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intel building

Intel hits target: 27% of staffers are female? Apparently that's 'full representation'

Intel has hit its target of "full representation" among staffers who toil stateside, and said the diversity push has resulted in a hike in the proportion of its employees who are female or minorities. When it comes to Chipzilla's "full representation" metric, this means achieving parity with "market availability" of skilled …
Jude Karabus, 31 Oct 2018
Conveyor belt production of jam-topped biscuits. Photo by Shutterstock

UK High Court blocks iPhone Safari privacy suit against Google

The UK High Court has blocked an attempt by British consumer rights advocates to fling a multibillion-pound class-action sueball at Google over iPhone handset tracking allegations. The full judgment (PDF) was handed down in London today. cash Google coughs up $17m to end Safari STALKER COOKIE brouhaha READ MORE The case was …
Jude Karabus, 8 Oct 2018
Ursula le guin

RIP Ursula K Le Guin: The wizard of Earthsea

Obit Beloved dragon-tale spinning author Ursula K Le Guin has died. The novelist, probably best known for the thoughtful 1974 "anarcho-utopian" tale The Dispossessed, spent a lifetime exploring themes around revolutionary societies, individualism, anarchism and, of course, dragons. She was 88. She was a multiple Hugo award-winner …
Jude Karabus, 25 Jan 2018

Facebook open-sources object detection work: Watch out, Google CAPTCHA

RoTM Facebook has brought us one step closer to a Skynet future made a commitment to computer vision boffinry by open-sourcing its codebase for object detection, Detectron. Written in Python and powered by the Caffe2 deep learning framework, the codebase – which implements object-sniffing algos such as Mask R-CNN and RetinaNet – is …
Jude Karabus, 23 Jan 2018
capita protest day 2 in reading - shot from reader

Caption this: Capita staff picket a bunch o'er pickled pensions

UK staffers at outsourcing giant Capita – deep in the weeds of its "turnaround year" – are entering day two of union protests over proposed changes to their pension plans. But you know what's free? Laughter. We'd like our dear readers to offer up your best c(r)aptions to show your true feelings for your favourite outsourcing …
Jude Karabus, 31 Oct 2017

TfL, WTH is my bus? London, UK, looks up from its mobile

Updated It's peak morning commute time in the capital of the United Kingdom and the live bus arrival service on Transport for London's website, SMS and apps powered by TfL’s API feed has been unavailable since 3am. Apps using TfL's API – which provides realtime bus and river bus arrival information across all TfL bus stops and piers …
Jude Karabus, 6 Jul 2017
gwyneth paltrow. Jaguar PS /

Ex-NASA bod on Gwyneth Paltrow site's 'healing' stickers: 'Wow. What a load of BS'

Current and former NASA scientists have called bullshit on claims seen on alternative "wellness" wallet-relieving blab-blog Goop, run by former famous actress and current linens-for-rich-ladies slinger Gwyneth Paltrow. The "lifestyle" website – which in the past has advocated adding arbitrary amounts of iodine to your daily …
Jude Karabus, 23 Jun 2017

Google's news algorithm serves up penis pills

+Comment Our Monday here at The Reg's London offices has been cheered to no end by Google News, which has been spitting out odd pharmaceutical-related "journalism" throughout the day. Over the past few days*, we've received several emails from readers about the issue, and we managed to snap a explicit screenshots ourselves as the …
Jude Karabus, 12 Jun 2017

Amazon pulls snouts from all-you-can-eat cloud storage buffet

Amazon has shuttered the flat fee-based unlimited cloud storage plan for Amazon Drive to all but paid-up members of the premium "Prime" service – who will only be able to store unlimited numbers of photos. "Primers" pay $99/year in the States; £79 a year in the UK; €69 in Germany; and varying prices across the rest of Europe, …
Jude Karabus, 8 Jun 2017

First-day-on-the-job dev: I accidentally nuked production database, was instantly fired

"How screwed am I?" a new starter asked Reddit after claiming they'd been marched out of their job by their employer's CTO after "destroying" the production DB – and had been told "legal" would soon get stuck in. The luckless junior software developer told the computer science career questions forum: I was basically given a …
Jude Karabus, 5 Jun 2017

Google to give 6 months' warning for 2018 Chrome adblockalypse – report

Publishers will get a six-month headsup before Google kills intrusive advertising on Chrome, sources close to the ad giant have reportedly said. Google will also hand online publishers a special tool to make sure that their ads are "compliant", the firm blogged yesterday. It will be called "Ad Experience Reports" – ostensibly …
Jude Karabus, 2 Jun 2017

BA's 'global IT system failure' was due to 'power surge'

Updated British Airways CEO Alex Cruz has said the root cause of Saturday's London flight-grounding IT systems ambi-cockup was "a power supply issue*" and that the airline has "no evidence of any cyberattack". The airline has cancelled all flights from London's Heathrow and Gatwick amid what BA has confirmed to The Register is a " …
Jude Karabus, 27 May 2017
Furious man punches monitor and puts fist clear through it. Pic by Shutterstock

Don't you see these simple facts? Destroy Facebook and restore human Liberty

FoTW What could be more warmly received on this brisk winter's day than a delicious, heartfelt bellow of rage from a Commentard who could bear it no more. We haven't had one in a few years, but Sir, you are our Flame of the Week... and nobody claims their five pounds. Nobody wins any pounds. In fact, nobody wins. This is …
Jude Karabus, 9 Feb 2016
Woman looks immensely happy while staring into blank screen of unplugged monitor

El Reg picked a pack of ace pic-titlers

We spent so long chortling at your entries to our WD "Caption This" competitions, we forgot to tell you who the winners were. Besides a stonking great Western Digital 6TB Black drive plus a My Passport Ultra, our winners receive the glory of their names on the wit list below. The full complement of winners from the …
Jude Karabus, 22 Dec 2015

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