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The Identity Web Services Framework (ID-WSF)

Comment On October 4, the Liberty Alliance announced the final version of its Identity Web Services Framework (ID-WSF). I have to admit, I have always struggled to get my head around ID-WSF, which Liberty defines as providing… the framework for building interoperable identity services, permission based attribute sharing, identity …
Neil Macehiter, 14 Oct 2006
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webMethods acquires Infravio

Comment BEA's acquisition of Flashline in late August left me wondering why the company had not opted for Infravio. A partial answer was revealed on 11 September with the announcement that Infravio had been acquired by webMethods. The acquisition of Infravio does not come as a great surprise. There is broad agreement that SOA …
Neil Macehiter, 22 Sep 2006
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Sun sinks its teeth further into open source

In July 2005, news emerged of Sun Microsystems' first foray into open source identity management with the Open Web Single Sign-On (OpenSSO) project. Now, more than a year later, the project has been formally launched. Sun has kept to its word with OpenSSO and is releasing source code for the significant chunks of its Java …

IBM moves further into applications

Comment Last week IBM announced the acquisition of Webify Solutions, a 120-person privately-held company based in Austin and Mumbai, India. Webify will become part of IBM's Software Group as part of the WebSphere brand, but there is also a strong IBM Global Services element, which WebSphere GM Robert LeBlanc characterised as "unique" in …
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Bandit to attack open source identity management

A number of news sites have reported that Novell will soon be announcing its latest foray into open source identity management: the Bandit project (a somewhat surprising choice of name given the focus on security, privacy and so forth). Novell is sponsoring the project and contributing the engineering effort. While it is …
Neil Macehiter, 31 May 2006

SOA Software adds pure-play string to its bow

On Monday 8 May, SOA Software (formerly Digital Evolution) announced its fourth acquisition in the last 20 months. Blue Titan, which, like its new parent, is based in Los Angeles, is the latest and follows the earlier acquisitions of: Flamenco Networks, whose technology is the basis of SOA Software's XML VPN product Thought …
Neil Macehiter, 17 May 2006
SGI logo hardware close-up

VMware throws next punch in virtualisation battle

Comment VMware has announced it is making its virtual machine file format freely available, with no license or royalties. Despite the company's claim that "it is committed to supporting any other open virtual machine disk formats broadly adopted by customers and working toward converging on open standards in this area", this …
Neil Macehiter, 11 Apr 2006

IBM acquires Bowstreet for composite application development

Analysis On the 20th December, IBM announced the acquisition of long-time partner Bowstreet, a 75-person, privately-held company based down the road in Massachusetts from IBM's Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Software group, into which it will be assimilated (or "bluewashed" as IBM quaintly refers to it). The acquisition is hardly …
Neil Macehiter, 17 Jan 2006

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