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McKinnon warns off fledgling hackers as hearing looms

Gary McKinnon, the British hacker facing an extradition hearing in nine days time has warned other hacking wannabees not to follow his example. McKinnon, who faces a possible 72 years in a US prison if he is forced to stand trial in America for entering over 53 US military computer systems, is terrified by the prospect. "I was …
Peter Warren, 18 Jul 2005

UK trojan siege has been running over a year

One of the UK's most secretive security organisations is hunting down a gang of high tech criminals in the Far East that has been attacking the computer systems of Government departments and multi-national companies to steal secrets. The gang, which many experts say is either being headed up by a computer master criminal or a …
Peter Warren, 17 Jun 2005

Dirty PCs fuel hospital super bugs

Scientists in the US have linked the spread of the hospital super bug MRSA to a sharp increase in the use of technology in hospitals. Researchers working in hospitals have found that the deadly bacteria clings to the keys of the computer keyboards used to update patient records and therefore can re-infect the hands of staff …
Peter Warren, 26 May 2005
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UK police tackle mounting internet porn caseload

British police are refining their crackdown on internet paedophiles as a swelling caseload of offences involving the downloading of images of child abuse pushes computer forensics teams to their limits. According to police sources over 300 people a month are still being referred to special police paedophile units. This is …
Peter Warren, 22 Apr 2005
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Mission Impossible at the Sumitomo Bank

The investigation into the attempt to steal an estimated £220m from the Sumitomo Mitsui Bank in the City of London is focusing on a hi-tech plot using members of the cleaning staff and bugging devices. In an Mission Impossible-style scam, it was claimed last night, some cleaning staff placed hardware bugs onto the keyboard …

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