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Broken CD with wrench

VoIP carriers launch international peering network

Internet calls to landlines could get even cheaper, following yesterday's launch of an international peering network of VoIP providers. Fourteen companies have signed up to the free-of-charge interconnection service including (Sweden), (Switzerland), Magrathea Telecommunications (Great Britain), ( …
Monika Ermert, 25 Feb 2005
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World Cup 2006 'abused for mega-surveillance project'

Germany's football authorities have been accused of Big Brother tactics over their decision to incorporate RFID chips into tickets for World Cup 2006. Around 3.7 million tickets are to be sold in four online sale rounds, the last on 15 April, 2006. In the first sales round,Around 160,000 fans applied for one million tickets …
Monika Ermert, 8 Feb 2005
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German fined for publishing neo-Nazi web links

Linking to neo-Nazi websites in Germany can cost you dear. The founder of a German online protest forum - - against web censorship was sentenced by the district court in Stuttgart today for linking to two neo-Nazi sites and a bad-taste website hosted in the US. Alvar Freude is not an advocate of neo- …
Monika Ermert, 8 Oct 2004
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WSIS II warm-up degenerates into human rights punch-up

The first preparatory conference (PrepCom I) for the forthcoming second World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS II) managed to agree a roadmap for next year's Tunisian get-together, despite an unseemly human rights row which held up the conference's plenary session in Hammamet, Tunisia, for an hour on Saturday night. The …
Monika Ermert, 28 Jun 2004
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Germany debuts Creative Commons

Berlin The German version of the alternative license system Creative Commons was formally launched during the third Wizard of OS conference in Berlin last week. Larry Lessig, Stanford Law School Professor and Creative Commons wizard, presented the license as a simple idea to mark content with freedoms bestowed upon users by authors - …
Monika Ermert, 15 Jun 2004
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Germany moots jail for spammers

Germany's ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD) is mooting tough sanctions for spammers. These would include big fines for spammers and the companies which use their services, and prison sentences for the worst offenders. Ulrich Kelber, an SPD MP who is promoting the draft law, says that small fines will not deter the top 50 …
Monika Ermert, 10 Apr 2004
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Anti-spammers press for own domain

Ten applications for new Top Level Domains (TLD) were published by the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Number (ICANN) over the weekend with a special TLD to prevent spam and three new names to merge the phone and Internet worlds. The names proposed are: .tel (by two competing outfits) .mobi .travel .post .cat . …
Monika Ermert, 23 Mar 2004
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ICANN: Return of the Jedi Engineers

That strange beast The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) gathered in Rome last week for one of its regular meetings. The not-for-profit organisation appears to be torn between market players who pull no punches and interminable government WSIS discussions on the future of the Information Society. …
Monika Ermert, 12 Mar 2004
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Internet governance: who will take the helm?

The debate on Internet governance almost reduced the first World Summit on the Information Society last December to anarchy. But what exactly is Internet governance? Last week, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) ran a workshop in Geneva - the first in a series of events trying to come to grips with this slippery …
Monika Ermert, 4 Mar 2004
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Checking on .eu names: want the job?

Zurich . The href="">EURid, the consortium appointed by the EU to manage the .eu domain, tries to keep smiling. Still, Fay Howard, project manager of the registry, could not restrain herself at last week's Digitial Pulse conference in Zurich, when a representative of the German Government said there certainly would …
Monika Ermert, 9 Feb 2004
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Good Spam: Bad Spam

The world+dog is ganging up against spam with the US and UK governments and the European Commission this week all urging multinational co-operation and action in the fight against spam. Prompting this flurry of press release activity was a workshop convened in Brussels by the OECD to discuss ways of halting the spam tsunami. …
Monika Ermert, 5 Feb 2004
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DNS Rootservers go international

For the first time in Internet history there are more DNS rootservers outside the United States than within, following this week's launch in Frankfurt of an anycast "instance" of RIPE NCC-managed K root server. The K-root DNS server is one of the 13 official DNS rootservers which answer lookups for domain names all over the …
Monika Ermert, 23 Jan 2004
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Pennsylvania child porn law causes ‘massive overblocking of sites’

More than a million completely legal websites have been blocked by US ISPs in response to the Pennsylvanian statute against Internet Child Pornography. Now the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) and the American Civil Liberty Union's Pennsylvanian Branch are hoping that District Jugde Jan E. Dubois will rule the statute …
Monika Ermert, 13 Jan 2004
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World+dog fight over World Summit of The Information Society

Geneva Prepcom-III was supposed to be the final preparatory conference for the UN's World Summit of The Information Society (WSIS) which takes place in December 10-12 in Geneva. All the loose ends should have been tied up yesterday when Prepcom-III, also held in Geneva, closed after two weeks of negotiation. Now organisers have …
Monika Ermert, 27 Sep 2003
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Germany preps ‘second basket’ of copyright laws

Munich The right to make private copies from digital sources and the introduction of Digital Rights Management are the hot topics in Germany's reform of its copyright law. Just a few days after the first part of Germany's reformed copyright law was enacted, the German Minister of Justice Brigitte Zypries yesterday announced at a …
Monika Ermert, 17 Sep 2003

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