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Top Euro court advised: Cops, spies yelling 'national security' isn’t enough to force ISPs to hand over massive piles of people's private data

AnalysisIn a massive win for privacy rights, the advocate general advising the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has said that national security concerns should not override citizens’ data privacy. Thus, ISPs should not be forced to hand over personal information without clear justification. That doesn't mean that the intelligence and …
16 Jan 2020 | 84

One company on the planet, US-based Afilias, meets the criteria to run Colombia's trendy .co registry – and the DNS world fears a stitch-up

Special reportThe Colombian government has been accused by its own internet community of fixing a contract so that just one North American company in particular is eligible to operate the .co top-level domain-name registry. In a tendering process that has become increasingly controversial, the Colombian government’s technology ministry …
15 Jan 2020 | 8


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