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HP Ink should cough up $1.5m for bricking printers using unofficial cartridges – lawsuit

HP Inc customers in the US have asked a California court to sign off on a $1.5m settlement over a firmware update that bricked printers using third-party ink cartridges. Back in 2016, the print and PC business released an update that was programmed to disable cartridges made by third-party suppliers – after 13 September that …
Rebecca Hill, 21 Sep 2018

Adobe forks out $4.75bn for Marketo in massive marketing mashup move

Adobe has forked out $4.75bn for cloudy software-as-a-service biz Marketo, in one of the largest marketing tech buys to date. The transaction, which was first mooted last week, was confirmed today and puts Adobe in a position to compete for enterprise customers in the marketing automation playing field. The near-$5bn price …
Rebecca Hill, 21 Sep 2018
Police image via Shutterstock

UK cops run machine learning trials on live police operations. Unregulated. What could go wrong? – report

The use of machine learning algorithms by UK police forces is unregulated, with little research or evidence that new systems work, a report has said. The police, not wanting to get left behind in the march of progress or miss out on an opportunity to save some pennies, are keen to test out new technologies. But the …
Rebecca Hill, 21 Sep 2018
staffer props head on pile of books as he clicks a mouse and fights sleep

Spent your week box-ticking? It can't be as bad as the folk at this firm

On-Call Friday has rolled around, regular as clockwork, and we celebrate the end of the week in the time-honoured way: On-Call, our regular column for techies to vent about frustrations from days gone by. This week we meet “Chuck”, who – unlike most of our featured readers – wasn’t tasked with fixing this particular problem… because …
Rebecca Hill, 21 Sep 2018

ServiceNow confirms relational-ship with MariaDB: We're protecting our toolchain

Platform-as-a-service pusher ServiceNow is backing MySQL upstart MariaDB, injecting cash into its coffers and staffers onto its board, partly to protect its own investment as a customer of the database biz. The Finnish database company, founded by MySQL creator Monty Widenius in 2009, has pulled in some $98.2m in funding to …
Rebecca Hill, 20 Sep 2018

Tech to solve post-Brexit customs woes doesn't exist yet, peers say

The UK’s post-Brexit customs arrangements have today come under even greater pressure, as peers warned the tech doesn’t exist to back up the plans. In its proclamations about future customs arrangements, the British government has repeatedly leaned on the idea that “new technology” will solve its border-related woes. But that …
Rebecca Hill, 20 Sep 2018
Woman kicks off shoes, gets bottle of wine, collapses onto couch

Effortful, tiresome, laborious: Couchbase says latest data platform release can sack off ETL

NoSQL database biz Couchbase has promised administrators its latest release will allow them to ditch the laborious extract, transform and load (ETL) process, and analyse info directly from the database. Couchbase Server 6.0, announced today at the firm's Connect conference and due for general availability in Q4 of 2018, is the …
Rebecca Hill, 19 Sep 2018
Young "creatives" whip out their mobile phones. Photo by Shutterstock

Brits pay £490m extra for mobes they already own – Citizens Advice

Brits forked out £490m extra on their last mobile phone contract because of bundled handset charges that continued long after the device was paid for, Citizens Advice has said. The charity today slammed networks that allow customers to stay locked into higher-cost agreements. It analysed more than 700 phone tariffs from EE, …
Rebecca Hill, 19 Sep 2018
disgusted man in suit refuses money

Apple hands €14.3bn in back taxes to reluctant Ireland

Apple has paid the Irish government €14.3bn in back taxes after the European Commission ruled that arrangements between the pair had broken the state aid rules. Competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager ordered the Cupertino firm to pay up the €13.1bn plus interest two years ago after an investigation ruled the emerald isle …
Rebecca Hill, 19 Sep 2018

London tipped to lead European data market. Yes, despite Brexit!

London will remain the most important European market for data, according to a report from data centre giant Equinix – even with Brexit looming and Frankfurt catching up. The firm yesterday published its second annual Global Interconnection Index, which measures global traffic exchange, interconnection, or direct and private …
Rebecca Hill, 19 Sep 2018

SAP claims to be first Euro biz to get seriously ethical about AI code

SAP has created an AI ethics panel to guide its use of machine-learning technology. If only it had a similar committee for fraud allegations: it might have avoided the corruption scandal engulfing it in South Africa. The German ERP giant – which is accused of kicking back $2m to secure state contracts – claimed it is the first …
Rebecca Hill, 19 Sep 2018
Man throws briefcase in the air happily on the beach. Photo by Shutterstock

Biz! Formerly! Known! As! Yahoo! Settles! Data! Breach! Cases! To! The! Tune! Of! $47m!

The company formerly known as Yahoo! is close to settling cases related to the mammoth data security breach it covered up almost four years ago at a cost of around $47m. In its latest SEC filing, Altaba, as Yahoo is now known, said various legal actions spawned by the 2014 attack were nearly resolved. Yahoo! execs knew that …
Rebecca Hill, 18 Sep 2018
A door in the middle of a landscape

Scrapping UK visa cap on nurses, doctors opened Britain's doors to IT workers

The number of overseas IT workers turned away from jobs they were offered in the UK fell 68 per cent in the month after the UK government removed nurses and doctors from an immigration cap. Home secretary Sajid Javid tweaked the rules for skilled workers entering the UK from outside the European Union via the Tier 2 (General) …
Rebecca Hill, 18 Sep 2018
staff in office frantic with paperwork isn't ready for no-deal Brexit – and 'secrecy' means businesses won't be either

The UK government has left its preparation for a no-deal Brexit too late, while secrecy around negotiations has left businesses unable to prepare, a report has said. The latest missive to slam the government’s preparedness for the UK’s departure from the European Union comes from the Institute for Government think tank. …
Rebecca Hill, 17 Sep 2018
Funnel of cash. Credit: via SXC –

Amazon probes alleged bribery of staffers for data on e-tail platform

Amazon is investigating reports that its retail employees are selling internal data and reviewers' email addresses to merchants that want to game the system. The allegations, reported by The Wall Street Journal yesterday, come from insiders at Jeff Bezos' firm and sellers who said they had been offered, or purchased, such data …
Rebecca Hill, 17 Sep 2018

Leeds hospital launches campaign to 'axe the fax'

Leeds hospital is bragging about a major IT project that would set it apart from the wider NHS – it plans to "axe the fax" by the new year. A report from the Royal College of Surgeons earlier this year found there were more than 8,000 fax machines loitering in NHS trusts across the UK. Reg readers were aghast. Leeds Teaching …
Rebecca Hill, 17 Sep 2018
Pointing finger, photo via Shutterstock

NHS smacks down hundreds of staffers for dodgy use of social media, messaging apps

More than a thousand NHS staffers have been slapped down for their use of social media and apps since 2013, with some even posting about patients. According to figures released under Freedom of Information laws, at least 65 workers in the UK's National Health Service have lost their jobs because of the incidents. The Times …
Rebecca Hill, 17 Sep 2018
man in tie eats slice of pizza, looks sad while doing so

Sysadmin misses out on paycheck after student test runs amok

Who, Me? Welcome once more to the world of Who, Me? – El Reg's weekly trip down memory lane with our dear readers. This week, our confessional column is taking a trip back to a college in the late ‘80s, with “Bryan”. While Bryan was at college, he was simulating a communication channel for binary data, which he described thus: “Take a …
Rebecca Hill, 17 Sep 2018
Female programmer working in office

Git it girl! Academy tries to tempt women into coding with free course

The Makers Academy has emitted a free programming guide and launched an apprenticeship scheme that it hopes will convince women to consider a career change as the tech sector's gender gap widens. To mark the start of National Coding Week, the school, based in East London, England, also warned today that a decline in female …
Rebecca Hill, 17 Sep 2018

A basement of broken kit, zero budget – now get the team running

On Call Friday is here again, bringing with it the ferreting for loose change to pay the beer bill – and, of course, On Call, our weekly column in which readers tell us how they dealt with a tech support drama. This week, we meet "Hugh", whose tale of "make do and mend" landed in some rather hot water. Hugh worked at a major non- …
Rebecca Hill, 14 Sep 2018

SAP faces further South African corruption probe

SAP faces further investigations as part of the corruption scandal that has tainted its South African operation, amid reports of a $2m kickback paid for a state contract with the firm. The German ERP giant earlier this year admitted irregularities and misconduct in the nation after a major probe related to deals with state-run …
Rebecca Hill, 13 Sep 2018
Michel Barnier, chief EU Brexit negotiator tells companies to draft contracts for data flows just in case they screw up Brexit

The UK government has told companies to start drawing up standard contractural clauses for data transfers in case of a no-deal Brexit. The warning comes in latest batch of technical notices released to allow organisations to prepare for the event it doesn't manage to negotiate exit terms with the European Union before March …
Rebecca Hill, 13 Sep 2018
Man furtively types on laptop in server room

Top Euro court: UK's former snooping regime breached human rights

The UK government breached human rights rules by failing to ensure proper oversight of its mass surveillance programmes, according to the European Court of Human Rights. In a judgment handed down today, the court said the safeguards within the government's system for bulk interception of communication were not robust enough to …
Rebecca Hill, 13 Sep 2018
Man stroking his chin deep in thought

Gartner: Governments want to be digital, but just can't scale it up

Government digital initiatives are limping behind other industries – and the public sector is more likely to outsource for help, according to analyst firm Gartner. Although government bods in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, India and Singapore polled by the firm claimed that digital was high on their agendas, their ability …
Rebecca Hill, 12 Sep 2018
Infinite stockpile of tinned food

We're doomed: Defra's having a cow over its Brexit IT preparations

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs isn't ready for a no-deal Brexit, and hasn't ensured new IT systems will be capable of dealing with future demand, the UK's spending watchdog has warned. In a report on Defra's progress in implementing Brexit, published today, the National Audit Office said the department …
Rebecca Hill, 12 Sep 2018

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