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Keep backup simple and do it well

Comment There is really nothing much to backing up data - or there shouldn't be. The trouble is there is so much of it to back up these days and, with 24/7 working, no longer an opportunity just to shut down until the job is finished. Then, for a large enterprise at least, there is the possibility of gathering data across a large …
Peter Williams, 11 Jun 2007
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Trouble looms for enterprises who don't know what storage they've got

Try asking enterprise executives what policies they have in place to ensure legislative compliance for their information. If you get a positive reply, be very sceptical; a negative reply probably represents more realism. Compliance is becoming a bogeyman for some of the big enterprises after recent debacles where requested …
Peter Williams, 17 May 2007

Prediction: one day you will reduce total storage

I have sometimes asked what some see as a daft question concerning storage: “When is someone going to come up with a solution that will completely stop storage growth rather than just slowing it down a little?” Usually, the response is a deafening silence. But I predict: one day your organisation WILL reduce its total storage …
Peter Williams, 12 Feb 2007

Blade innovations highlight energy efficiency opportunities

Pressures are growing for greater energy efficiency on the back of increasing concerns over the effects of global warming and likely energy shortages. Data centres are big energy users of course, drawing on lots of power not just to run the servers and systems but also to cool down the environment as they generate heat by the …
Peter Williams, 11 Jan 2007

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