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UK cyber cops: Infosec pros could help us divert teens from 'dark side'

UK police are looking to cybersecurity firms to help implement a strategy of steering youngsters away from a life in online crime. The National Crime Agency's Prevent campaign sits within the wider five-year UK National Cyber Security Strategy of 2016-2021. The NCA's scheme aims to point teenagers towards careers in cyber …
John Leyden, 13 Aug 2018
A beach landscape of Minehead, Somerset in February at low tide

Hi-de-Hack! Redcoats red-faced as Butlin's holiday camp admits data breach hit 34,000

Updated Holiday camp and British institution Butlin's has admitted 34,000 visitor records have been compromised. Guest names, holiday dates, postal addresses, email and telephone numbers have been exposed. Butlin's said payment card details are not at risk. The breach was the result of staff responding to a phishing email that posed …
John Leyden, 10 Aug 2018
Tablet-based payment system

You can't always trust those mobile payment gadgets as far as you can throw them – bugs found by infosec duo

Black Hat Those gadgets and apps used by small shops and traders to turn their smartphones and tablets into handheld sales terminals? Quite possibly insecure, you'll no doubt be shocked to discover. These mobile terminals are often seen in cafes, gyms, and other modest-sized businesses to take non-cash payments. The merchant taps out a …
John Leyden, 10 Aug 2018
An angry, frustrated golfer bends a club over his head

Oh, fore putt's sake: Golf org PGA bunkered up by ransomware attack just days before tournament

The Professional Golfers' Association of America (PGA) was hit by ransomware just before one of the sport's biggest pro events, which teed off on Thursday. Scrambled files on its infected computers include "creative materials" for this week's PGA Championship as well as next month's Ryder Cup, Golf Week reported. The software …
John Leyden, 9 Aug 2018
Used car salesman flogs watches from his undercoat

Second-hand connected car data drama could be a GDPR minefield

What are the implications under GDPR of a previous owner retaining access to data and control of a connected car after it is sold on? Although El Reg's initial story on the topic focused on the experience of two Jaguar Land Rover owners and the car maker's response, it has become clear this is an industry-wide issue and cars …
John Leyden, 9 Aug 2018

WhatsApp security snafu allows sneaky 'message manipulation'

Researchers claim to have uncovered weaknesses in WhatsApp that can be exploited to manipulate messages in private and group conversations. Eggheads at Israeli security firm Check Point this week described how, with some social engineering trickery and custom extensions for popular network-packet-twiddling toolkit Burp Suite, …
John Leyden, 9 Aug 2018
A man spits out his coffee

Profit-strapped Symantec pulls employee share scheme

Symantec is cancelling an Employee Share Purchase (ESP) programme, angering some workers in the process. Last week Symantec revealed plans to slash 8 per cent of its workforce (1,000 heads) in response to disappointing enterprise sales. The firm has also cancelled a discounted share purchase worker-loyalty programme as an …
John Leyden, 8 Aug 2018

Batten down the ports: Linux networking bug SegmentSmack could remotely crash systems

A networking flaw has been discovered in the Linux kernel that could trigger a remote denial-of-service attack. Versions 4.9 and up are "vulnerable to denial-of-service conditions with low rates of specially crafted packets", according to a US-CERT advisory this week. The bug is being tracked as SegmentSmack (CVE-2018-5390). …
John Leyden, 7 Aug 2018

Bank on it: It's either legal to port-scan someone without consent or it's not, fumes researcher

Updated Halifax Bank scans the machines of surfers that land on its login page whether or not they are customers, it has emerged. Security researcher Paul Moore has made his objection to this practice – in which the British bank is not alone – clear, even though it is done for good reasons. The researcher claimed that performing port …
John Leyden, 7 Aug 2018

Chip flinger TSMC warns 'WannaCry' outbreak will sting biz for $250m

Chipmaker TSMC has warned that a previously disclosed virus infection of its Taiwanese plant may cost it up to $250m. The malware struck on Friday, and affected a number of unpatched Windows 7 computer systems and fab tools over two days. "The degree of infection varied by fab," the firm said in an update on Sunday. "TSMC …
John Leyden, 6 Aug 2018
Salesforce web page

Salesforce cloud glitch blurted customer data at unauthorised users

Customer data stored on Salesforce's marketing cloud might have been shared with unauthorised parties, cloud slinger has warned. Users of the software firm's Marketing Cloud Email Studio or Predictive Intelligence products may have been affected by a glitch that meant their data was either copied to the systems of other users …
John Leyden, 6 Aug 2018
A hand holding an axe in shadow

Symantec culling 8% of workforce to soak up slow enterprise sales

Symantec has announced plans to slash 8 per cent of its global workforce in response to disappointing sales. The security software maker revealed on Thursday that revenues for the quarter ended 29 June fell 1.6 per cent to $1.16bn from $1.18bn a year ago. Losses were pegged at $63m, an improvement on $133m in the same period …
John Leyden, 3 Aug 2018

Web doc iCliniq plugs leaky S3 bucket stuffed full of medical records

Exclusive Online medical consultation service iCliniq left thousands of medical documents in a publicly accessible Amazon Web Services S3 bucket. iCliniq locked down the online silo earlier this week only after the slip-up was brought to its attention by German security researcher Matthias Gliwka. He approached El Reg after failing to …
John Leyden, 3 Aug 2018

Cisco drops a cool $2.3 billion on SaaSy outfit Duo Security

Cisco has announced plans to buy privately held authentication firm Duo Security for $2.35bn (£1.80bn). David Cameron How much do you think Cisco's paying erstwhile Brit PM David Cameron? READ MORE The Michigan firm markets unified access security and multi-factor authentication delivered through the cloud. The technology is …
John Leyden, 2 Aug 2018

Facebook's security boss is offski. Not to worry, it has 'embedded security' in all divisions

Facebook chief security officer Alex Stamos is leaving the social network to work on information warfare at Stanford University. The social network has not named any replacement. Admiral Mike Rogers of the NSA Why does the NSA's boss care so much about backdoors when he can just steal all our encryption keys? READ MORE The …
John Leyden, 2 Aug 2018

Holy ship! UK shipping biz Clarksons blames megahack on single point of pwnage

British shipping services firm Clarksons has revealed a high profile data breach last year stemmed from a hack on a “single and isolated user account”. shipping container Hacked Brit shipping giant Clarksons: A person may release some of our data today READ MORE Criminal hackers stole employee information from the shipping …
John Leyden, 1 Aug 2018
movie still from zoolander: 'hansel, he's so hot right now. hansel'

Oooooh! Fashion! Yes, 1m-plus accounts on clothes, trinket websites exposed by lax security

Naff computer security at an e-commerce provider potentially exposed the details of more than a million unique accounts on British clothing and accessory shopping websites, infosec experts have confirmed. Sub-optimal security at Fashion Nexus meant a white-hat hacker, Taylor Ralston, was able to access databases containing …
John Leyden, 1 Aug 2018
Handwritten note on keyboard saying sorry with sad face

Please forgive me, I can't stop robbing you: SamSam ransomware earns handlers $5.9m

The enterprise-focused SamSam ransomware has earned its handlers an estimated $5.9m (£4.5m) since it first appeared in the wild in December 2015. Security software firm Sophos worked with Neutrino to arrive at the estimate, which is based on tracking Bitcoin addresses supplied on ransom notes and sample files. Over the last …
John Leyden, 31 Jul 2018
Skull and Crossbones in the cloud

SoftNAS no longer a soft touch for hackers (for now)... Remote-hijacking vulnerability patched

SoftNAS has plugged a serious vulnerability in its cloud storage management tool that can be exploited to execute malicious code on a victim's server. Core Security's Fernando Díaz and Fernando Catoira discovered the command-injection security flaw in the StorageCenter component of SoftNAS Cloud version pre-4.0.3. The …
John Leyden, 30 Jul 2018

How hack on 10,000 WordPress sites was used to launch an epic malvertising campaign

Security researchers at Check Point have lifted the lid on the infrastructure and methods of an enormous "malvertising" and banking trojan campaign. The operation delivered malicious adverts to millions worldwide, slinging all manner of nasties including crypto-miners, ransomware and banking trojans. The researchers told The …
John Leyden, 30 Jul 2018
deep old well

Font of pwnage: Crims poison well with crypto-jacking code, trickles into PDF editor app

Crooks mounted a crypto-mining scam after hacking into a supplier of an unnamed PDF editor software vendor. Microsoft has reported that as-yet-unidentified hackers compromised some font packages installed by a PDF editor app. The hack was used to push two types of crypto-currency mining app, the cybercrime du jour. Redmond's …
John Leyden, 27 Jul 2018
Man faceplants in airbag

Shock Land Rover Discovery: Sellers could meddle with connected cars if not unbound

Both data and the online controls on "connected cars" from Jaguar Land Rover remain available to previous owners, according to security experts and owners of the upmarket vehicles. The car maker has defended its privacy safeguards and security of its InControl tech. El Reg began investigating the issue after talking to Matt …
John Leyden, 27 Jul 2018

Malware targeting cash machines fetches top dollar on dark web

The market for cyber criminal services on the dark web continues to thrive – demand for malware is running at around three times greater than the supply. Positive Technologies experts analysed over 10,000 hack-for-hire and malware-related postings on dark web markets. The researchers examined the costs of cybercrime services …
John Leyden, 26 Jul 2018

Criminal mastermind injects malicious script into Ethereum tracker. Their message? '1337'

Ethereum-tracking website Etherscan has resolved a cross-site scripting issue on its domain. Though among the world's top-2,000 websites (1,379th per Alexa), Etherscan fell foul of one of the net's most common security slip-ups. Cross-site scripting (XSS) refers to when a hacker is able to inject a script into a vulnerable …
John Leyden, 25 Jul 2018

Dust yourself off and try again: Ancient Solaris patch missed the mark

A vulnerability first detected and "resolved" years ago in Oracle's Unix OS, Solaris, has resurfaced, necessitating a fix in Big Red's latest quarterly patch batch. Rather than a Lazarus-like return from the dead, it's more a case of security researchers discovering that the original fix, for a component that's become known as …
John Leyden, 24 Jul 2018

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