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One day my mobile apps prince will come

Mobile Business Expo The mobile applications market is poised to take off with the emergence of devices like the iPhone, faster wireless networks and web services - but independent software vendors (ISVs) are asleep at the wheel. That was the consensus of a panel of Motorola, BlackBerry and AT&T executives at the Mobile Business Expo in New York …
Paula Rooney, 29 Oct 2007

World's toughest jobs: Microsoft's interoperability chief

Interop He's faced with the unenviable task of convincing the world that Microsoft wants to play nicely with competitors - and also convincing the troops and top management that it's worth it. "It's a mixed bag," said Tom Robertson, general manager of interoperability and standards at Microsoft, when asked after his keynote at Interop …
Paula Rooney, 25 Oct 2007
Google flocks to Google Apps

Interop Rapid innovation, not big R&D dollars, is driving adoption of Google apps at 1,500 new small-to-medium business customer sites per day and a few big companies such as Proctor & Gamble and GE. That's the message from Matthew Glotzbach, head of products at Google Enterprise, who during his Interop keynote ignored the existence of …
Paula Rooney, 24 Oct 2007
Xen logo

XenSource preaches the joy of platform virtualization

Interop The virtualization hypervisor belongs in server hardware - not in the operating system. So says Xensource, friend and partner of the operating system giants Microsoft, Red Hat and Novell. "Hypervisor will be delivered in hardware. In my view, it's a separate layer [from the operating system] because it's part of the box," …
Paula Rooney, 24 Oct 2007
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Curl mounts Silverlight and AIR challenge

Curl, the rich programming language specialist back from obscurity, is turning to open source to gain a foothold in rich internet applications (RIA). The company, founded on MIT research and that burned through its cash during the last internet bubble leading to a $1.5m acquisition, has said it plans to open source the Curl …
Paula Rooney, 10 Oct 2007

Adobe claims RIA completeness

Adobe has been getting ahead of itself, hinting at features in future versions of its is Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) development environment while claiming its yet-to-launch platform is now feature complete. Opening its Max 2007 conference, Adobe claimed to have made significant progress on its Rich Internet Application ( …
Paula Rooney, 1 Oct 2007
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Boffins: Dark times for application development

You know it's bad when two top programmers at different conferences in a two-week period say we're in the dark ages of software development. Speaking at MIT's Emerging Technologies conference in Cambridge last week, Charles Simonyi - creator of Microsoft Office, friend of Bill Gates (and Martha Stewart - thanks ZDNet's Dan …
Paula Rooney, 1 Oct 2007

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