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Creative Zen Vision personal video player

Review We might not like the idea, but manufacturers around the world are intent on telling us that we must and will watch movies on the go. One of the first companies to try and get you to swallow this mantra was Creative, and its latest attempt is its update to the Portable Media Center, the Zen Vision, writes Stuart Miles. …
Pocket Lint, 1 Nov 2005
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Navman iCN 320 low-cost GPS navigator

Review Navman iCN 320 Navman is hoping to win back business from its PDA-based GPS rivals by creating a new range of budget units that offer a scaled down version of its advanced rigs but at a fraction of the cost. One of the first, the Navman iCN 320 is for the GPS newcomer. There's no large touchscreen, and everything is controlled …
Pocket Lint, 23 Sep 2005
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HP iPaq hw6515 Mobile Messenger

Review Just as the great unwashed now think that all MP3 players are called an iPod, so there was a time when all handheld devices were simply known as iPaqs. This must have annoyed most vendors, especially Palm, but HP was never heard to complain, writes Stephen Patrick. HP iPaq hw6515 Now, the company is attempting to do the same …
Pocket Lint, 15 Sep 2005
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Toshiba Libretto U100 ultraportable notebook

Review Toshiba has been designing and manufacturing notebooks for 20 years, starting with the T110 in 1985, which weighed in at over 7kg, had a battery life of 60m and possessed a green screen. To celebrate, the company has chosen to revive one of its older ultraportable lines, in the form of the Toshiba Libretto U100. Initially there …
Pocket Lint, 16 Aug 2005
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ACECAD DigiMemo A501 digital notepad

Review It's been given loads of different names, but my favourite is 'Gerard's syndrome', named after a chap I used to work with. This office-bound ailment is the pest of many an over-worked office type, who spends so much time in meetings, feverishly scribbling down notes, that they never have time to write them all up or action any …
Pocket Lint, 9 Aug 2005
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Fujifilm FinePix Z1

Review The Z1 features the same CCD technology found in the FinePix F10 - SuperCCD HR technology - providing 5.1 megapixel resolution in an extremely svelte package. The camera is so thin because it incorporates a lens with folded optics that enable a non-extending 3x optical zoom lens to be crammed within its body; it's similar to the …
Pocket Lint, 2 Aug 2005
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Epson Stylus Photo R320 printer

Review Epson Stylus Photo R320 Epson's latest entry into the photo printer market helps fill the gap between its R800 and R200 models with an update of the R300. The Epson Stylus Photo R320 comes complete with a new, colour screen and memory card slots for 13 of the most popular card formats, including xD, SmartMedia, Memory Stick - …
Pocket Lint, 28 Jul 2005
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HP Photosmart 385 compact printer

Review When HP launched its portable PhotoSmart Printer range last year we were very impressed. The print quality was good, the portability great and the overall packages top notch. A year on and there's another model in the range, the 385. Does the new model add anything to the mix? asks Stuart Miles. HP PhotoSmart 385 On the …
Pocket Lint, 27 Jul 2005
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Fuji FinePix F10 Zoom digicam

Review The F10 boasts the companies new, 1/1.7in Super CCD HR sensor that uses a full 6.3m gross pixels rather than the interpolated, dual-pixel elements of yore. Fujifilm's Super CCD technology has been with us for some time now and it just keeps getting better. To prove the point the F10 has its best incarnation yet in a camera of …
Pocket Lint, 12 Jul 2005
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Sony Ericsson K750i

Review It seems that Sony Ericsson has been hard at work on their latest batch of handsets, recently announcing no fewer than seven new models. Always the chameleon, Sony Ericsson seems to have perfected the art of squeezing the same technology into suitably different shells, so that four of the handsets being cat-walked were in fact …
Pocket Lint, 8 Jul 2005
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Canon IXUS 700 seven megapixel digicam

Review Before you even think about buying this camera you have to ask yourself one key question: do you really need seven million pixels in a compact digital camera? That's what the IXUS 700 offers: a seven megapixel resolution in a body the size of a bar of soap. Canon Digital IXUS 700 So you've decided that you might you might need …
Pocket Lint, 6 Jul 2005
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Samsung E720 MP3 phone

Review Samsung knows how to pack small handsets with lots of features and the E720 clamshell phone is no exception. It is one of the few new handsets to offer extra features without a penalty when it comes to size, writes Debbie Davies. Samsung E720 The stylish, two-tone phone weighs a tiny 90g and measures 9 x 4.5 x 2.3cm. It fits …
Pocket Lint, 24 Jun 2005
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Epson R-D1 digital Rangefinder

Review Nothing can quite prepare you for the experience of using the R-D1, a digital camera with a distinctly 'film' feel. The R-D1 uses a combination of full manual controls gleaned from the camera's adapted Cosina/Voigtlander 'Bessa' film rangefinder body, spiced up with Epson co-developed digital elements that create a unique camera …
Pocket Lint, 22 Jun 2005
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Focal iCub iPod 2.1 speaker set

Review With demand for iPod accessories reaching fever pitch it seems there's no stopping manufacturers from claiming their generic audio products are really for the add-on market. French outfit Focal seems to have taken this claim to the extreme with the iCub, a high-end 2.1 speaker system it's pitching at MP3 player owners. Focal …
Pocket Lint, 17 Jun 2005
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NHJ VTV-201 wrist TV

Review Nothing says 'gadget' quite like a watch that does more than tell the time. Yet nothing wastes time like watching TV. So a watch that's a TV too makes for a rather interesting paradox, writes Charlie Brewer. NHJ VTV-201 wristwatch TV Newly arrived in the UK, Japanese consumer technology company NHJ is treating us to the next …
Pocket Lint, 15 Jun 2005
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Nokia 6680 3G phone

Review I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Nokia 6680 for quite some time. I'm one of the many people to be more than a little disappointed with the 6630, Nokia's first UK 3G offering. It was riddled with bugs. Even after all the software updates, it failed to live up to most expectations. Enter the 6680, a sleeker, more …
Pocket Lint, 10 Jun 2005
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Canon IXUS 50 digicam

Review Playing about with colours is something most of us do after we have transferred digital pictures from camera to computer. Now you can do it on your camera before you start shooting. Canon's IXUS 50 introduces a new usage mode, My Colors. The balance between red, green and blue can be altered, skin can be given pale or tanned …
Pocket Lint, 8 Jun 2005
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Rio CE2100 2.5GB MP3 player

Review When Rio launched the CE2100 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, the internet was awash with excitement. As a 2.5GB hard drive-based player in a small casing and with 20 hours of playback, what was not to like? Despite that buzz, five months in the world of the gadget industry is a long, long time, writes …
Pocket Lint, 26 May 2005
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Epson P-2000 Multimedia Storage Viewer

Review The P-2000 looks like a pure indulgence when you take it from the box and turn it on for the first time. The 3.8in display is simply sublime. Looking a bit like a bloated PDA, the P-2000 contains a 40GB disk within its finely built, 14.7 x 8.4 x 3.1cm, 415g form, writes Doug Harman. Epson P2000 Photo Viewer A range of simple …
Pocket Lint, 10 May 2005
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Phobile retro mobile phone headset

Review Following on from the huge success and notoriety of the Pokia handsets, online store has jumped on the bandwagon and released a cheaper version it calls the Phobile, writes Stuart Miles. Phobile headset spacer Unlike its Pokia siblings which are custom made from original handsets and then sold for vast amounts of …
Pocket Lint, 6 May 2005
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Nokia 7710 smart phone

Review More than two years after it was originally demo'd Nokia has finally got its 7710 media phone to market. Was it worth the wait? asks Ian Hughes. Nokia 7710 smart phone "Whoa, big fella!" were my exact words on opening the box (read: 'trunk') that the 7710 arrived in, swiftly followed by, "what is it?" The 7710 is a beast of a …
Pocket Lint, 28 Apr 2005
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Sony DSC-T7 digital camera

Review Sony's latest digital compact is even smaller than the last one. Following in the footsteps of the T3 and T5, the DSC-T7 promises great photographs from an ultra-thin body, but can it really achieve what it promises? asks Stuart Miles. Sony DSC-T7 digital camera The camera is, without a doubt, compact. It measures just 9.2 x 6 …
Pocket Lint, 25 Apr 2005
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Belkin iPod Digital Camera Link

Review You're a digital photographer, you're out in the field and you've just filled up your CompactFlash, SD card or whatever storage format you happen to be using. That's it, you can't take any more pictures unless you delete some first, writes Stuart Miles. Belkin iPod Digital Camera Link The Belkin Digital Camera Link hopes to …
Pocket Lint, 14 Apr 2005
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Gizmondo handheld games console

Review I want to be nice, I really do, and I want to like the Gizmondo, because it's brave for an independent company to try and launch a handheld games device at the same time as Nintendo and Sony are slugging it out for mobile market supremacy. I'll praise the design by Rick Dickinson, the man who brought us the Sinclair Spectrum, I' …
Pocket Lint, 8 Apr 2005
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Mio 268 GPS navigation system

Review The price of satellite navigation kit is has fallen to an affordable level, but does this mean corners have been cut? I put the latest entry-level GPS from Mio to the ultimate test: a British Easter Bank Holiday weekend, writes Stuart Miles. Mio 268 GPS Navigation System Bank Holiday driving is horrible at the best of times. …
Pocket Lint, 7 Apr 2005

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