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Jobless extra goes gun-crazy on Brazilian soap set

Geek TV TV story of the week comes straight outta Rio, where a jobless Brazilian actor stormed onto the set of a soap that had once employed him as an extra. (You know where I'm going with this, don't you?) Ricardo Dualibi, who carried a loaded gun and was clad only in his swimming trunks, fired two shots and took a member of the …
Jane Hoskyn, 28 Jul 2006
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World Cup streaming fails to score

Geek TV Red cards for the "experts" who predicted that the web would go into meltdown during the World Cup, thanks to the bazillions of fans watching the live stream. Turns out that no one was interested in watching footy online. Well, one in 10 was interested, and he'd only got lost when Googling that rude film with Lea off Big …
Jane Hoskyn, 14 Jul 2006
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Sky launches video recording via text

Geek TV Sky subscribers can now text instructions to their Sky+ boxes from anywhere in the world, thanks to a new service that makes your remote look as slick as the penny farthing. The service, which launched yesterday, is available to all Sky+ customers. Once users have registered their mobile phone numbers on the My Sky section of …
Jane Hoskyn, 7 Jul 2006
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Telewest says sorry for World Cup blackout

Geek TV From the team that brings you Tech Digest, Shiny Shiny and Who Ate All The Bratwurst? Bristol staggered to a standstill last Sunday teatime, when 100,000 of the area's Telewest subscribers lost their TV signal for all of Songs of Praise, Last of the Summer Wine and some Ecuadorians playing football. Rumours that the 375 …
Jane Hoskyn, 30 Jun 2006
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C4 to air shows simultaneously online

Geek TV From the makers of Tech Digest and the World Cup blog Who Ate All The Bratwurst Don't even talk to me. First off, they kill TotP, citing competition from downloads, ringtones and happy slapping. The death of the show that gave us Billie Piper is inevitable TV euthanasia, but it still makes you feel old and bald. Noel Edmonds is …
Jane Hoskyn, 23 Jun 2006
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Sky viewers show Motty the red button

Tech Digest There's much excitement in Geek TV's plush suite over a Sky press release that fails to mention the World Cup. We can't even find any puns about "kicking off" or "two halves" in the missive, which alerts us to the upcoming high-def live broadcast of a Robbie Williams concert. September's HD airing will also feature some …
Jane Hoskyn, 16 Jun 2006
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World Cup web meltdown

Geek TV OK, what bright BBC spark decided to stream the World Cup live online? Experts now reckon the internet will go into meltdown, thanks to office-bound footie fans watching afternoon games while they should be pimping spreadsheets. Under normal circumstances, the nation's finest engineering minds would immediately fix the net. But …
Jane Hoskyn, 9 Jun 2006
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BBC seeks webcam footie pundits

Dust off your 'cams and get ready for your close-ups, armchair Lawrensons: the BBC wants your punditry. If you know your J Jenas from your A Cole and you're handy with a webcam, you can join the live debate on the Beeb's new daily show My World Cup, which starts on Tuesday 6 June. According to the Beeb, the webcam debates will …
Jane Hoskyn, 5 Jun 2006
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Dr Who makes you fat

Geek TV Following our revelation that the upcoming collision of Doctor Who, Lost, 24, Big Brother and HD footy will make you ill from schedule stress, Geek TV can now confirm that telly also makes you fat. No! Yes! In a shock new study, the British Dietetic Association reports that the youth of today likes a nice sit down in front of …
Jane Hoskyn, 2 Jun 2006
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World Cup and 24 in red button face-off

Geek TV What's bigger than Tom Cruise's ego and scarier than Gillian McKeith on X Factor: Battle of the Stars? Your Summer 2006 TV To-Do list. There's Doctor Who to watch, Lost to watch, Big Brother to watch and pretend you don't, McKeith to peer at over your bleeding knuckles, 24 to watch, and some unavoidable men playing football. In …
Jane Hoskyn, 26 May 2006
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Dr Who episodes now online

Geek TV "Forward-thinking is part of Sci Fi's DNA," says Sci Fi Channel president, the bodaciously-named Bonnie Hammer. Roughly translated from Bonnie’s native Klingon, this means: "Geeks will be geeks". Sci Fi knows that its viewers are emotionally troubled by switching off their PCs to watch ye olde television, so it's adding full " …
Jane Hoskyn, 19 May 2006
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Oh look, Big Brother's back

Tech Digest Can we get the Big Brother stuff out of the way first, please? At the time of writing, the wily eBayer who’s flogging a BB Golden Ticket out of a KitKat that he hasn't bought yet has seen bids shoot to £1.67. Hey, don’t laugh. You can get two KitKat Chunky three-packs for that. Meanwhile in Elstree, the BB house has been swept …
Jane Hoskyn, 12 May 2006
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Eccleston will play Number Six

Tech Digest He may have vanished from your Dr Who screensaver, but Christopher Eccleston isn't done with being a geek hero just yet: Doctor Nine will regenerate as Number Six in Granada's £10m remake of the 60s classic The Prisoner, confirming the El Reg story yesterday linking the in-demand thesp with the role. The six-part remake is …
Jane Hoskyn, 5 May 2006
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Sci-fi’s old men rule the TV roost

Geek TV All the latest TV goss from TV Scoop In the week that foxy fiftysomething Sarah Jane Smith turns up to show Rose how it’s done in Doctor Who, TV’s other young sci-fi whippersnappers are getting their bots kicked by their elders and betters. Sky One has just called time on Hex, which is like a British Buffy but without the …
Jane Hoskyn, 28 Apr 2006
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Sky HD is here

Geek TV Get your Sky HD here Deck your telly in bunting: Sky has finally announced a date for its high definition service. You can start snapping up HD Sky+ boxes and subscriptions next Wednesday (12 April), though you'll have to wait a few weeks for installation. Meanwhile, you might want to amuse yourself by selling all your old …
Jane Hoskyn, 7 Apr 2006
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Star Wars TV series in 3D

Geek TV Certified gadget obsessives Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny scour Gizmoville for the oddest digital goodies, TV Scoop features all that's cool in British telly and Propellerhead answers your PC queries Off the telly and on the web I'll overlook the small issue of there not being enough HD-ready tellies to go round for the World …
Jane Hoskyn, 17 Mar 2006
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Psst, want to be on Dr Who?

Geek TV Certified gadget obsessives Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny scour Gizmoville for the oddest digital goodies, TV Scoop features all that’s cool in British telly and Games Digest has all the latest gaming news. LG 100inch LCD It won't have escaped your notice that it's CeBIT time, and all manner of competitive pimping is going on …
Jane Hoskyn, 10 Mar 2006
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Oscars in HD?

Geek TV And the Oscar for best HD movie line-up goes to... Sky, which has now secured a batch of Disney films to add to its various HD channels. But you know how Oscar-winning movies often aren't out in the UK for ages after the red carpet has been mothballed? Well, in tribute to the Oscars, Sky is making us wait before we can see the …
Jane Hoskyn, 3 Mar 2006
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Sugar wins the ratings war

Geek TV Mixed fortunes this week for unshaven Amstrad boss Alan Sugar. The good news is that his wildly compelling BBC2 show The Apprentice - an X Factor for people who use the phrase "at the end of the day" without feeling embarrassed - slaughtered all rivals in the TV ratings. Over on the supposedly populist BBC1, hyped chatshow …
Jane Hoskyn, 24 Feb 2006
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Aping The Apprentice is the name of the game

Geek TV Last week's favourite game among the suits who run Britain's telly channels was Pretend Your Show Is Doctor Who. This week, it's Pretend Your Show Is The Apprentice, as channel after channel pluck 'ordinary' folk off the streets and force them to jump through hoops to get gainful employment. Five, the channel formerly known …
Jane Hoskyn, 17 Feb 2006

Geek TV is back

Hoping to leave the living room at some point this year? Not a chance. This spring, the Tellyville honchos have two main ways of getting you off your computer and making you watch the box - assuming they're not one and the same, of course. Plan A, I hardly need remind you, is HD TV. Sky is busy unleashing an ever-growing line …
Jane Hoskyn, 10 Feb 2006

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