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Joe Fay is group editor of The Register, and The Channel.
New Rackspace datacenter in Crawley, UK

OpenWhisk, Kubeless, AWS Lambda – don't be confused, let us teach

Conference If you want to find out what serverless is all about, join us and almost 40 pioneers in the field this coming November. And if you want to really dive deep into key aspects of the technology, sign up for one of our optional day three workshops. AWS Lambda has been a key driver of serverless, and if you want to get up and …
Joe Fay, 23 Aug 2018
Finger pushes power button

The Death of the Gods: Not scared of tech yet? You haven't been paying attention

Book Review It has been 14 years since Google IPO'd, and nine since Donald Trump burst onto Twitter. It’s five years since both the Snowden NSA disclosures and the birth of Cambridge Analytica. Over this period we’ve had a series of major data breaches, media organisations disrupted out of existence, and the emergence of hacktivists and the …
Joe Fay, 20 Aug 2018
Pigeon with note attached

Early bird tickets for our AI and ML Conference end tonight!

Our early bird ticket offer for Minds Mastering Machines expires this evening, so act now if you want to enjoy three days of conference and workshops showing how real organisations can exploit machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our independent programme committee has lined up two superb keynote speakers, 36 …
Joe Fay, 17 Aug 2018
reg lectures

Important message for January Register Lecture attendees

Events If you've bought tickets for our January Register Lecture "What will drive our cars when the combustion engine dies?", we're sorry to have to inform you that the event has been moved back 24 hours. The lecture will now take place on January 31, rather than January 30 as originally advertised. We've emailed all our lovely …
Joe Fay, 5 Jan 2018

Politics is going digital, but guns and money still pack a punch

Reg Lectures Reg readers were introduced to a who's who of digital power players last week, from Kosovo’s king of fake news, and the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs planning floating startup countries, to, of course, grumpy cat. Carl Miller, co-founder of CASM at Demos and a visiting fellow at King's College London, joined us to discuss his …
Joe Fay, 14 Nov 2017
Register Lecture Picture

History shows why geeks will never, ever, ever... get along

Register Lecture You know that geeks tend to atomise into warring camps, exchanging flames, tweets and worse. But did you know that real live academics have studied this phenomenon? Well we did, which is why Brian Alleyne of Goldsmiths, University of London joined us recently to explain how geek and hacker culture tends to fracture into techno …
Joe Fay, 10 Nov 2017
Drinks party at M3 day one

Machine learning? AI? How we learned to relax at MCubed

Events The machines are not taking our jobs any time soon, Prof Mark Bishop declared at the opening of MCubed, mainly because right now, computing is better suited to cementing artificial stupidity than creating true artificial intelligence. Prof Bishop, in the opening keynote of the Register and Heise-backed conference, also made …
Joe Fay, 8 Nov 2017
Asleep on the sofa image via Shutterstock

Byte Night: Bed down with tech chiefs, celebs ... or stay on your sofa

If you want to sleep rough to raise money to tackle youth homelessness, you’ve got till midnight today (29/9/2017) to register for Byte Night. But if the prospect of spending a night with your peers raising cash for homeless and vulnerable youngsters doesn’t ring your bell, don’t despair. While those plucky types - such as Reg …
Joe Fay, 29 Sep 2017
Register Lecture Picture

The Register Lecture: The secrets of power in the digital age

Reg Events Forget information, bitcoin, even porn. There’s only one currency that ultimately matters in the digital world, and that’s power. A new, digital form of power has chipped away at the old, familiar citadels where power used to reside. It has scared CEOs, forced politicians to resign, swallowed up newspapers, eclipsed experts, …
Joe Fay, 14 Sep 2017
Jamie Bartlett delivering Register Summer Lecture

Reg lecture exposes the radicals intent on remaking your society

If you think the last couple of years have been tumultuous you ain't seen nothing yet – there's a tide of tech-enabled secretive and influential movements heading your way that could completely upend and reshape society. If they get their way. That's why on 23 May, Reg Lectures will be welcoming Jamie Bartlett – author of The …
Joe Fay, 6 Apr 2017

UK gov draws driverless car test zone around M40 corridor

A UK minister has reassured the motor industry that buyers of driverless cars will not have to employ a gentleman with a red flag and top hat as he outlined a UK testbed for autonomous vehicles yesterday. Speaking at the SMTT Connected conference in London, industry secretary Greg Clark outlined a “cluster of excellence” …
Joe Fay, 31 Mar 2017
Robot drives a car. Conceptual illustration from Shutterstock

BMW chief: Big auto will stay in the driving seat with autonomous cars

One of BMW's board members threw down the driving glove at the tech industry yesterday, saying that while established car makers were transforming themselves into tech companies, tech companies would struggle to turn themselves into auto manufacturers. Dr Ian Robertson, a member of BMW's board of management and a former …
Joe Fay, 31 Mar 2017
Cat peeks outside cardboard box. Photo by shuttertsock

Northamber's Phillips ponders non-exec role after nearly four decades

Northamber chairman David Phillip signalled his intention to take more of a backseat as he announced interim results that suggested profitability remains just tantalisingly out of reach for the veteran distie for now. Phillips reported revenues of £29m for the six months ending December 31, a 1.2 per cent dip on the previous …
Joe Fay, 27 Mar 2017

Can we learn to love AI and sex robots?

If you've wondered how AI and robotics are going to interact with and affect human sexuality – indeed humans full stop – you should really join us on 19 April for our next Register Lecture. We'll be led through this technological, ethical and emotional minefield by Dr Kate Devlin of Goldsmiths University, one of the UK's …
Joe Fay, 22 Mar 2017

Just finished your first TensorFlow app? Might be time for a rewrite...

Tensorflow, Google’s opensource machine learning library, has toddled into whole figures, just over a year after the first release - with the proviso that version 1.0 might not be entirely backwards-compatible with early adopters’ programmes. Using just the sort of understatement which characterises the machine learning space …
Joe Fay, 16 Feb 2017
Ireland and Great Britain map, image via Shutterstock

Get orf the air over moi land Irish farmer roars at drones

A farmer in County Tipperary has declared war on drones, claiming criminals are using the buzz-some devices to scope out rural areas for burglaries. Robert O’Shea, from near Thurles, launched his broadside after Irish police declared that shooting at drones was illegal, the Irish Independent reported. "Gun licences are …
Joe Fay, 10 Feb 2017
man sleeps, android lover looks disgusted/sad etc. photo by shutterstock

Non-existent sex robots already burning holes in men’s pockets

Well over a third of men would happily splash out on a humanoid sex robot in the near future, academics have found - despite there being no viable product on the market right now. Researchers from the University Duisburg-Essen quizzed 263 chaps on their robo-amorous leanings, and co-author Jessica Szczuka presented their …
Joe Fay, 20 Dec 2016
Robot hands viewer a cup of tea. Photo by Shutterstock

Sexbots could ‘over-exert’ their human lovers, academic warns

The possibility of sex robots over-exerting their human lovers to the point of collapse is just one of the ethical conundrums academics and society need to get their head round, a Swiss academic told a conference on sex robots today. Oliver Bendel, of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern Switzerland, told …
Joe Fay, 19 Dec 2016
racks of Fujistu lettuce

Fujitsu pivots from chips to leaves with salad-as-a-service

Fujitsu has launched a joint venture to supply the snowbound, sausage-and-root-veg-loving residents of Finland with scrummy salad all year round as part of its efforts to make farming a cloud-based endeavour. Fujitsu Greenhouse Technology Finland Oy, which will be jointly financed with local horticulturalists Robbe's Little …
Joe Fay, 28 Nov 2016
Sanjay Mirchandani at PuppetConf 2016

Puppet pulls in (almost) former Cisco exec to head EMEA

Puppet has roped in former Cisco exec Marianne Calder to head up its European operation, as it prepares to scale up its enterprise push and expand its work with partners. The move (almost) caps off a year that has seen founder Luke Kanies step back from the firm, handing over the CEO reins to VMWare and EMC vet Sanjay …
Joe Fay, 21 Nov 2016
Diane Keaton and Woody Allen in Sleeper

Dirty code? If it works, leave it says Thoughtworks CTO

Dirty code is a fact of life, and working out which software really needs changing and leaving the rest will help many IT organizations gain at least some of the benefits of going Agile, ThoughtWorks’ CTO told the Continuous Lifecycle conference today. Keynote speeches at software conferences often paint grand visions for …
Joe Fay, 15 Nov 2016
The Register Roundtable Room at The Soho Hotel

CIOs: VDI? Maybe, just maybe, it really will be different this time...

Register Roundtable Sometimes technology visions bubble along under the radar, quite often scorned then, following a change of name or emphasis, ubiquitous. Utility computing became the cloud, and we know how that’s taken off. Groupware became collaboration. Thin clients have morphed into VDI, and… Well, seems like a good time to get a bunch of …
Joe Fay, 11 Nov 2016
Continuous Lifecycle London 2016 logo

Tell us your DevOps, Agile, CD and Container stories

If you want to take the stage at Continuous Lifecycle London 2017, you’ve got a month to convince us that your take on DevOps, Containerization, Continuous Delivery and Agile is the real deal. The call for papers closes on November 30, and the programme committee will be meeting a week later to chew through the proposals and …
Joe Fay, 1 Nov 2016
Boy writes a letter to Santa. Pic via Shutterstock

Could Heather from EastEnders turn on Kettering if Lohan is no-show?

The good burghers of Kettering have been left in a pre-Christmas tizzy as Lindsay Lohan appears to be on the brink of reneging on her promise to turn on the Northants powerhouse for Christmas. La Lohan had promised to flick the switch on the town’s Christmas lights back in June, after being accused of insulting the midlands …
Joe Fay, 28 Oct 2016
Pennies in a jar. Photo via Shutterstock

Northamber almost strikes cheery note, warns profit a year off

Veteran distie Northamber almost introduced a note of cheeriness as it unveiled its full year results today. Almost. The firm still unveiled a slip in revenues, increasing losses compared to last year, and said profitability is probably at least a year away. In his statement, chairman David Phillips said that as it continued a …
Joe Fay, 28 Oct 2016

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