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iPhone App Store bars mention of Google Android

Apple has told a tiny mobile software developer that its application cannot be included in the iPhone App Store if it mentions Google Android. Flash of Genius offers a mobile app aimed at students preparing for their college entrance exams. "Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab" debuted on the iPhone, and at the end of last year, a …

Sony plots death of Amazon Kindle

Sony - a company that has struggled to establish itself as a dominant player in the world of ebook readers - is anxious to remind you that the ebook market is still in its infancy and that the Amazon Kindle is far from winning the battle. In fact, Steve Haber, president of Sony’s digital reading business division, thinks Jeff …
Matthew Graven, 17 Dec 2009
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Google, Microsoft, and Amazon - the cloud dating game

What's a cloud? The likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google can't agree on an answer to that question. But they insist it exists. And they're sure it's the answer to all your problems. Which means there's also a difference of opinon when it comes to your problems. But, really, all will be well if you just move to the cloud. …
Matthew Graven, 27 Nov 2009
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Google touts real-time RSS transplant

Web 2.0 NY Google is trumpeting a new messaging protocol it insists on calling PubSubHubbub. Brett Slatkin - a software engineer on Google’s App Engine team - demonstrated the protocol this week at the Web 2.0 Expo in New York. It aims to turn RSS and Atom into real-time content delivery mechanisms - and maybe even revamp Google search …
Matthew Graven, 20 Nov 2009
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Hacker frees iPhone from Jobsian tyranny (again)

Would-be iPhone jailbreakers and unlockers around the globe can breathe a sigh of relief today. Not only has the latest iPhone baseband update been unlocked, but the hack's young developer is determined that it can be accessed for free. Since the iPhone was first released in June 2007, many iPhone owners have argued that after …
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Steve Ballmer's Windows 7 dance party

October 22 has arrived, which means Microsoft can stop defending Windows Vista and start pretending it never happened. Eyes have now turned to Windows 7, while Windows Vista joins Microsoft Bob and Windows Me in the annals of underachievers past. Well, except for all those people who are still stuck with the thing. To …
Matthew Graven, 22 Oct 2009

Ten sizzling gizmos survive economic nightmare

They don't call it Pepcom for nothing. After a year of economic Meltdown, you might expect financially embattled companies to limit their investment in new technologies. But the mood was upbeat at New York's Pepcom Holiday Spectacular on Thursday, and there was no shortage of new consumer goodies, each designed to attract your …
Matthew Graven, 19 Sep 2009

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