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'Swiss DMCA' fears overblown, says copyright authority

A petition to repeal Switzerland's new copyright law, described as "brutal" by and hotly debated on Slashdot, was dismissed yesterday as groundless and misguided by the Swiss copyright collecting authority, SUISA. The petition's submitter, however, claims a rewrite is needed to clarify the law's true scope. …
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Proposed blogging law outrages Italian netizens

Italian bloggers may be required to register with a national database, unless an ambiguously-worded new law is amended before it comes into force. Widespread outrage among bloggers and IT-savvy journalists has reached the mainstream press, and the government now appears to be keen to revise a draft law which has led politician …
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Italian MSN search engine caught in Vatican smear

Italians attempting, for whatever reason, to do an MSN search on the word "merda" (shit) are being referred to a whiter-than-white Vatican website. Indeed, said search delivers as its first choice. Suffice it to say that is a website belonging to the Congregation for the Clergy, which "suggests and …
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On the Beastie Boys 'virus' CD

Review Widely-circulated claims that the Beastie Boys' new album To the 5 Boroughs exhibits virus-like copy-control behaviour are unfounded, according to tests. EMI's statement regarding these claims, however, is incorrect, since the album does install software if played on a Windows PC. The tests also show that the copy control system …
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Italian police raiding P2P users – not!

Italian Net users are in panic mode after leading newspaper and website published an article last week claiming that the Guardia di Finanza (tax police) is prosecuting over 3,000 P2P users for illegal file sharing, staging a massive raid. The article has since been picked up by all media outlets, including national …

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