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WebTV 911 ‘hacker’ charged with cyberterrorism

FBI agents arrested a Louisiana man last week under the cyberterrorism provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act for allegedly tricking a handful of MSN TV users into running a malicious email attachment that reprogrammed their set-top boxes to dial 9-1-1 emergency response. According to prosecutors, David Jeansonne, 43, was targeting …
IT-Analysis, 27 Feb 2004
Broken CD with wrench

VMware’s virtual software gets ever more real

Some companies manage to become so intimately associated with the functionality that they supply that their brand almost becomes a verb, writes Bloor Research analyst Tony Lock. In the wild world of virtualisation one company is getting close to that status now and for many people managing machines in the Intel world the name …
IT-Analysis, 27 Feb 2004

IBM out-performs HP and EMC (says IBM)

IBM has reaffirmed its commitment to develop its entire range of server platforms: Intel, RISC (both Unix and Linux) and mainframe, writes Bloor Research analyst Tony Lock. At a recent meeting in Barcelona, IBM highlighted its recent successes in the server and storage sectors. The company claims its Intel base grew more …
IT-Analysis, 24 Feb 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

Rise of the virtual machine

Oh for the simple life. It seems like only yesterday that IT was pretty straightforward - in terms of technology, at least. Now every component of the physical IT infrastructure faces "virtualisation", writes Bloor Research analyst Tony Lock. This process began when the manufacturers of large mainframe servers started to offer …
IT-Analysis, 19 Feb 2004

The USA: outsourcing heartland

Opinion The schizophrenic attitude of the US towards outsourcing continues to manifest itself, writes Bloor Research analyst Bob McDowall. US-headquartered organisations continue to be the major providers of outsourcing services, both in contract value and contract size. The major international outsourcing companies - IBM, EDS, …
IT-Analysis, 17 Feb 2004
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The lawyers are coming

Following the first virus epidemics (I Love You, Melissa, Nimda, etc.) insurance companies in the US began to remove the computer damages cover from their commercial insurance plans, writes Bloor Research analyst Robin Bloor. At the same time the US was on a legislative security spree, which was another reason for the insurance …
IT-Analysis, 12 Feb 2004
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On Microsoft and CRM

Microsoft seems to run up against criticism no matter what it does. Recent articles in the press have questioned whether it can deliver on its CRM promise, writes Bloor Research analyst Fran Howarth. Commentators have pointed out that Microsoft's CRM application lacks functionality in such areas as marketing automation and …
IT-Analysis, 12 Feb 2004
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PC disposal: recycle or build for durability?

Substantial recent coverage of yet two further EU Directives, this time on disposal of computer waste, draws attention to the amount of noxious materials, metals and plastics, which constitute the inner workings of PCs. The directives come into operation in 2005, writes Bob McDowall of Bloor Research Briefly, one of the …
IT-Analysis, 11 Feb 2004
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No prizes for playing games with Bluetooth?

What makes someone spend money playing a game on a mobile phone, when a PC or home game console brings a more intense audiovisual experience, asks Bloor Research analyst Rob Bamforth. Probably, they are similar reasons to spend money on any type of mobile applications. Here are the six reasons I consider: Utility - Does it …
IT-Analysis, 5 Feb 2004

PeopleSoft switches from Informatica to Ascential

Until last week, PeopleSoft had a five-year agreement during which it shipped Informatica's low-end PowerMart ETL (extract, transform and load) technology as a part of a number of its products, most notably Enterprise Performance Management (EPM),writes Bloor Research analyst Philip Howard. Coincidentally, Informatica had a …
IT-Analysis, 29 Jan 2004
server room

Linux laptop – a prince among young frogs

After kissing a few frogs with some heavyweight laptops that didn't quite transform into princely sales, Tadpole is hoping for more success with its latest product family, Talin, writes Bloor Research analyst Rob Bamforth. Tadpole has taken its longstanding relationship with Sun technologies a step further, as this family of …
IT-Analysis, 29 Jan 2004

Outsourcing Back-up

I recently visited an outsourcing company in the Boston area that provides a back-up and disaster recovery service, writes Bloor Research analyst Robin Bloor. The company was Live Vault, although you're unlikely to hear the name directly as they sell through the channel. There were two interesting points that the company had to …
IT-Analysis, 23 Jan 2004

Grid and Web Services to converge

The two big computing ideas of the twenty first century grid computing and web services were brought closer together by an announcement this week at GlobusWorld the grid conference run by Globus Alliance, writes Bloor Research analyst Peter Abrahams. The Globus Alliance is a research and development project focused on enabling …
IT-Analysis, 23 Jan 2004
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Mobile DBMS – user requirement or vendor greed?

When you're carrying a hammer, every problem looks like a nail, writes Rob Bamforth of Bloor Research. Databases provide a very useful way to manage and access potentially huge amounts of data. Mobile networks from wireless LANs to third generation cellular are providing increased bandwidth, and handsets have client browsers …
IT-Analysis, 21 Jan 2004

CA and Linux

There are two reasons why it is worth taking note of CA with respect to Linux, writes Robin Bloor of Bloor Research. The first is that CA believes, as I do, that Linux is going to become the standard OS. I know this because I heard Yogesh Gupta, the CTO of CA, say so at the last CA World. The second is that CA believes that it …
IT-Analysis, 14 Jan 2004
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Business continuity planning: will it save you?

Every year, security firm Pinkerton publishes a survey of the top threats that businesses believe that they have faced over that particular year writes Fran Howarth of Bloor Research. In six out of the past seven years, workplace violence has topped the list of concerns. However, business continuity interruption or continuity …
IT-Analysis, 12 Jan 2004

So why did Pervasive acquire Data Junction?

Pervasive last month acquired Data Junction. The question is: why (asks Phil Howard of Bloor Research)?. Pervasive, like Hewlett-Packard, started life in a garage, though in the case of Pervasive it was in the 1980's. It eventually (albeit under another name) became well-known as the developer of Btrieve, before it was acquired …
IT-Analysis, 9 Jan 2004
Cat 5 cable

Veritas buys Ejacent

Veritas Software is to acquire Ejasent Inc., a small private VC-funded company based in Mountain View California, for $59 Million, writes Tony Lock of Bloor Research. Ejasent is described as a "technology purchase" as the company has only 21 staff and a small customer base. However, it owns some significant intellectual …
IT-Analysis, 7 Jan 2004
Cat 5 cable

Oracle 10g – grids at tenth of the price

A twin processor Lintel server for $5000 is the only rational building block for enterprise computing, Oracle's Larry Ellison said at a recent conference, writes Peter Abrahams of Bloor Research. It is faster and nearly ten times cheaper than the equivalent power on a mainframe or UNIX server. This statement is at the heart of …
IT-Analysis, 19 Dec 2003
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Linux share grows in UK SME sector

The use of Linux is growing in the UK SMB market, According to a survey of 200 small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the UK, conducted in September this year by Vanson Bourne on behalf of IBM. The survey indicates that 26 per cent of small businesses already deploy Linux. Of those not yet using Linux, 15 per cent said they are …
IT-Analysis, 12 Dec 2003
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MS takes financing to Europe

Last week Microsoft announced the international availability of Total Solution Financing, a joint programme between Mirosoft Capital and Microsoft Business Solutions, designed to help SME organisations. Available to Microsoft Business Solutions customers, this financing programme will now expand internationally to encourage …
IT-Analysis, 10 Dec 2003
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SAP hones mid-market message

It is a few years now since SAP first aimed its sights at the mid-market, writes Fran Howarth of Bloor Research. At first, this was really just an attempt to extend its reach into the subsidiary organisations and sales offices of its major corporate clients - and SAP made no bones about that. However, competitive pressures have …
IT-Analysis, 9 Dec 2003
The Register breaking news

The growing problem of identity theft

According to the 2003 Computer Crime Survey conducted by the Computer Security Institute in conjunction with the FBI, nearly 13 per cent of respondents were the victim of identity theft in the past year in the US, writes Fran Howarth OF Bloor Research. In total, losses from identity theft in the US in the past year are estimated …
IT-Analysis, 4 Dec 2003

IT Failures In The Great US Blackout

A report issued by a panel of US Government and Power Industry officials has placed the blame for the largest power outage in North American history primarily on computer and human failures, writes Robin Bloor of Bloor Research. FirstEnergy of Ohio and the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, the regional agency …
IT-Analysis, 25 Nov 2003

Epicor buys Scala

Last week Epicor Software Corporation and Scala Business Solutions announced they had reached a definitive agreement to merge, writes Fran Howarth of Bloor Research. This merger will take the form of Epicor buying all outstanding shares in the capital of Scala for a cash price of $41.7 million plus 4.1 million shares of Epicor's …
IT-Analysis, 19 Nov 2003

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