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Remote-access networks for

The last thing that most small businesses want to spend time worrying about is IT, writes Bloor analyst Rob Bamforth. One area where complexity increases rapidly is networking, and remote-access networks only add further challenges. In larger companies it might be acceptable to find the right specialist, integrate the right …
IT-Analysis, 20 Apr 2004
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End of the road for EAI?

To suggest that enterprise application integration (EAI) might be nearing the end of the road is both contentious and provocative, writes Bloor analyst Philip Howard. Do we really mean it? Well, yes and no. No, we don't mean that EAI as an approach will disappear or that it does not fulfil a useful function. But yes, we do …
IT-Analysis, 15 Apr 2004

Brocade and McDATA's Spring offensive

As technologies mature over time the leading suppliers often end entrenched in positions that have evolved over the course of their marketing battles, writes Bloor analyst Tony Lock. However, when it comes to the still comparatively youthful world of storage networking things have yet to reach a state of affairs where the major …
IT-Analysis, 13 Apr 2004
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IBM throws weight behind BPEL

IBM has joined Microsoft - which announced BizTalk 2004 last month - in implementing Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS) for the first time, writes Bloor Research analyst Peter Abrahams. WebSphere products incorporating the technology will make its way into the public from the middle of this year. The …
IT-Analysis, 13 Apr 2004

Happy birthday, Mainframe

The mainframe is celebrating its 40th birthday, writes Bloor Research president Robin Bloor. It must be said it has stood the test of time like very few other things in the IT world. History will tell you that Tom Watson Jr. made a $5bn bet on the mainframe (then referred to as the System 360 or simply s/360) which IBM claims to …
IT-Analysis, 8 Apr 2004
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Offshore IT jobs = higher employment

Whether they intend to stoke up a debate in the IT sector or it's just part of the political agenda, a number of US economists are asserting that moving IT jobs to so-called offshore locations will add jobs to the US economy, writes Bloor Research analyst Bob McDowall. One economist, Lawrence Klein, has used his own economic …
IT-Analysis, 7 Apr 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

IBM lights Candle

IT giant IBM announced this year that it had reached agreement to acquire Candle Corporation, a widely-recognised supplier of solutions that help customers develop, deploy and manage enterprise IT infrastructures,writes Bloor Research analyst Tony Lock. Following its foundation in 1976, the privately-held Candle has picked up …
IT-Analysis, 2 Apr 2004

SAS 9 on intelligence-gathering mission

SAS Institute has set its sights on extending beyond its traditional marketplace with the release of SAS 9, writes Bloor Research analyst Philip Howard. SAS is the largest vendor within the business intelligence market. It has not, however, historically been considered as a business intelligence vendor in the same way that you …
IT-Analysis, 31 Mar 2004
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SUSE reaffirms vows with HP and IBM

Last week the SUSE Penguin marched into Salt Lake City and announced significant extensions in its relationships with two of the organisations leading the promotion of Linux into the Enterprise - HP and IBM, writes Bloor Research analyst Tony Lock. The announcements Novell BrainShare in Utah kicked off with news of a joint …
IT-Analysis, 31 Mar 2004
Broken CD with wrench

The integration market: survival of the fittest

The future of the integration market remains an uncertain one, writes Bloor Research analyst Peter Abrahams. Using a fairly general definition of the beast to include messaging, adapters, BPM (business process management), BAM (business activity monitoring), and so forth, the concern is that there appear to be a very large …
IT-Analysis, 29 Mar 2004
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EC earmarks €2bn for small firms

The European Commission has announced that it is targeting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in its distribution of €2.2bn of EU research funding. Philippe Busquin, European research commissioner, launched the EU-funded DETECT-it project at a presentation in Brussels. The programme aimed to help SMEs to overcome the …
IT-Analysis, 26 Mar 2004
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Securing the mobile enterprise

Now that corporate governance is the topic of the moment, everyone is much more aware of the importance of maintaining the integrity of important business data, writes Bloor Research analyst Fran Howarth. Not only are company executives personally facing severe sanctions if the business data that they publish is erroneous, but …
IT-Analysis, 26 Mar 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

IBM moots BPEL-Java fusion

BEA and IBM have just published a jointly-authored whitepaper on a suggested extension of Business Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS or BPEL for short), writes Bloor Research analyst Peter Abrahams. The introduction has a good explanation of the rationale for BPELJ - a fusion of BPEL with Java - so I am quoting it …
IT-Analysis, 24 Mar 2004

Optical storage: destined for oblivion?

Cries such as "tape is dead" and "optical has no future" have been heard for some time now - and not only from the mouths of hard-disk vendors, writes Bloor Research analyst Tony Lock. This begs the question of whether non-disk based storage technologies have any long-term prospects. A little thought, however, quickly reveals …
IT-Analysis, 23 Mar 2004
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Stopping the enemy at the gate

Over the past few years, security vulnerabilities have spiralled, writes Bloor Research analyst Fran Howarth. The CERT Co-ordination Centre, a federally-funded R&D centre operated by the Carnegie Mellon University in the US, publishes statistics of security vulnerabilities that are reported to it on an annual basis. In 1995, …
IT-Analysis, 22 Mar 2004

The value of PC real estate

The dominant position that Microsoft software occupies on the desktop has long been a major source of competitive advantage to Microsoft. Not only does it ensure that users of Microsoft software are familiar with the look and feel of the Microsoft interface but it also has provided a launch point for their entry into server …
IT-Analysis, 18 Mar 2004
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Web services watchdogs

Web services will only become the norm if the users can be assured a level of service. They will not be deployed in earnest unless the operations department is confident that they can provide this level of service, writes Bloor Research analyst Peter Abrahams. The operations department need tools to monitor the Web services and …
IT-Analysis, 18 Mar 2004

Business optimism and investment jitters

US publication Optimise Magazine recently produce some interesting conclusions concerning the correlation between business outlook and technology investment for 2004, writes Bloor Research analyst Bob McDowall. The magazine's analysis is based on a survey of business/technology executives from the financial services sector in an …
IT-Analysis, 17 Mar 2004
DVD it in many colours

WS Reliable Messaging creeps forward

One year after BEA, IBM, Microsoft and Tibco (BIMT) published a draft specification for WS Reliable Messaging - hot on the heels of a rival spec from an Oracle, Sun, Sonic, Fujitsu, Hitachi and NEC consortium - the question is this: has any progress actually been made, asks Bloor Research analyst Peter Abrahams. WS Reliable …
IT-Analysis, 15 Mar 2004
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US Senate takes protectionist stance

Opinion The US has taken another step to protect its jobs from the threat of outsourcing, writes Bloor Research analyst Bob McDowall. Last week the US Senate approved a motion preventing companies from carrying out Government work outside the USA, unless it is in the interest of national security. None of this is surprising in a US …
IT-Analysis, 11 Mar 2004
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T-Mobile calls the tune in Europe

It might not be music to everyone's ears, but ring tones have proved to be a massive market, writes Bloor Research analyst Rob Bamforth. From bedroom composers to big business mobile operators, demand has exceeded all expectations. It's even had a substitution effect on the CD single industry. Surprising really, that so many …
IT-Analysis, 10 Mar 2004

Business Objects makes Crystal Decisions

Business Objects completed its acquisition of Crystal Decisions in December. That was the easy bit, writes Bloor Research analyst Philip Howard. Now comes the hard part - the actual merger of the two organisations and the two product lines. Business Objects has done well with Acta, but Crystal Decisions is an altogether bigger …
IT-Analysis, 5 Mar 2004
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Passwords are passport to theft

It seems incredible that although millions of people world-wide now routinely carry out significant financial and other transactions via the Internet, so little action is taken to prevent identity theft, writes Bloor Research analyst Tony Lock. A recent study conducted by Opinion Research Corporation and commissioned by RSA …
IT-Analysis, 3 Mar 2004
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IBM lobbies Sun in open source Java debate

The controversy surrounding the open sourcing of Java continues unabated, writes Bloor Research analyst Robin Bloor. Printed below is an open letter from Rod Smith (VP, Emerging Technogies, IBM Software Group) to Sun, suggesting that it should be made available to the open source community. Officially, the letter was sent to Sun …
IT-Analysis, 2 Mar 2004

Security: the CIO's biggest headache

Security, upgrades and modernisation, and budgets were the top three issues faced by Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in 2003, writes Bloor Research chief analyst Tony Lock. It's unsurprising to find security at number one on the list, compiled by the Standish Group. This subject is always quoted as the biggest cause for …
IT-Analysis, 1 Mar 2004

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