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Review The flat-panel market has traditionally been out of bounds to the consumer. But while individuals with bottomless bank accounts will continue to set their sights on the larger 17in and 18in models, a basic 15in flat-panel can now be snapped up for the same price as a quality 19in CRT monitor. Or even less perhaps - pound for …
PC Advisor, 21 Sep 2001
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TerraCam USB TerraTec

Review Some webcams try to incorporate all the functionality of small digital cameras. They come with batteries and internal memory, so they don't have to be tethered to a PC. These additions push the price up and often result in a product that's a bad digital camera with webcam capabilities rather than a value-for-money webcam. The …
PC Advisor, 20 Sep 2001
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Hitachi CML170

Review Saving desk space is a good reason for buying a flat-panel monitor, but for some it's about making a fashion statement. With that in mind, the attractive midnight blue Hitachi CML170 makes an instant impression and should rise to the top of many a wish-list. Of course, we wouldn't recommend that you purchase any PC product on …
PC Advisor, 18 Sep 2001
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Wacom Graphire2

Review Home PC users increasingly have access to graphics software previously only available to professional designers. Now the high-end accessories used by computer artists and CAD (computer-aided design) users are also becoming affordable options for consumers. The Graphire2, comprising cordless mouse, pen and pad, is one such tool …
PC Advisor, 17 Sep 2001
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Guillemot Thrustmaster Top Gun Fox 2 Pro

Review Some games are more sensitive than others, with USAF ranking highly in this department - try to play it with a Microsoft SideWinder Pro and you'll end up eating a fair amount of tarmac. It's a fine contender, then, to put the Top Gun Fox 2 Pro through its paces. Control of the game was significantly easier than with the …
PC Advisor, 13 Sep 2001
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Trust Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter 100V

Review Our homes are gradually filling up with a multitude of entertainment systems and computer devices. While this is welcome, the cables they require are not. Getting devices to communicate without cumbersome cabling not only eases installation it also makes for a tidier house. Trust's wireless kit is designed for precisely this …
PC Advisor, 12 Sep 2001
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Rock Agenda Si

Review Rock is best known for offering speedy performance at a competitive price. The Agenda Si breaks with this tradition, but with this expensive price tag comes a top-notch specification, and it's well worth a look as a serious desktop replacement. While the 1GHz Pentium III processor is only average, the 384MB of RAM isn't. The Si …
PC Advisor, 10 Sep 2001
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Acer TravelMate 210

Review Acer is a big player in the notebook market, making products for many better-known brands. And, despite a fat-cat customer base, it also has some genuine bargains for the more cost-conscious buyer. We tested the TravelMate 210, one of Acer's low-cost models, to see what sort of a notebook you get for under £650. As you might …
PC Advisor, 7 Sep 2001
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Atlas Flyer 3400

Review The Atlas Flyer lives up to its name, swooping in to beat all rivals with a blistering WorldBench score and a ridiculously low price tag. It comes with a 1GHz Pentium III flip-chip processor twinned with 256MB of RAM. However, its WorldBench score of 161 beats all rivals. Even better, it costs a reasonable £1000. The Atlas …
PC Advisor, 6 Sep 2001
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Epson PhotoPC 3100Z

Review Epson sets a high standard in image quality and the capabilities of the PhotoPC 3100Z won't disappoint. Professionals may find the lack of manual configuration limiting, but it's a good choice for novices looking to upgrade. The Epson is an easy-to-use, mid-range camera with great picture quality. However, there have been …
PC Advisor, 4 Sep 2001
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Iomega Peerless

Review Backing up data should be second nature to any computer user. Given the stability of PCs and the software we run on them, it's a wonder that anyone fails to protect their files by keeping copies. One reason why people fail to back up their data is the lack of media that can cope with the large amount of data they need to store. …
PC Advisor, 3 Sep 2001
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Ricoh RDC I-700

Review The capabilities of Ricoh's new RDC I-700 extend way beyond the functionality of a normal digital camera. Based on the similiar RDC-7, it is Web-enabled so you can send photographs by email or upload them directly to the Internet. It's a niche product with a high price, but an interesting device that deserves our Recommended …
PC Advisor, 29 Aug 2001
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Minolta Dimage 7

Review The Minolta Dimage 7 is a high-end camera with a price and specification to match. At just over £850 it won't appeal to all, but if you need a good quality single lens reflex device then this Recommended Buy is worth investigating. You'd be hard pushed to find a 4Mp (megapixel) camera below £1000. However, Minolta has given the …
PC Advisor, 28 Aug 2001
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Sony Vaio PCG-SR31K and PCG-C1VFK

Review Sony has updated its notebook range yet again, with the release of two new machines: the PCG-SR31K and PCG-C1VFK. Both models incorporate two new features: integrated Bluetooth for wireless communication and a Memory Stick slot. The SR31K is a slim, light sub-notebook that packs a fair amount of power. The 750MHz Mobile Pentium …
PC Advisor, 24 Aug 2001
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Dell Inspiron 8100

Review It's not often that a product leaves us speechless, but this month the Dell Inspiron 8100 enters this exclusive club. It is without a doubt the best notebook we have ever seen. It's not the most portable, or the most stylish, but it's the first mobile PC to leave even the most powerful desktops for dust. It is powered by Intel' …
PC Advisor, 23 Aug 2001
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Evesham Axis 1400

Review The £1199 Evesham Axis may come with a Budget PC price tag, but its list of specifications would comfortably slot into our Power category. It hits the ground running with a blistering AMD Athlon 1.4GHz processor, and never really slips out of top gear. The 256MB of ultra-fast DDR memory is equally impressive, while the 40GB hard …
PC Advisor, 22 Aug 2001
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Canon LPB 810

Review Canon LPB 810 When we reviewed this printer's predecessor, the LBP 800, it did not meet with our approval; the only point we could find in its favour was the free cuddly toy in the box. It was relatively speedy, but quality was very poor. With the release of the low-cost 810, there has been quite a turnaround, and although …
PC Advisor, 21 Aug 2001
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Epson Stylus Photo 895

Review As digital cameras are replacing their film counterparts, photographers are being forced to use PCs to view and print their images. Epson has come up with a solution enabling PC-phobes to output images without ever touching a computer. The Epson Stylus 895's integrated adapter means you can take the memory card from any …
PC Advisor, 20 Aug 2001
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Canon Digital Ixus V

Review Canon continues to build on the success of its ultra-compact Digital Ixus camera with the introduction of the Ixus V. This version sports a lower price tag, but its key selling points remain the same: its tiny size (at 190g it is easily the most portable camera we've seen) and gorgeous styling. It retains the brushed metal …
PC Advisor, 16 Aug 2001
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Best Price Poweroid 2002

Review Although clock speeds go up with increasing regularity, if you need more power than current processors can supply the only option is to use more than one in the same PC. Symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) set-ups usually involve dual configurations, although more processors can be catered for. Using two slower processors rather …
PC Advisor, 15 Aug 2001
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Fujitsu-Siemens LifeBook S-4572

Review The LifeBook S-4572 only just scrapes in under the heading of Budget notebook at £1499, but this high price is partly compensated for by a few extras. The most notable of these is a combined DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive - the first we've seen at this price. The drive offers eight-speed DVD playback and 24-/8-/4-speed read/write/rewrite …
PC Advisor, 14 Aug 2001
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Nikon Coolpix 995

Review The last Coolpix model we reviewed didn't fare too well. However, it seems Nikon may have listened to our criticisms because the 995 irons out some of the problems we had with its predecessor. There are some minor changes on the hardware, but the unique swivel chassis remains the same. Nikon has split the camera, so you can …
PC Advisor, 13 Aug 2001
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SiPix Mobile

Review We've seen a number of small, portable printers before, but nothing quite like the SiPix Mobile. It has its roots in the belief that road warriors still like to work from hard copy. It can be connected up to a notebook or PDA via an infrared or serial connection, allowing you to print out from either. Installation and use is …
PC Advisor, 10 Aug 2001
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Mesh Elite P4 1.8GT

Review Processor speeds seem to be without ceiling. A year ago the Pentium III had yet to touch 1GHz - now, 12 months on, the Pentium 4 is nudging 2GHz. Intel's 2GHz chip is expected later this month - for now, the highest Pentium clock speed you can buy is 1.8GHz. As P4 processors have proved rather disappointing when it comes to …
PC Advisor, 7 Aug 2001
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Sony Vaio PCV-LX1

Review Rather than enter the market quietly and go along with the crowd, Sony likes to make the existing competition look dull and lacklustre. Games consoles and notebooks are two areas where Sony has succeeded in stirring up its rivals, and it has now decided to turn its hand to desktop PCs. Desktop PCs are renowned for being big, …
PC Advisor, 6 Aug 2001

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