick wall, as cops …
Rebecca Hill, 7 Aug 2018

Wipro hands $75m to National Grid US after botched SAP upgrade

IT consultancy Wipro has paid National Grid US $75m to settle a lawsuit over a botched SAP implementation that cost the utility firm hundreds of millions to fix. National Grid US, which supplies electricity and gas in Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island, wanted to replace legacy back-office systems with a SAP platform. It …
Rebecca Hill, 6 Aug 2018

World+dog did 107% more tech, telco and media deals this year so far

Mergers and takeovers in the tech and telco sector increased 107 per cent in the first half of 2018, compared with the same period in 2017, according to analysts. Mergermarket said the total global deal value for technology, media and telecom sectors was $371.1bn in the first half of the year – despite the collapse of some …
Rebecca Hill, 6 Aug 2018
Road closed sign

'Can you just pop in to the office and hit the power button?' 'Not really... the G8 is on'

Who, Me? Monday, bloody Monday. If you haven't quite recovered from the weekend, just thank your lucky stars there aren’t any major global diplomatic events to tangle with today. Unlike this week’s IT sinner, “Peter”, who writes in to El Reg’s regular confessional column Who, Me? to get an old incident off his chest. At the time in …
Rebecca Hill, 6 Aug 2018
Man tries to keep phone as police grab it from him

Probe Brit police phone-peeking plans, privacy peeps plead

The UK's snooping watchdog has been urged to investigate whether the country's coppers have a legal basis to suck up mobile phone data – or if it would constitute state hacking. Privacy International said it had made a formal complaint about the lack of legal clarity around the police's ability to slurp data off people's …
Rebecca Hill, 3 Aug 2018
US Supreme Court

Oracle tells US Supremes: Ignore Rimini Street. You don't need to review copyright case

Oracle has said support biz Rimini Street is invoking a "shallow and stale" circuit court split that doesn't merit the Supreme Court's attention in a bid to claw back cash it isn't owed. The latest in the years-long legal wrangling between the two comes after Rimini Street filed a petition with the top US court, as it tries to …
Rebecca Hill, 3 Aug 2018
A man holds his heart, looks honest

Grad sends warning to manager: Be nice to our kit and it'll be nice to you

On-Call Friday has come around once more, which means we at El Reg get to regale you, dear reader, with tech support tales of the great and good in our weekly On-Call column. This time, we travel back to the start of the decade with “Mike”, then a fresh-faced grad holding a keen belief in good manners, and a taste for the mischievous …
Rebecca Hill, 3 Aug 2018
Pushy young salesman business man advertising his best product on a phone

UK comms revenues reach all-time low of £54.7bn, as internet kills the TV star

Communications revenues in the UK reached their lowest point in 2017, falling 2.1 per cent to £54.7bn, while people are ditching calls and texts for over-the-top messaging, according to Ofcom. In its annual state of the communications market report, the comms regulator said that the decline was due to contracting TV revenues, …
Rebecca Hill, 2 Aug 2018
Oracle acrobatics in the cloud

Amazon, ditch us? But they can't do without us – Oracle

Amazon is reportedly planning to stop relying on cloud rival Oracle’s database software entirely by early 2020. Rumours that Jeff Bezos’ firm is attempting to free itself from Big Red have been circling for some time, but according to reports in CNBC today, the end is almost in sight. The US outlet, citing inside sources, …
Rebecca Hill, 2 Aug 2018

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