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iGoogle launch fingered in user data loss furore

After thousands of Google users lost their calendar and digital sticky notes when personalised settings mysteriously disappeared last week, the explanation seems to be "iGoogle". According to the Google blog, staff at the search giant call their customised Google homepages iGoogle, and the functions of iGoogle were released to …
Maxim Kelly, 2 May 2007
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Iona misses forecast, expects better results in Q2

Software giant Iona said it missed its quarterly revenue expectations on Tuesday because of a "very complex transaction". The Dublin-headquartered company reported a $15.6m turnover for its first financial quarter - below its $17m expectation. However, Iona said it had deferred recognition of $1.6m in revenue "associated …
Maxim Kelly, 25 Apr 2007

Northgate swallows another payroll firm

Payroll software giant Northgate HR has continued its acquisition strategy with the purchase of Confidential Payroll. In a deal understood to be worth more than €1.5m, the acquisition follows the recent buy-outs of Irish time and attendance (T&A) software firm Engage Technology, and Link HR Systems. Speaking with ENN, …
Maxim Kelly, 25 Apr 2007

Chocolate the key to uncovering PC passwords

Three years since the last time they pulled this stunt, cheeky researchers can still wangle IT passwords with free chocolate and flirting. A train station survey of 300 office workers carried out by Infosecurity Europe researchers in London revealed the disturbing statistic that 64 per cent would hand over their office computer …
Maxim Kelly, 17 Apr 2007
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Listen up banks: women are worth IT

Britain's banking sector has been told to jizz up its customer databases to more effectively target the female market. Based on their latest research, financial consultants at Accenture are urging British banks to reorganise their "archaic IT" as well as the information they keep on customers so as to improve the way they …
Maxim Kelly, 11 Apr 2007
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IBM donates Arabic translation devices and software to US gov

The experiences of IBM staff who served in the 2003 invasion of Iraq have prompted the tech giant to donate language translation technology to the US military. IBM said it is making a humanitarian donation to the United States government of 1,000 two-way translation devices and 10,000 copies of linguistic software. This system …
Maxim Kelly, 4 Apr 2007
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Govt launches voucher scheme for R&D

In another clue that the great pre-election giveaway is well underway, the government has launched a voucher scheme for firms to "become more innovative". Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Micheal Martin implemented a recommendation of the Small Business Forum in the guise of a €10m fund to assist smaller …
Maxim Kelly, 22 Mar 2007
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Tech industry outlines women's day initiatives

Cisco has jumped on Thursday's International Women's Day bandwagon with the launch of F_email - a project to improve women's technology skills. The network and communications giant believes women, particularly in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America "all have one thing in common: a desire to improve their …
Maxim Kelly, 9 Mar 2007
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Babelgum bursts into Ireland

Italian media magnate Silvio Scaglia is to set up the international headquarters of his new internet broadcasting service in Dublin. The Irish Times reported on Monday that Scaglia, who ranks 764th in the Forbes list of billionaires, plans to create 100 media jobs in Dublin to support the launch of internet protocol television …
Maxim Kelly, 6 Mar 2007
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From Gutenberg to Google

Google's mission is to organise the world's information, but what effect is this having on the oldest information technology - books? In the slow moving book industry there have been few seminal moments. In the third century BC, Ptolmy II of Egypt established his great library at Alexandria and commanded all visitors to the …
Maxim Kelly, 25 Feb 2007
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EC unveils strategy for spectrum liberalisation

Improved management of Europe's airwaves could boost electronic communications industry revenues by billions of euros per year, according to Brussels. European Commissioner for Information Society and Media Viviane Reding unveiled her strategy for radio spectrum use last week and called for the opening up of certain spectrum …
Maxim Kelly, 21 Feb 2007
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Camera phones to de-throne the digital camera?

Mobile phone manufacturers are increasingly looking to integrate established technology from the digital camera industry, and an Irish company is at the forefront. Digital imaging researchers at Galway-based Fotonation have not only developed a faster method for wirelessly sending image and audio files between mobile phones, …
Maxim Kelly, 14 Feb 2007
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Act of God hampers spam

Mother Nature may be hitting back at the scourge of spam-filled inboxes, according to IE Internet. The web hosting and monitoring firm believes the recent earthquake that hit Taiwan in late December may be responsible for a reduction in spam and virus rates for January, although a monstrous 53.12 per cent of emails were spam - …
Maxim Kelly, 5 Feb 2007
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EC foresees digital roadblocks

The European Commission has identified unequal broadband provision and piracy as major "roadblocks" to the development of Europe's online creative content industries. Despite the fact that broadband penetration is slowly increasing across the European Union, the commission is concerned that vast gulfs between adoption in …
Maxim Kelly, 29 Jan 2007
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Spam: now made in China

The politics of unwanted email is changing with China set to overtake the US any day now as the originator of most Irish inbox clutter. Figures for November from Irish email monitoring firm IE Internet show that although the US is still the world leader with 27 per cent of dodgy emails originating there, this is a huge drop on …
Maxim Kelly, 4 Dec 2006
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Going, going, Goggin

Chairperson of the Commission for Communications Regulation Isolde Goggin in effect resigned her position on Wednesday. Goggin's four-year term as one of the three ComReg commissioners was due to end in December, and it is understood Goggin has written to Communications Minister Noel Dempsey to request that she is not …
Maxim Kelly, 30 Nov 2006
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Irish government waves in digital fingerprinting

Irish law enforcement agencies closed an €18m deal on Wednesday to procure digital fingerprinting technology from the private sector. The Director General of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) and the Commissioner of An Garda Siochana signed a contract with an international consortium to design and …
Maxim Kelly, 23 Nov 2006
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Dublin's Googleplex swells

Ireland's Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Micheal Martin is expected to announce 500 new jobs at Google's European headquarters in Dublin. It is understood the new positions will be concentrated in Google's increasingly successful Adwords programme, as well as at the internet giant's finance, engineering, and …
Maxim Kelly, 15 Nov 2006
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Pure predicts bright future

Pure Telecom is on the acquisition trail after announcing a healthy revenue forecast on Monday. The Irish firm, which specialises in providing broadband and voice services to small business customers, announced it expects to record revenues of €8m for 2006. Pure recorded revenues of €6.4m last year; the 2006 forecast is an …
Maxim Kelly, 24 Oct 2006
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Inquiry into EU roaming probe begins

The European Ombudsman has initiated an inquiry into complaints levied by mobile operator O2 against the European Commission. Ombusdman Nikiforos Diamandouros said the aim of the inquiry will be to ascertain whether there has been any maladministration by the commission when it handled an investigation into mobile phone roaming …
Maxim Kelly, 24 Oct 2006
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Irish chip firm secures $8.2m outlay

Microchip design company RedMere Technology has secured venture capital investment to fund research into chipsets for high definition TVs. The Drogheda-headquartered company has attracted $8.2m in first round funding led by Canadian investment vehicle Celtic House Venture Partners. Enterprise Ireland, 4th Level Ventures, …
Maxim Kelly, 17 Oct 2006
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Yahoo!'s pyramid scheme collapses

Mexican authorities have put the kibosh on Yahoo!'s plans to beam millions of text, video and picture messages into outer space. The main stumbling block for Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) was that internet giant Yahoo! wanted to set up its space-age digital laser apparatus on the ancient Pyramid …
Maxim Kelly, 13 Oct 2006
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Widespread growth likely in global ICT sector

Heady days of 20 and 30 per cent growth in the 1990s remains unlikely, but the worldwide ICT sector is expected to grow a vigorous six per cent in 2006, according to a new report. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's biennial Information Technology Outlook report predicts the highest growth areas will be …
Maxim Kelly, 5 Oct 2006
For Sale sign detail mired by complex security systems

European companies are becoming bogged down in their increasingly complicated IT security arrangements, according to new research. A study commissioned by security software company McAfee reveals a desire for easier management of IT security is being undermined by complex security system purchasing strategies. Despite IT …
Maxim Kelly, 2 Oct 2006
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Sun shines brightly for broadband

ComReg has released its quarterly report which shows strong broadband take-up over the summer months contributed to total telecoms revenues of €1.06bn for the period. The Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) official figures show 372,200 Irish broadband subscribers by the end of June, and ComReg officials said the …
Maxim Kelly, 27 Sep 2006

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