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MPs demand wireless internet

MPs have called for new wireless internet technology to be installed in the House of Commons in a critical report from the cross-party administration committee. The report looked at facilities provided for new MPs entering Parliament following last year’s General Election. It found that "IT-literate" members who were not …
Ian Cuddy, 12 Jan 2006
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From Whitehall to Zanzibar

Public sector procurement is set for a major revolution when a new end-to-end e-trading hub launches next year. The Whitehall project, currently being developing under the working title of 'Zanzibar', will give suppliers a single point of access to the government marketplace, regardless of their size or sector. Within three …
Ian Cuddy, 11 Feb 2004
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New Gov.UK Plans Off to Bad Start

Whitehall plans to encourage businesses to compete with Government to offer citizens eGov services are to go ahead - despite an official, three-month consultation attracting just one response from the general British public. The lack of citizen input into the Office of the e-Envoy's proposals has emerged only through analysis …
Ian Cuddy, 3 Nov 2003
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e-Envoy prepares to log off

The e-Envoy Andrew Pinder is to quit next April, it was confirmed today. But in a sharp and final rebuff to critics, his Office - whose future is uncertain - is set to take on a influential new role at the centre of the Government's new media machine. Under sweeping reforms to government communications, responsibility for " …
Ian Cuddy, 8 Sep 2003
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Civil servants' families could test government websites

Government web managers needing users to make their websites citizen-friendly should consider recruiting public sector staff or their families as a "cheap alternative" to usability consultancies. The advice is given in the Office of the e-Envoy's long-awaited 'Quality Framework for UK Government Website Design', which was …
Ian Cuddy, 29 Jul 2003
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e-Envoy's Office loses bearings with Project True North

A major project by the e-Envoy's Office to set up central data centres to host the UK's most critical eGovernment systems is understood to be in serious difficulties. The procurement, known as "Project True North" has suffered delays, missed key implementation targets and is now several months behind schedule. Perhaps …
Ian Cuddy, 24 Jun 2003
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Government preps one-stop hub for e-services

The e-Envoy is due to announce a major new eGovernment venture that will create a single access point for online services, writes Ian Cuddy, of eGov monitor Weekly. The Online Government Store will bring together the various e-services scattered across department websites into a central hub or 'one-stop shop', where citizens …
Ian Cuddy, 3 Jun 2003

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