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Can the UK have its identity strategy back, Mr President?

There was a lot of razzmatazz and back-slapping in the US in early September as President Obama's team announced a partnership with ten leading companies to provide federated digital identities acceptable for use with online government services. All part of the big push towards better, more open government, as set out in Obama …
Jerry Fishenden, 17 Nov 2009
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So what we do when ID Cards 1.0 finally dies?

UK Identity Card 1.0 is in deep trouble. It's running late, and if the Conservative Party wins next year's election it'll be scrapped. Its original architect has changed his mind, and even some Cabinet members are starting to see it as a needless expense. But if we pull the plug, what then? The cards may go away, but the issue …
Jerry Fishenden, 19 Jun 2009

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